$40K to $180K Freight Jobs


I'm always trying to keep a beat on what's going on in the Freight Broker Industry.  I was browsing through job listings on Zip recruiter.  Today there were more than 77 opportunities in freight brokering in Texas. 

Let us prepare you to be a dynamic freight broker in a few weeks of training at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions.

Here are opportunities I read about today:

DVS Global Transportation has full time opportunities  in Laredo and Lancaster.  Little John in Houston needs freight brokers. Global Net Logistics in Flower Mound needs a full time freight broker,  Trailer Bridge in Houston has an hourly position in sales and operation.  Fast Cat in Dallas is looking for remote freight brokers for 40K to 150k annually.  TranMazon needs a Virtual Freight Agent who will make up to $180K with benefits.  NFI is seeking a Vice President of Brokerage Operations.


Shipwell in Austin

Oil states energy services in Houston

R&K Logistics in Dallas

PLS Logistics in Dallas

Radix Group International

Arrow Electronics in Addison

Samsung Austin Semiconductor in Austin

Strato Inc. in Fort Worth

Aramco Services in Houston

So jump on our website and browse our class offerings.  We offer live and virtual classes.  At the end of the week logistics companies offer opportunities to our graduates.  They know a BTTS graduate will be trained and ready to hit the job running from day one.  

If you have any questions feel free to call me.  214-206-1169.  I spend much of my day talking with potential freight brokers.  I've been in the industry for decades.  My passion is teaching others how to be a freight broker with integrity.  

The industry is always in need of hard working individuals who can earn a lot when they know what they are doing and strive for excellence.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Lunch and Learn Freight Brokerage

Want a taste of Freight Broker Training?

Freight brokers are always in demand.  They are a key player in the transportation of goods across the world. They help move products to the sellers so the sellers can offer the products to you. Most every product you use was transported...some short distances, many over thousands of miles.  Freight brokers are essential in getting things moved. If you have ever considered being a part of the dynamic transportation industry come learn more. We have prepared a tantalizing sample for you.

I  invite you to a complementary 90 minute virtual 

Lunch and Learn.  

August 1 at 12:00 to 1:30 Central Time

Why not try before you dive in? Brooke wants to give you a taste of our 5 day Basic Training course! 

You will gain: 

·       An Overview on what it takes to become a Freight Broker/Freight Broker Agent

·       An understanding of the skills taught in our 5 da

y course

·       Life skills to apply to every area of your life immediately

Please join us.  It will be information, inspirational and fun.  Our instructors are incredible.  Come get a taste.  

To register call or text Julie: 817-271-1888 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach



Happy Fourth of July

Grill up some hotdogs, make a dip with chips and a red white and blue dessert, it's time to celebrate the fourth of July, our Independence Day.  It is the birthday of our great nation, a cause for revelry. 

 A Little of the History of Independence Day History.com

When the initial battles in the Revolutionary War broke out in April 1775, independence from Great Britain was a radical idea.  By the middle of the following year, however, many more colonists had come to favor independence. 

On June 7, when the Continental Congress met at the Pennsylvania State House (later Independence Hall) in Philadelphia, the Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee introduced a motion calling for the colonies’ independence. 

Amid heated debate, Congress postponed the vote on Lee’s resolution, but appointed a five-man committee—including Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of ConnecticutBenjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Robert R. Livingston of New York—to draft a formal statement justifying the break with Great Britain.Read more about 7 Events That Enraged Colonists and Led to the American Revolution

On July 2nd, the Continental Congress voted in favor of Lee’s resolution for independence in a near-unanimous vote. On that day, John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail that July 2 “will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival” and that the celebration should include “Pomp and Parade…Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other.” 

On July 4th, the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, which had been written largely by Jefferson. Though the vote for actual independence took place on July 2nd, from then on the 4th became the day that was celebrated as the birth of American independence.

After the Revolutionary War, Americans continued to commemorate Independence Day every year, in celebrations that allowed the new nation’s emerging political leaders to address citizens and create a feeling of unity. 

Let's remember all those who gave their lives to the preservation of America, the greatest nation.  We started as a "grand experiment in democracy" according to Alexander Hamilton.  My wish for this fourth is for us to rekindle a spirit of unity. Unity is not sameness, it is working together for a common good.  Unity is critical for forward movement in families and nations.  It is great to be a part of this melting pot of people.  Enjoy your celebration.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


The Ultimate Sacrifice

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who gave their life serving our country.  The men and women we remember on the holiday chose to sleep in tents hearing enemy fire, eat food out of a can and ultimately give their life in order to guard our freedoms.  

We live in a time when we love our comforts, our luxuries, fine dining and a super soft mattress.  We think we can't live without them.  Is there anything so precious to you, for which you would give your life to preserve?  

As you enjoy a day off, take time to reflect on our history.  Pause at 3 pm on Memorial Day for a moment of silence and reflection on the sacrifice of the fallen. Men and Women of Integrity who serve in the military have a different view of our country and of life.  They choose a career that could cost them their life.  They see our country as worthy of defending.  We are blessed to live in the United States.  Of course our country has faults, we all have faults and our country is made up of a bunch of people who make mistakes.  

My challenge is to turn my mistakes into learning opportunities.  I want to be a giver not a taker.  "If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost."  Zig Ziglar

I pray for you to have a blessed Memorial Day cherishing those you love and the life you have.   Thank a vet.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Cinco de Mayo


Happy Cinco de Mayo.  I don't speak Spanish but I have some amazing teachers who do. We offer our top rated Freight Broker Training Course all in Spanish.  

So if you are more comfortable with a Spanish instructor come join Monica Jaramillo, our experienced, top notched teacher.


Moving forward,

Jeff Roach 


He Came to Serve

Those in the Christian community have begun their "Holy Week".  (the remembrance of last week of Jesus life on earth)  The week started out amazing.  Palm Sunday.  As Jesus rode into town the crowds adored him, laid palm branches and their coats on the dirty pathway for him to ride through.  They yelled out praises to Him, honoring him as royalty.  He only lived a short 33 years on this earth yet we are still talking about him 2000 years later. He accomplished all he came to do in the time he had.  He didn't waste a minute.  We can learn a lot from his life, his legacy and his humble example.  He was all God and all man.  He can relate to our lives while he can see the future of all mankind.  

As this last week of Jesus life moved forward he spent time with his best buds, the 12 disciples.  He told them about what was to come but they didn't understand.  He had a passover meal with all 12 even the one that would betray him.  He washed their feet...a task usually performed by a lowly servant.  He was the son of God, God in the flesh yet he didn't use status to impress others.  

The night before he would be killed he took some of his disciples into the garden to pray.  He prayed so hard he sweated blood.  He asked that this cup be taken from him but if that was not God's plan he submitted to God's will.  The plan would give all men the pathway to a personal relationship with God.  In that garden, Jesus friends fell asleep.  Jesus woke them just as the guards came to take him away to be crucified.  

The day of crucifixion is now called Good Friday.  Why good?  It appeared the evil had triumphed.  But Jesus didn't stay dead. He conquered death for him and for all who believe.  That was good for us all.

Sunday when some ladies who loved Jesus came to the cave/grave they found it empty.  That was the first Easter.  

Easter is a celebration of the risen Savior, of new life and joy.

Moving forward

Jeff Roach


Friday is Career Day


Every Friday of our Basic Freight Broker Training Course is Career Day… or Resource Friday.


After learning the ins and outs of being a freight broker in our course we introduce graduates to Freight Brokers who are looking for agents.  Talk with these successful Freight Brokers  about becoming an agent or starting your own brokerage. It is a win-win situation.  The freight brokers that offer opportunities on Friday know that Brooke training is thorough.  They know we teach with integrity and enthusiasm.  So when they find a graduate that likes their opportunity it is a winning situation for both.


We also have service companies who can help with the set up of a brokerage office, financing needs, load board insider information, and more.  


We have a variety of professionals Brooke has worked with over the decades in the industry.  We put out the invitation and get a great response.  The mix of who comes to resource Friday varies but the quality of opportunities is always rich.


We’d love to sign you up for our freight broker training course, in English or 
Spanish.  Spend a week with us, learn what is needed, then get a career opportunity handed to you on a silver platter.


I thrive on meeting our students, seeing them grow in knowledge during the week then find the career opportunity that is right for them.  


Join us soon.


Moving forward,


Jeff Roach


214- 206-1169