Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do You Need to Be Trained to be a Freight Broker?

I often get asked,"Is training worth the cost?"

I answer by telling my story of why I started a training school.  I have been in the transportation industry since I graduated from college (with lots of help of my girlfriend, now wife).  It is the perfect business for me because I can be salty with the drivers then clean up to meet with the “suits”.  I enjoy the fast paced nature of the business.  I fell into the white glove priority delivery niche of the business.  When a shipment has got to be there on time I dog it til it makes it.  I have always been a great salesman.  I won all the top sales award for all the fundraisers I ever helped with from elementary school on up.  So being a freight broker comes naturally for me.  As a freight broker I sell to shippers and negotiate with carriers.  I like being in the middle.  What I have not liked about the business is there are a few in this business, as in any business, who lack integrity.  That is a main reason I started my school.  I have been highly successful without compromising my principles.  In the short run it sometimes feels like the cheaters are winning but in the long run you get what you give.  Work an honest day and get an honest return.  Trust and be trusted.  Lie and be lied to.  It is a simple concept but few truly grasp the impact of it. 

I read comments on forums that rag on freight broker trainers as shysters, out to get money and give you nothing.  Not all the students who attend Brooke Training have been successful brokers.  But it is not because we don’t teach the right stuff.  Some fail because they don’t work the process.  Others fail because they stop too soon.  And others fail because it simply is not the right fit for their personality.   I teach a successful process.  I know it is successful because I have been successful with it, as have others.

That is why I started a training school to teach how to do this business with integrity and to share the process I honed over decades in the industry.  Each month our students have the opportunity to give us feedback on the class.  I send a blog with those testimonials each month and we post the testimonials on the website.  These are not my words, not made up words but the words of actual students just as they finished the week long course.  

Have any questions?  Give me a call 214-206-1169.  We'd enjoy seeing you in a class real soon.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Value of Training

Is on the job training enough to keep a freight broker honed in his career?  I believe on the job training goes hand in hand with formal training courses.  We developed our freight broker training course to include both instruction from a professional as well as hands on opportunity of working in a brokerage.  We set up a brokerage for each training course.

Training is an excellent way to boost confidence.  When we are in a community of learners we have a greater zest for learning.  Newly learned approaches boost our confidence in our job and our enthusiasm about our job. 

A freight broker may be great at finding shippers but not finding carriers.  Perhaps they have a good network of carriers but are not good at finding shipments both ways.  A training course can give valuable tips on how to fill in the blanks.  A training course may great be a reenforcement of the best processes for freight brokering. 

At Brooke Training we teach a proven process for finding carriers, finding loads and all else involved in freight brokering.

If you own a freight brokerage we would be honored to train your agents.  They can come to one of our scheduled courses or we can come to you.  If you'd like me to come and consult with you on how you can take your brokerage to the next level, give me a call:  214-206-1169.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Astonishing Training

At the end of each freight broker training class we ask the students to tell us about their experience.  We use the input to improve the class.  We also post the testimonials on the website and blog. 

The following testimonial was an unsolicited email.  This student was very happy with his experience. 

We purpose to be the best freight broker course out there.  Words like these encourage me that we are getting there because of our excellent teachers who go above and beyond. 


I attended the last Feb class with Susie (Moore). I have to say I was astonished about everything she has to offer, apart from her unlimited data base of knowledge ranging from her resources to business partners, she offers the most up to date and realistic information of the freight industry.

I have created a very strong foundation to work from by the information and help obtained from the course. Susie is constantly keeping the class interested and engaged. Their help will be much needed and appreciated while I build my
career in the freight brokering field.

Victor Soris

Thank you Victor.  Susie and her father Ron Moore teach in our Jacksonville, Florida location.  They truly put their all into training up brokers with great skill and integrity.

Our schedule of live courses are on the website.  Join us soon in and learn from the pros.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Buckle up

Last week in Dallas along with the blizzard we enjoyed time with these two students of our freight broker training course.  We stayed in, stayed warm and learned a lot in a week.  Yesterday I shared two testimonies.  Here are another few who honored us with their kind words. 

“To start with the basic learning, this is the best training for me, covering most of the outline and contents of the course.  Instructors are friendly and helpful in all aspects.  I would recommend to anyone who would be interested in the industry.  The transfer of information is a bit fast so, it’s best to be prepared and ready when you decide to take this training. “

“This class has been a great experience for me.  I’ve learned things that I think I can use to expand my family’s trucking company as well as learning the broker aspects of how to work with customers as well as how to work with and look for carriers.  I believe this has helped me to realize that there are so many opportunities out there in trying to grow yourself.  Thank you so much to all the instructors for showing everything that is out there.”

So come join us, buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a fast ride through the world of freight brokering. This is a great work from home opportunity.  
I started my training school because I really enjoy encouraging others to shoot for their dreams, stretch their abilities and keep filling their brains. 
Curious?  Give me a call. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

P.S.  We are in Ontario, California this week then we’ll be in Jacksonville, Florida March 16-20 then Dallas March 23-27.  See the full schedule on our website.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eye Opening Career Training

Eyes alert were needed to avoid an accident this week in the frigid weather throughout most of the country. Eye opening was one of the descriptions of our recent freight broker course.  The Dallas area had snow, blizzard, sleet and mayhem yet we had a great group of attendees at our Freight Broker Training Course.   A couple of our grad from this week’s class had some great things to say about their insightful week with us:
“Brooke Training was definitely eye opening and informative for those new to the industry and for those with industry experience.  I believe they have provided a great foundation to become an agent or potential broker. Instructors are very knowledgeable.  Bringing in guest speakers in the industry helped to provide us more insight to the wants and needs in the transportation industry.  Highly recommend the class for future students.

Attending Brooke’s Training School is not only learning about the freight brokerage, but also learning about life concepts and principals to be successful in the business.  Thanks Vinny for taking the time to show us the tools to not only be successful in the transportation business but also being able to use the process to improve in my personal life aspect as well. Definitely the best investment I ever made.  Thank you! “-- Nipphaphone Thammarong  

The class was very informative.  It has opened up my eyes on how much the transportation field is really needed.  The class taught me the difference in what a broker or broker agent can do.  And all sorts of information that the class has given me on how we can get a jump start on my business.  Thank you for the opportunity to take this class.  It has been a whole lot of learning experience. - Keo

We offer live classes monthly.  The class will teach you how to run a freight broker business from home or anywhere with internet access.  Every month I enjoy meeting the individuals who invest in themselves and their family by enrolling in the course.  We have a live class this week in Ontario, California, March 16-20 in Jacksonville, Fl then in Dallas, Fort Worth area March 23-27 then Charlotte, NC  April 13-17. For our full calendar see
Interested?  Give me a call at 214-206-1169.  No pressure, I’ll just talk with you a bit about my experience as a freight broker in the fast paced transportation industry.
Moving forward,
Jeff Roach