Friday, December 17, 2010

Learn to Earn

The transportation industry is complex. With all the new laws and the capacity issues, it is wise to get training. Lately I have been training a lot of owner operators. They tell me they save money and make more money on the road after the class because they have a better understanding of the industry. Our freight broker-training course teaches you how to be better in just about any aspect of the freight brokering business.

Being a freight broker is a sales-driven career. I’ve always been a salesman. God built that in me. I’m not quite fulfilled unless I’m selling something. But don’t think I’m on of those door-to-door types trying to get you to buy some overpriced, under-quality product. I sell knowledge and opportunity at an incredible price. $2500.00 is the price of my school. It's truly like getting a franchise for the price of the course, because after the course you are prepared to start your own business as an agent of a larger brokerage. Only the top brokers recruit from my school. They recruit brokers from Brooke because we train our graduates exactly how they need to be trained to be a success.

Sales are finding creative solutions for evolving challenges for both the shipper and the carrier. It's a B-to-B business and you better know what your doing or you will lose your shirt in this market. Plus the shippers and carriers respect people who invest in training.

The military trains everyday for a mission. Think about what it would be like if they didn't.

Do your research if you want to get into this industry, and then get some training. Our on-line course is offered through 2400 colleges plus our pajama learning website. We have six locations with a live, instructed class. For other training you can go to and take over 5000 courses.

Now go book some freight......

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Deal

We are not taking anymore students for our December course but still give us a call to talk about a 2011 course.

Thank you to all our students, associates, trainers and customers for another great year at Brooke Transportation Training. I think back over all the enthusiastic new students I have met this year and feel incredibly blessed.

In an effort to ease the burden of our struggling economy we introduced our 2 for 1 deal. Pay for one freight broker live course and bring a partner along for free. I hope you enjoyed training alongside a friend as much as we enjoyed training 2 for 1. This deal will end December 31 as we usher in a new year. But you can still take advantage by paying for a course before then.

Give yourself the Christmas gift of a new career by learning to become a freight broker. Every student that comes through gets a job opportunity. The top freight brokers in the industry trust in what we teach our students so they come in on Friday of the course to offer spot as agents for their brokerages. The course also trains to be a dispatcher and other hourly jobs inside a brokerage. Lately our successful brokerage affiliates have been offering those kind of jobs to our graduates as well.

Have a question about our training or are you a graduate with a question? Give me a call. Enjoy the season and remember the reason.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, December 6, 2010

Be a Business Starter

Perhaps one of the toughest things about starting your own business is being alone. So my suggestion? Don't do it alone. Get yourself a business partner and come to class together. You can learn our proven method together. Then work the process together. When one of you has a low motivation day, the other can encourage. You can divide up the tasks so you each use your strengths. I'm a great salesman. I love to call potential clients and strike up a conversation. My wife is an incredible administrator. She does follow up, invoicing and paying our bills. Both parts are imperative for a thriving business. Get the business...then do the work for the business. Big picture and details. Both gotta happen.

In the spirit of the season we are extending our 2 for 1 offer til the end of 2010. When 2010 is over so is our two for one. For each paid student, one can come along to any of our live courses. You don't have to attend a course by the end of the year...just pay for a class before the end of the year and bring a friend along.

There is a lot of freight out there needing to be moved. In other words, this is a great time to get into the freight industry. Get in on this great industry on the upswing. Become a freight broker, a freight broker agent or get hired on into a paid position as a dispatcher for a freight broker. Every Friday Freight Brokers come to our class and present career opportunities.

So hurry, take advantage of our 2 for 1 offer. Make 2011 the best year with new skill and a new career with incredible potential.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach