Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Excel in Freight Brokering

The brilliant people who choose to further their education, learn something new and stretch their world have a bright future.   Brooke Transportation Training Solutions purposes to present Freight Broker training courses with excellence.  We are expanding our offerings to assist professionals in their career development.  We just introduced our freight forwarding and dispatch consulting services.  More offerings are on the way.

We were blown away by recent participant impressions of the freight broker course, what they gained by taking the course and their excitement for the future.

That is why we started this school.  We aim to help others achieve what they want in life and in their careers.  Here are a few of the words from our most recent live and remote courses:

"I knew very little about the transportation industry, now I'm ready to start my own agency--lol.  Mr Vinny not only taught us about Freight Brokerage, he taught us about life.  I loved the class..."

"I gained so much confidence.  My instructor, Vinny, has a plethora of knowledge about the industry.  He helped me understand everything I learned in the basic course make perfect sense and gave me the tools to reach my goals in becoming a successful freight broker/agent. thanks Vinny!!!!

"A definite MUST have for anyone wanting to get into industry."

"Awesome training I could listen and learn over and over again from you Mr. Vinny!  Great understanding of the power of building relationships"

These are just a few of the graduates from our basic and advance freight broker training courses. You can read more reviews on google and on our website.

Career professionals in the  transportation industry are always in demand and today more than ever.  Jump into an industry that has a bright outlook.  Give me a call and we can talk about it.  No pressure just friendly discussion. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach



Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Gracias a nuestra instructora


Primero que todo, mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por tan excepcional preparacion metodologica y profesional en este curso de transporte especial.  Al inicio del curso, realmente apenas tenia conocimiento acera de marketing, transporte y simplemente cargos de fletes.. Gracias a nuestra instructora, por el tiempeo, dedicacion y consagracion, hoy en dia siento que mi nivel intelectual ha aboracado un campo mas amplio de conocimientos en los que respecta Marketing empresiorial, exportacion de redes sociales, asi como exploracion y conocimientos de la empresa de transporte. Gracias a usted por guiarme y ser mi  impulsora para llegar a ser un exitoso Broker/Agente de transporte.  Gracias!

Another great testimony for Monica our Spanish instructor. Gracias 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

P.S.  Monica is also now consulting professionals on the ins and outs of dispatch

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Excited for the Future

We are rounding up week 2 of fabulous learning.  Here's what a few of the students told us about their experience in Brook Freight Broker Training School:  

Exceeded my Expectations


My experience with Brooke Transportation Training I have to say is 5 stars.  It exceeded my expectations, informing me and letting me know what to expect in within brokerage industry. I know how to make my own brokerage authority...   What I need to do...  How to go about everything .  I even,  learned a lot about myself.  Logical and Emotional and so forth, things I didn’t know about myself.  Thank you cousin Vinny  for helping us through these troubling times and helping me grow within myself.

Overall 5 stars from me. --Darreon Horton:


We are Gonna be Successful

Hey Vinny I just want to say this has been a tremendous week of training.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Definitely time well spent.   I enjoyed meeting the 2 other participants,  Dareon and Ariba.  Especially you and the excellent training. I know we didn’t even scratch the service of what knowledge you’ve gained over the years.  We appreciate everything you have given us this week.  I know we are well equipped just with with the knowledge we did receive to go out and be successful to be a broker or agents or whatever else we do.  I know we are going to be successful.  I know we have you as a resource and the other presenters as well. I’m definitely glad I took the time to invest in this training.  I look forward to great things to come. --Loren Brown


I can fly


Hi everyone this is Iriba from Houston.  It has been a great pleasure to attend this school, Freight Broker Training.    It is a wonderful place.  A good institution. I recommend everyone to go. What I like about this school:  The staff is very patient. It took me about 3 months to get signed up. They were so patient and kind.  Anytime I requested information, they sent it to me as soon as I needed it . They were very punctual. The service is good. Mine was distance learning and  I received my material on time. The whole team is very attentive.  I got to see my cousin Vinny.  It has been a great pleasure with Cousin Vinny!

It has been a wonderful week of training, gaining new knowledge with my collegues Loren and Darreon.  It has been a great pleasure.


I feel like I have wings now even though they are not big and I can fly.  I’m so happy to enter the freight broker industry. I’d like to wish my 2 colleges all the best out there.  We will be able to make it . Know that our cousin is always out there to help us.  Thank you so much. --Iriba

Monday, August 24, 2020

5 Stars for Uncle Vinny

I enjoyed spending time on zoom in the Live-Remote class facilitated by Vinny this past week.  In a live-remote class everyone attends from their own home.  No part of the class is recorded, it is LIVE.   The class is facilitated on zoom.   Each member logs in.  From their computer screen, participants and the instructor interact and engage throughout the week. Expert guest speakers come in to present various parts of the presentation.  

The mix of speakers, subjects and formats increase retintion and interest.  All participants receive a binder of the information to use while attending the class.  The binder of the course is an excellent resource for the new freight brokers.  On Friday, brokers come in and offer the students real opportunities within their brokerage.  The brokers may be a small brokerage or a huge brokerage.  The graduates have the opportunity to choose which opportunity best suits them.  One of the broker/presenters this week was a graduate we showcased in our blog, Robert.  He owns a bar and now is also a freight broker.  Because of the pandemic he can't run his bar, so he is running his freight brokerage out of his bar.  The neon signs, smell of adult beverages and honky tonk music helps the team stay motivated.  He has gotten so much business since learning the business he was trying to convince some of these recent graduates to join his team.


 I have had some zoom meetings that were very boring and exhausting.  I was incredibly pleased by how the participants were very engaged in the Brooke Freight Broker Training Course.  They expressed complete satisfaction…5 star testimonials.  They left with more than they hoped for. 


I am always bolstered by the thought that our classes are much more than the attendees expected.  Our instructors aim to teach in a way that is engaging, informational and inspiring.  My motto has always been “Deliver more than you promise”.  If you exceed expectations, you will succeed.

Seeking a new challenge, want to make more money, are you needing some inspiration?  Then join us in a live, live/remote or online class today.  Come to learn to be a freight broker.  Leave with tools that will help you throughout your life.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach




Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I'm ready for My New Career

3 Happy Graduates and instructor

Small things can have great results.  This recent group of graduates enjoyed personalized learning from our excellent trainer Susie Moore.  Brooke Training classes are usually 10 learners or less.  The quaint size allows the instructor to personalize the learning as they get to know each participant.  Susie comes from a family in the trucking industry so she learned all about the business from an early age. Her depth of knowledge gives her the ability to answer just about any question.  

Great course. Our instructor was very knowledgable about this business, very professional. I was very nervous but now I am feeling confident and ready to start my new career.  


I enjoy the small class size.  The instructor, Susie Moore, is knowledgeable in her presentation.  She is friendly and responds to questions and concerns in a professional and quick manner. 


Mrs. Susie was very helpful and knowledgeable in teaching freight broker training.  

Casey Blackmon

Good luck to Maritza, Tyrika and Casey as you begin this grand new adventure in freight brokering.  It is a great career.  Feel free to call with any questions that come up as you start your business.  We are dedicated to helping you find success.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

En Espanol

No habla mucho espaƱol pero mi agente Monica is muy bien:

Me gustario decir que muy satisfecho con sus servicios y siento que la agente Monica Garamillo, trainer of Brooke fue excepcional. Monica fue muy ipatica y professional en todo momento.  No dudaria en recomendar a Monica Jaramilla.  Gracias

That is a testimonial from one of our Spanish speaking friends.  I speak very little Spanish but we've had many hispanic attendees to our workshops who could understand English but would have felt much more comfortable and learn more with a course in Spanish.  Because we live by the motto of finding out what your customer needs and meeting that need, we developed a Spanish course.  

We are incredibly thankful to Monica Garamillo for her excellent teaching.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Let Freedom Ring

The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 4th, Independence Day is a day set apart to remember the blessings of freedom we all enjoy in America.  I have friends from all different nationalities, upbringings and political beliefs.  We all have a unique story of growing up in America or moving to America because of the freedoms and opportunities of this amazing country.

The Liberty Bell has been rung for various reasons, for celebrations and for a call to action.  It was first rung July 7, 1776 to announce the freedom of America.  At Work Faith Connection, a non profit that helps challenged individuals find a job, they ring a bell in their office when a participant gets a job, and the whole office celebrates.  Let's purpose to celebrate the independence birthed when someone finds a job.

At Brooke we celebrate with our graduates when they find success. We celebrate whenever anyone signs up for an online course.  We know that education is the pathway to new adventures, new skills and new freedoms.

Linked in published an article with top jobs, not requiring a college degree.  Courses that prepare you for these careers are available on our online school:
1.  Software Developer
2.  Sales Representative
3.  Project Manager
4. IT Administrator
5. Customer Service Specialist
6.  Digital Marketer
7.  IT Support Desk
8.  Data Analyst
9.  Financial Analyst
10.  Graphic Designer

In this time when much in our world has been turned upside down, I am still thankful for our country.  Those who have lost their jobs have opportunities to start something new, especially those in market segments who have been forever changed because of the virus.  If we can help you find a new career, we would feel so honored. Let freedom ring and give me a call.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
www. brooketraining.com