Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chicago Career Training

Live in the Chicago area? Can you hop on a flight to Chicago easily?  Then we have a training course for you.

In February and again in March we will offer our Freight Broker Training Course in Chicago.

In one week you will learn a proven process to be a success as a freight broker or freight broker agent.  A  freight broker matches loads that need to be moved with the transporters who can move the load.  The broker can work as an independent agent or as an agent of a larger freight brokerage.  In either case the broker is his own boss.  As your own boss your earnings are up to you. The harder and smarter you work, the more you will earn.  Training will help you work smarter by giving you tools, and motivation for success.  Brooke Training has been teaching the method for successful freight brokering for a couple of decades now.  The instructors are involved in the transportation industry so they teach from experience.  They will answer any questions you have during training and be there for you as you start your business. 

Many freight brokers start out on their own then come to training after they've been struggling in business for a while.  They tell us they don't know why they waited to get training.

Come train for a career that is in demand.  We always need freight brokers with integrity to keep our economy moving.

Call today 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, January 16, 2017

Is Freight Broker Training Worth It?

I'm a big proponent of training.  I've read the research.  Training does give you a leg up on whatever it is you are doing.  My brother-in-law was heading off to a ski vacation.  But he didn't know how to ski.  He secretly went to a sporting goods shop that had a fake mountain and learned to ski on "carpet" snow.  The others in the group did not take such lessons.

When they got to the real snow the others were so amazed at how quickly my brother in law caught on to sking.  His ski training got him sailing down those real mountains with a lot more ease than those who did not take lessons ahead of time.

I've seen the same thing happen time and time again to new freight brokers. I have watched both those who start their freight brokerage without training and those who have been through training.  I've seen both succeed and I've seen both fail.  You can get the best training yet not work hard enough or smart enough to land the accounts that will grow over time.  You can go in untrained and figure it out on your own.  But how many careers can you launch successfully without some education? 

One thing I know for sure, when you start your freight brokerage without training your road to success will be longer.  Many of our graduates said they wish they had not waited to get training.  At Brooke Transportation Training Solutions we teach a process.  We share valuable resources and techniques.  We make sure our students understand how to use the technologies available to the best of their ability.

All of our instructors are in the transportation business or have spent years in the business and now are giving back by training others.  Their wealth of knowledge, wisdom and insight is invaluable.  I am a strong believer in continuing education.  I know the value of having mentors in business and in life.  My mentors have steered me away from many cliffs that could have been devastating.

If you are thinking about starting a career as a freight broker or freight broker agent, give me a call.  I won't pressure you, I'll just tell you my story and ask about yours.  I take many calls from freight brokers who just need a little advise or encouragement.  They may or may not come to my school in the future.  But I believe you get what you give.  If I am stingy with my time others won't give me the time of day.  If I give some help then when I need help there will be someone there to help me.

We only have one chance to make the most of today.  Enjoy.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 is Here

Happy New Year to You.  I haven't gotten used to writing 2017 yet.  It seems to take me longer each year to remember we are in a new year.  It takes me longer to remember a lot of things now a days actually. 

But I do enjoy taking time to remember the blessings of the year.  2016 is in the books so now is a great time to reflect on the past and project for the future. 

In 2016 we trained a lot of new freight brokers.  If you are one of those brokers let me know how the beginning of your new career in freight brokering is going.  I did some great fishing  in Mexico.  I spent great time with my family and friends.  I started wearing a fit bit to monitor my fitness activity...but I can't say I always get all my steps in.

So my goals for the New Year include training more freight brokers because we are going to need them according to projections I have read.  We are going to offer classes in Chicago February 13-17 and March 13 - 17.  If you are in the area or want to take a little trip Illinois, come join us.

 How will you improve your life in 2017 while helping those around you?

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
214- 206-1169

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

'Best Experience of My Life'

We are so honored to have trained an incredible group of students this December in our Dallas, Texas class. Our instructors, Drake and Tish, and our guest speaker, Thomas, all did a phenomenal job preparing these individuals to start their careers as freight brokers. Here's what they said about their experience:

“Before I came to Brooke Transportation, I knew nothing about the transportation industry. I came in that Monday and worried I would not understand much. It seemed to have came very easily. Mr. Sliver is an awesome instructor, and the class was very polite. Jeff and Janis are truly a blessing and I thank them.” Nana Edwards

“I am currently a personal banker. The freight transportation (industry) always attracted my attention and even more after talking to many of my truck driver customers and driving friends. I finally made the decision of attending a freight transportation training school. I am so happy to have attended Brooke Transportation’s course. It was a pleasure meeting Jeff Roach (president) along with his wonderful staff and trainers. They really made me feel like family. My vacation time here in Texas was well worth while. Thank you so much.” - Rosa D. Chavez

“I have been debating on taking the class for years. I spoke with several agencies. Even paid a hold fee to secure my place in the class but was still undecided on taking the course. After speaking with Mr. and Mrs. Roach for the 3rd time, I felt like this was the best way to go…Hands on training with Brooke Transportation was the best experience of my life. The knowledge I received was awesome. I met great people that were willing to hold my hand and walk me through this training process. My experience with Brooke Training was a lifetime experience that I really enjoyed.” - W. Smith

“Thank you to Brooke Training School for such a wonderful class with guest instructors. Although I have been in the industry for a long time, I learned so much and now I am ready to take on being an agent for my company. I am looking forward to building my book of business.” - Judi Mullins 

“We had an amazing experience with Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. The instructors we had - Mr. Jeff, Mr. Drake and Tish - are outstanding professionals with very good training skills. The have years of experience on the field and you can see how much they love their job by the passion they put in each knowledgeable word they said to us. The course, among with the didactic materials we got - are very informative - there is nothing they did not get covered. They are also great motivators. We left Texas having a great challenge in front of us and an inspiring feeling of making ourselves work hard and accomplish it. Thank you.” - Ana & Ion

Considering starting a career as a freight broker or freight broker agent? Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our course online anytime.  Have any questions about what it is really like to be a freight broker or freight broker agent? Give me a call today (214) 206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach, President


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Be of Good Cheer

There are just a few days left until Christmas, then we will be gearing up for the New Year.  As New Year approaches I like to take time to reflect on the blessings of the year and the hopes for the New Year.  I am thankful for my freight broker training school and all the amazing people who take our courses.  I have the privilege of meeting and encouraging so many industrious professionals as they learn the new skills needed to succeed in the freight broker world. 

From what I've seen and read this new year will be a great year for the transportation industry.  New technologies and new trade agreements are fueling the uptick in transportation stocks.  It should be a very exciting year for freight brokers and freight broker agents as they negotiate new deals with new customers.

We are ready to train up lots of new freight brokers in 2017.  Our instructors are skilled and entertaining.  They understand the industry inside and out. If you want to learn how to be a successful freight broker join us for one of our upcoming courses, live or online.

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions has been training freight brokers for a few decades now.  You can count on us to have the experience to train thoroughly and answer any questions you may have.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Truck Driver's Story

Recently Robert, a laid off truck driver, gave me a call. His wife had found my blog on an internet search as she was helping her man in his search for a new career.  She gave Robert the number. Robert called me to ask me a lot of questions about our freight brokers classes. We had a great talk.  Here is his story:

“I’ve been a truck driver for 19 years.  For the past 6 years I have been a contract driver for the post office driving a route between distribution centers in Virginia.  The post office stopped my route in March.  This is the first time in my life I have been laid off.  The first time I have applied for unemployment. I could get another truck driving job but I would most likely have had to move.  With my post office route my wife and I were able to move out to some acreage and buy some ponies.  As a freight broker I will be able to work out of my ranch, take care of my ponies and be with my family.

I found the freight broker online training course through my local community college’s partnership with the online education company that administers the course written by Brooke Training.  I researched it online.  It was perfect.  I could do all my work from home.  I have 6 months to complete the course but my plan is to finish in 2 months, get started and still have 4 months I can go back and review some of the things in the course. 

And I won’t even have to pay for the course.  My unemployment contact gave me the information needed to apply for a Federal program in the WIA or Worker Investment Act.  I called my governor’s office to find out who heads up this program in Virginia.
I found I was eligible to apply for a grant, if approved I won’t have to pay anything back.  

Ideally I want to be an independent freight broker but realistically I know I’ll need to start as an agent for an established freight broker.  They’ll help me with cash flow, legalities and other expenses.  It is a low cost business to start. 

It is a little scary, but I’m looking forward to my new career“

Robert is taking advantage of a great opportunity.  It is an absolutely great time to become a freight broker.  Economic indicators show an upturn in the transportation industry.  Give me a call with any questions  214-206-1169.  Join us for an upcoming live class or like Robert learn online. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

When Loads Get Lost

Everyone in the transportation industry knows that on any given day hundreds if not thousands of freight loads get sidetracked.  The reasons a load is waylaid are endless, since there are so many aspects and people involved in the moving of a load. The carrier might not show up for a pick up, or a carrier could get sidetracked in Vegas while he has my load.    Loads can be stolen while a carrier takes a quick break at a coffee shop.  Carriers however are not always the problem.   Snowstorms, bad weather, trucks breaking down, DOT and even the shippers changing plans or load details at the last minute can turn a load into a nightmare.  

The key to controlling a situation like this, is communication.  Shippers are not new to these types of situations and can be very forgiving to a Freight Broker providing they are kept in the loop.  It is essential for the broker to contact the shipper as soon as he finds out about an issue with the shipper’s load. The worst thing that can happen is that the shipper finds out about a problem from someone other than their broker.  

Make sure the shipper has a clear understanding of the situation and tell them what you are doing about it. Keep in touch with them periodically even if you have no new news just to let them know that you are still on it.  

Regarding the carrier, make sure you have the dispatcher’s phone number, the driver’s phone number and an "after hours" number or someway to effectively find the carrier.  It is imperative that you can reach the driver and dispatcher during a crisis.  Make sure to talk with both the dispatcher and driver to get all the details of the situation.  Sometimes you don't get the whole story by just talking to one.  Stay on top of the carrier to make sure that they are doing all they can to handle the situation. 

When your shipper trusts you, they will understand so long as you keep them informed.  The trust between you will be strengthened if you handle a bad situation well and with transparency.  

Communication is not just important, it is key.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach