Thursday, May 17, 2018

Three Types of People Who Succeed in Our Course

Here at Brooke Training, we strive to motivate the go-getters and the go-givers. Our course is designed to help you take control of your future by starting a career as a freight broker or a freight broker agent, whether you have a background in logistics or are brand new to the industry.

There are three main types of individuals that succeed in our course. First, we have individuals with some industry experience who want to open and operate their own brokerages. Second, we have individuals with little to no previous experience who want to work as agents under an existing broker. And third, we have owner-operators who want to learn the business side of the industry, grow their trucking companies, and increase their profits.

Today, we’d like to share stories from some of our students in each of these three categories.

First, we have Ken Elrich. Ken is an example of one of the three types of people that come through our class - a highly motivated individual with experience in the industry, who has the resources and determination to open and operate an independent freight brokerage.

Ken landed in the trucking industry, working as a professional driver. About 17 years later, he started experiencing back problems and realized he needed to find a new line of work. After doing his research, Ken was able to use his Chapter 31 benefits to attend our training.

After graduating, Ken went on to open and operate his own successful brokerage, Black Ops Logistics. He now recruits our Veteran and non-veteran graduates to work for him as freight broker agents. Up to this day, he has on-boarded over 20 agents.

When my brokerage became legal on July 5th, 2017, I told Drake I was willing to take any and all Veterans from his classes. I wanted to offer my fellow vets an opportunity to work for themselves and without the pressures of a normal job. Now, I speak during training classes with Brooke’s instructors, Drake, Tish, and Susie. I get to help people where most in this industry would rather not. Jeff and Jan have made that possible for me. I am grateful for not only the education and great people who have instructed me, but also for the deep heartfelt warmth from everyone at Brooke, and the friendship.” - Ken Elrich

Next, we have Brandi Patterson. Brandi is an example of the second type of people who do well in our course - individuals with little to no previous experience in the industry, who go on to work as successful agents under an existing broker.

Before starting her career as a freight broker agent, Brandi was working as an interior designer. She knew she wanted to start a career in the transportation industry, but she didn’t know where to start. After taking our basic, advanced, and online course, she utilized the tools and skills that she learned in our training and got to work as a freight broker agent under an existing brokerage.

The success that Brandi has achieved is truly incredible. She found her niche and has created an empire working as an Auto Transportation Professional. Among all of our students who have gone on to work as agents, she’s among the top achievers because she gives 110% and has incredible energy, brilliance, and a “take no prisoners” attitude.

“I have always said, “Winners never lose and losers never win.” If you go into any industry with zero expectations, then what do you have to lose? Nothing. Go for it and you will be surprised at the opportunities that may open up to you.” - Brandi Patterson

Lastly, we have Scott Pitts. Scott is an example of an owner-operator who was striving to learn more about the business side of the trucking industry, grow his family’s trucking company, and increase their profits.

Scott attended our class earlier this year with his wife and daughter. Scott is an owner-operator who owns a trucking company with his family. He wanted to expand their knowledge in order to grow their business and increase their profits. After taking our course, Scott has been able to diversify his business, create additional income streams, and increase his gross income by 20%.

We have so much respect for our drivers and understand the significance of what they do for our industry, so we are very honored to be apart of Scott and his family’s journey to grow their business.

“As an owner/operator, I enrolled in the class to learn more about the brokering side of the trucking industry. From day one, the class is upbeat, engaging and very informative. All of the instructors truly care about you and want you to be successful. By the end of the week, you’ve gained many friendships and a network of people to help you along the way. If you are self-motivated and have an interest in the trucking industry, Brooke Transportation Training is the place to start your career.” - Scott Pitts

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the three types of individuals who succeed in our course. If you fall into one of these categories and are looking to either open your own brokerage, start a career as a freight broker agent, or grow your trucking company, we’d love to help you in any way we can. Give us a call today! 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
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Friday, May 11, 2018

Opening the Door to Opportunity

It’s been such a pleasure training so all of these incredible highly motivated individual these past months. Everyone here, at Brooke, wishes you all the best of luck in your business ventures! And, a BIG thank you to all of our expert instructors for giving our students the best training possible! 

Read more below about what our students shared about their training experience. 

“Taking this class at Brooke Transportation Training has opened up an excellent door of opportunity for me. Drake has been great with helping provide the tools and knowledge that is needed for me to prepare myself for the world of a Broker. This class has given me the information and the keys to getting my business started. All I have to do is stay motivated and ambitious about getting to where I want to be with the career. And that is a millionaire!” - Disarray Heard 

“Brooke has a great class that not only teaches you about the freight brokering industry, but it also puts you in position to be mentored by some of the best in the business. Schooling is the one thing but placing me in a position to work with several industry leaders is more valuable than any school I’ve ever been to.” - Thomas Williams

“This class was nothing short of amazing; from the instructor/mentors to my peers. Of all the schools I’ve attended and classes I’ve taken, none compare to the constant, hands-on group discussions with Mr. Drake at Brooke Training. What I really like though, everyone that spoke to our class has definitely given me reassurance, inspiration, and motivation going forth! Thanks, Brooke!” - Genie Patton

“After taking the basic freight broker class through Brooke Transportation, I feel well prepared to start off as a Broker Agent. The instructor, Drake Sliver, did a phenomenal job teaching the class. Thank you, Drake Sliver! I’m definitely looking forward to taking the advanced class in a few months.” - Tina Young

“Brooke Transportation has provided a wealth of information that has been extremely helpful. Having had very little knowledge of the business, I leave here believing that I can be successful as a broker/agent. Drake was very knowledgeable of all aspects of freight brokering. It’s obvious he was a successful broker. Jill Hellwig was a strong confidence booster! She was delightful and very necessary. Eased some fear. Jeff Roach is fantastic. He truly cares about the success of his students and wants the best for us. He is a genuine man and more importantly believes that God can.” - Ebony Kilgore

“I had a wonderful learning experience with Mr. Drake. I was so nervous at first. We’ve learned so much about brokers, agents, trucks, and so on. I really think it should be mandatory to get training to become a freight broker because it can not be done successfully without the help of Mr. Drake Sliver. I had plenty of questions, but by the 4th day, I had all the answers to each and every one of them without even asking him. Loved it! I’m looking forward to my success so I can reach $1,000,000 and he will let me come speak with his class. Thank you.” - G. Lashounda 

“Drake was very informative about the broker business. He used life examples that he has encountered over the years. He did this so that we wouldn’t make the same mistakes in the field. I would recommend anybody to come take this class if they really want to become a self-employed individual.” - Nancy H.

“I came to Brooke Training without any knowledge about brokering freight, the transportation industry, and what it has to offer. Today, I am leaving empowered, knowledgeable, and confident that I will be successful. I highly recommend Brooke Transportation Training to anyone interested in becoming a broker agent. Jeff Roach and his team are great folks, inspirational, caring and very supportive.” - Audrey Patton

“I really enjoyed learning about freight brokering. I feel that this class has been very informative and I feel prepared to go out and get started with my business. Drake has been an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.” - Natalie Beam

“Drake is the best instructor that I have ever had. He is very knowledgeable in the industry and is truly great in every aspect. I would highly recommend this class to anyone getting into the business.” - Gary Moore

“Jeff - magnificent and Drake - awesome. The instructors are really hands-on with information that I had no clue about! They were really patient with me and allowed me to figure it out with their expertise and advise. Really helpful.” - Chris Caldwell
“One of the best training courses I’ve ever attended. So much information provided, you can’t help but succeed. I would recommend this school and course to anyone.” - Patrice Caldwell

“Leisa Morgan was very resourceful. She showed professionalism, passion, and value for the work she does. She was willing to go over something over and over until I could understand. Drake Sliver was a great instructor. He was very resourceful.” Sopia Cofer

“Jeff and Janis Roach are very genuine and are committed to helping people reach a new level of success. The training at Brooke is comprehensive and everyone affiliated with Brooke values honesty, integrity, and communication.” - Richea Jones

“Being in the transportation industry, I felt that the information given was very relevant and current. The instructors are great speakers, very knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions presented by the students. Overall, I would recommend Brooke Training for anyone interested in getting into the business.” - Robert Cook

“Brooke Transportation is the Harvard School of freight brokering. Drake is superlative. He is the best in the business.’ - Richard Gathers II

“Awesome class! Friendly, informative, and very supportive. In class, fellow students were outstanding and helpful when needed. All in all, I would recommend this class for anyone looking to prosper and better their education! Looking forward to getting out there and getting those trucks running!” - William Johns 

“Class was very informative from the first day. I was made to feel welcomed and it was a friendly environment. Drake was awesome. Always willing to answer questions. I would recommend anyone new this adventure to definitely give this class a look.” - Travis Miller 

“I gained a lot of knowledge. Drake is very knowledgeable and is a good trainer. After this course, I am excited to get started brokering loads. Thank you, Jeff Roach, for everything you have done!!!” - Marcus Strickland 

“Very informative class and met really great people that came in to speak. This class makes me very excited to start my own business as an agent/broker.” - A. Williams

“Exciting and very beneficial. Learned a lot and if I could, I would do it twice! I can’t wait to go start my business ventures. They definitely have me pumped up!” - Demarcus Williams

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freight broker or agent, we'd be honored to be apart of your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your future. Don’t forget to ask us about our limited time 2-for-1 promotion. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
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Monday, April 9, 2018

"An Amazing Five Days"

What a wonderful past few months we’ve had training some incredible individuals. Thanks to all our expert instructors for providing the absolute best training in the industry! Congrats to all of our graduates! The road to opportunity lies ahead. 

Read more below about what our students shared about their training experience. 

“Thank you Brooke Training for this opportunity. I own a small truck company with only two trucks and plan to expand my fleet. I believe that this training will make a significant difference in the decisions that I make to move forward. I have learned so much from the facilitators that are experts and the presenters with their real-life testimonials.” - Molina Manuel 

“First, I’d like to thank you all for this course. Tish, Drake, Leisa, Jeff - you guys were very professional, patient and courteous. I’ve learned so much from this course and I am certain that I will be successful in all my freight broker path. This is actually the second time I took this course. The first one was online and the second in-person. I will strongly recommend this course in live, simply because the instructor has an answer for all my questions, and trust me these guys are real veterans in this industry. I love the course and the instructors so much that I will go out of my way to let interested students or existing brokers to take their course through Brooke Training. You guys are the absolute best in this industry and it is an honor to be a part of your team.” - Jamal M. Thompson

“My experience at Brooke Training’s class has been an amazing five days. My first day was rough. My classmates were years ahead of me, but Drake was amazing at catching me up with the pack. On the second day, I was like, “Okay, okay, I got this. I know that word…I know what it means. Thank you, Jesus!” On the third day, Tish came in and helped put the whole class at ease. She answered every question we threw at her, which was a lot in our class. I was honestly blessed with the most amazing classmates and instructors.” - Valerie Simpson

“What a great birthday present to myself! The class has been phenomenal! We started out with Drake Sliver. He has been a wealth of knowledge, information, and being able to pick his brain with questions was great. The same goes for all instructors. Can’t say any one instructor was better than the other. All other training programs would be jealous! Even our webinars during the class, the instructors have been great. Now on Thursday, we had Brandi Patterson to go over the Auto Hauling of any type of vehicle from tanks to cars. That has perked me up. Now gotta save money to take her (advanced) class. I wish I had taken this class years ago! I’ve your thinking about taken broker training, don’t just think about it. Get er’ done! Don’t wait until your 58th birthday -it’s never too late! Sincerely” - Thomas A. Pearl

“Since coming to this class, a lot of information has been provided about the freight broker business. I like the fact that our class setting was a small setting, which gave me a chance to get a better feel for each individual. I also like the staff. Everyone seems to be genuine and really wants to see you succeed. I’ve learned quite a bit in a week’s time. This is only the beginning of how far this business is going to take me! I’m always looking for ways to improve and evolve and this course was right on time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to have more flexibility and make a pretty good cash flow. I’m a firm believer of, you can do whatever you put your mind to. Peace and happiness for you all. Thank you.” - Jamal Thompson

“I was very pleased with the basic class provided by Brooke Training. I come from another industry not related to transportation. I was able to gain a good understanding of the transportation industry, broker/agent roles, and which one I would benefit the most to launch my business. I believe I have gained a good understanding of the structure of a broker or agent business. I enjoyed most the real-life experiences and examples provided during the class and being able to interact with other students interest in starting a new business or expanding their business. Instructors, presenters and materials were great!” - Olga Lopez

“I took the freight broker class by Brooke. It’s an eye-opener and a great wide open market to be in. I will suggest this class to people from outside this market. The Sky is the limit. Thank you Mr. Drake Sliver, Ms. Tish Cozine, and Brooke Transportation, for offering this opportunity to all of us. Best Regards.” - Joe Smith

“The teachers have been amazing with the class. They make us feel comfortable with all the questions that we have. I take a full advantage of every learning opportunity. One of the things that I liked is that some agents came in and explained things about real brokering. I really enjoyed being here. Thank you!” - Carmen Moreno

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freight broker or agent, we'd be honored to be apart of your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your future. Don’t forget to ask us about our limited time 2-for-1 promotion. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
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Office: 214-206-1169

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How to Enroll in Online Vocational Training

Here at Brooke Training, our mission is to educate the “go-getters” and the “go-givers.” Although our main focus is to train motivated individuals to enter the exciting transportation industry and start careers as freight brokers and agents, we also offer a wide variety of other online vocational courses.

In addition to our online freight broker training course, some of the top courses we offer include Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, and Clinical Dental Assistant. 

The next question that may come to your mind is, “How do I enroll in these courses?”  

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enroll:

1. Visit our Website and click Online Career Center

2. In the top right-hand corner, click the Search Icon

3. Type the Course (or keyword) you are interested in enrolling, and click Go

4. Find your course and click Learn More 

5. Click Enroll Now, create an account and start your journey to an exciting new career! 

I hope this guide was helpful for those who are interested in enrolling in one of our many online vocational courses. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions at all! (214) 206-1169 **Financing options are also available**

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
cell: 817-897-0681
office: 214-206-1169

Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Do you know why today is called Good Friday?  
Is it because it's good to have a day off? The end of the week is always anticipated. But, since today is also a holiday, we have twice the reason to celebrate. 

Go ahead and enjoy this special time with family and friends. Try to put your work aside and cherish this day with those close to your heart, but don’t let the day end with truly reflecting on why it is Good Friday. 

In Germany they call this day mourning Friday. Jesus was crucified, so the disciples mourned. But, I prefer calling it Good because the disciples mourning only lasted until Sunday when Jesus defeated death by rising from the dead.  

It is good for all who believe because forgiveness and salvation are theirs. Jesus lived a perfect life, died a horrific death, then rose again to defeat death. He did it all for us because of love. We can put our trust in Him.  So, it is the day of the greatest good.  The day one man sacrificed it all for the good of all mankind. 

Go out and have a good day, friends.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"A Plethora of Knowledge"

Our expert instructor, Drake Sliver, delivered exceptional training this month in our Dallas Fort Worth location. Our students left class prepared to enter the industry, with all the essential knowledge and tools to start their new careers as freight brokers and agents. Great job, Drake! And a BIG congrats to our graduates! The road to opportunity is ahead! 

Read more below about what our students shared about their training experience:

“Mr. Sliver gave a very detailed-oriented presentation during the week on the broker/agent potential in the transportation industry. We had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers, that had I not enrolled, may not have been informed properly on. I really enjoyed this week, and can’t wait to see where this plethora of knowledge takes me.” - Gina D. Harry

“Drake is an excellent communicator and teacher. He was extremely patient and informative throughout the week. He integrated personal experiences with text which made the class setting enjoyable. Drake not only engaged the entire team but challenged each member, as well. I would definitely recommend this class to others, provided Drake was the instructor.” - Michael Howard

“I enrolled in the Brooke Transportation Training Course with little knowledge of the role of Freight Broker/Agent. The instructor, Drake Sliver, was a star from start to finish of the course. Drake was knowledgeable and detail oriented. I feel very well advanced and very knowledgeable of my future as a Broker/Agent. Thank you, Mr. Drake, for everything and all the information I received.” - Kenneth Harry

“Overall, I would rate the class a “10.” Very educational and informational. It touched base on a lot of different subjects you would need directly in this industry. The guests were also very helpful and informative about job placements for the students.” - Cynthia Greenhouse 

“Mr. Drake Sliver was very professional and informational. At the end of the week, he set up meeting via voice video to ensure students that they would have a place of contact for work as an agent.” - Shaneria Hunt 

“Training was great. Drake broke down the info so everyone could understand. He made it easy and I felt extremely comfortable asking Drake any type of questions. Thanks!” -Kylis Thomas

“Great training. Everyday was a huge wealth of knowledge, thanks to our experienced training, Drake Sliver. Thanks.” - Tiffany Wilson

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned so much about the freight broker business. Drake was very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely take another Brooke class.” - LaToya Bouth

“Very important information with a complete step-by-step on how to become a broker. I really enjoyed the energy of the instructor.” - Claudia Del Valle 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freight broker or agent, we'd be honored to be apart of your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your future. Don’t forget to ask us about our limited time 2-for-1 promotion. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
Cell: 817-897-0681
Office: 214-206-1169 

Monday, March 5, 2018

"A Brighter Tomorrow"

We are so fortunate to be able to train students all over the country. Our expert instructors, Susie Moore and Brad Lingo, delivered exceptional training in our Jacksonville, Florida and Ontario, California locations this last week! Great job, folks! And, a big congrats to all our grads! Go out there and get em’! 

Read more below about what our students shared about their training experience:

“Sometimes we may be afraid to try something new because we are unfamiliar with it. Becoming a broker takes time, practice, and overall stepping out of your comfort zone to do something new. This class was the first step to give my family a brighter tomorrow. I suggest that everyone that wants to truly succeed in this business takes this course. It will change your mindset.” - Evelyn J. Ceballos

“This class motivated me to go out there and start my business. I wasn’t familiar with this line of work. My instructor, Brad, made it very knowledgeable and understandable as possible. He is great and made me feel comfortable. Because of him, I know I can succeed. He gave me all the tools I need.” - N. Alfaro

“The class is full of great information and is very helpful for anyone. It doesn’t really matter if you have prior freight industry exposure or not. The instructor, Brad, is great, willing to help, and very easy to communicate with. He’s really trying for us to be successful in this career path.” - Chirag Jain

“Taking this class with Susie Moore has been very informative. I learned a lot of information that I will be using in my journey of freight brokering. Great experience with a great joyful teacher.” - Rai Collins 

“The teacher, Ms. Susie, is very knowledgeable of the materials. She shows professionalism. I will encourage anyone to attend her class.” 
- Jean Merilus

“I came in knowing nothing. I came out with most everything. A great investment and extensive training in a short amount of time.” 
- Carlisa Anderson

“The class was great and I learned a lot in the 5 days I attended. Brad is very good in teaching the class.” - DaWayne Monroe

“My experience in this class was great. The information was quite helpful. The class interaction was enjoyable. In taking this class, I feel it helped me to understand the brokerage industry a lot better than when I started. I would recommend this training to anyone who is planning to pursue a career in the Freight Brokerage Industry. The instructor, Brad Lingo is great!” - LaVoughn Morris

“I had a great time learning more about freight brokering. The instructor, Brad, was detailed in his teachings of his experiences in being a broker. That is going to be helpful for me moving forward.” 
- Antoine Cason

“I think this class has helped me to have a better understanding of what a trucker and a carrier does, which I didn’t have much knowledge of, and also the things I need to do to start my own business. I believe now that with persistence, we can achieve our goals.” 
- Joseline Espinoza

“This class has helped me a lot to gain more knowledge about (the) broker license. I got the chance to clear my doubts. Mr. Lingo was very helpful during this course and helped us to get answers to all of our questions. He made this class very creative and explained everything. My classmates were always helpful to me. I really liked this course and learned a lot.” - Ramanuir Grewal 

“Excellent information from instructor. The instructor, Brad, motivated me to take the next step in our small family business to be successful. Thank you, Brooke Training Solutions. I totally recommend the class. The instructor was awesome!” - Lizet Guadalupe Alfaro

“The class was great. Instructor, Bard, went through the whole book with us. Answered all my questions I asked right when I asked them. Been a helpful class to start my own business. Overall, Brad educated me on all aspects of the brokers business. Will recommend this class.” - S. Multoni

“I was taught good techniques on marketing for business with the instructor and he was very knowledgable in this area. Brooke Transportation’s classes are set up to help individuals success in this industry. I was very satisfied and encouraged while taking this class. The instructor’s background in the industry was very helpful in helping me to gain the knowledge to be successful.” - Wendell Cason 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freight broker or agent, we'd be honored to be apart of your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your future. Don’t forget to ask us about our limited time 2-for-1 promotion. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
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Office: 214-206-1169