Monday, December 12, 2011

A Class Act

Our Jacksonville, Florida class taught by Susie Moore just ended last Friday. I read through the following testimonials with pride. I have such great, consistent, solid teachers helping me make Brooke Training an incredible place to learn how to be a successful freight broker. I never tire of reading that an enthusiastic student found the week of classes valuable. This class included a trucker and a newbie to the industry. They were both pleased.

12/5/11 testimonials Jacksonville, Florida

A course every trucker needs…valuable information. George Stewart

Best money spent…Susie Moore was the best…never a dull moment. Felicia Hayes

Learned a great deal. B.A. Swain

Being brand new to the business, I found this class to be extremely helpful. Not only n helping me understand the industry but also how to know what questions to ask. I look forward to a very profitable venture with this foundation. Ian Bratkovich

This was the best thing I did, to come to this broker class. Great to learn to be a freight broker. Thanks very much. Shawn Haynes

Very informative. Anyone can succeed with persistence. Great thanks to Susie Moore. You are the best. Thank you. Robert L. Coathers

Enjoyed the class. Anxious to get home and put to work my new found knowledge. Gina Marable

This week we are conducting class in Dallas, then next month we’ll be in New York, North Carolina, Indiana and in Dallas. We’d love to talk to you about joining us.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Newly Trained Freight Brokers

Read what a few of our recent Freight Broker School graduates had to say about their week in our training school:
Vinny (instructor) is awesome! He really inspired me to approach this business with a
positive attitude. Graham and Tish were great too. I learned a lot… now it
is time to put the knowledge to action. - Cameron Guzmain

The instructors were very motivating and helpful. They offered an
array of valuable tools to grow my business. - Brenda Holman

This course provided me with a lot of knowledge on the brokerage industry.
Before coming to the training I had little to no experience on the field,
but the instructors made it easy to understand. They were enthusiastic,
full of knowledge, and very helpful every step of the way.
Vinny is a great teacher, with a smile every morning, full of energy, and very positive. He made
sure we understood everything.
Graham, also great, gave us lots of information on technology. You don’t need to spend much for technology.
Tish was also great she gave great examples and walked us thru actual
quotes. The classroom setting was very comfortable. Thank you Brooke
Training. I am on the road to success! - Carla Bonilla

Very pleased with Jan, Graham, Vinny, and Tish. They were so helpful. Never
expected for them to be so informative with all the info. Woke up excited
for what I was gonna learn everyday. Can’t wait to put my knowledge to
work. Thanks again Brook Training.

This holiday season I’m thankful for being a part of a school that helps professionals get excited about their career. Hats off to Vinny, Jan, Graham and Tish for teaching a super Freight Broker Training class in November. Join us December 12 – 16 in Dallas/Fort Worth . Give yourself an early Christmas present, the tool for a great new future. Our two for one special is still going on, so bring someone along with you to class for free. You can take our online course anytime.
Merry Christmas.

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shop Small

Today is small business Saturday. It is the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday®,
a day dedicated to supporting small businesses on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

Shopping the little guy over the big box stores is a way to support the way America is supposed to work. The small guy deserves support because of their dedication to building a business from the ground up. You'll avoid a lot of crowds and enjoy personalized service most likely.

Shop small stores and help fuel the economy.

I have a small business that has helped lots of others start their own small business. It is a scary deal marching out on your own, working hard to make it in a dicey economy.

Any support you give to a small business owner make a big impact. When we all shop small, it will be huge.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, November 4, 2011

Freight Broker Training Special

Just in time for the holidays we are offering our very popular 2 for 1 pricing. Pay full price for one student in our Freight Broker Training Course and a second student can come for FREE. Freight Brokering is a great business to do with your spouse, your friend, sibling or your offspring. Now both of you can come for the price of one.

January is great time to start a new business. Train now so you will be ready.

Freight Brokers are always needed in our economy. Goods must be moved from where they are produced to markets all over the country. A freight broker is essential in expediting that movement.

At Brooke Transportation Training we have been helping professionals know how to use all the tools available to be come a success in this industry for decades. We teach a process that truly works. We emphasize integrity at every step.

Our instructors are exceptional in their teaching. They will answer every question along the way. Classes are small so each student gets individualized attention during the one week course as well as afterwards.

Join us at an upcoming class.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach, President Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your Welcome

I recently got a call from a couple from Simpsonville, South Carolina. I took some time to discuss with them freight brokering. They sent me back a very kind “thank you” email. To them I say “you are very welcome.”

One of the things I enjoy most about having a training school is the incredible people I have met along the way. Since we’ve had our “2 for 1” special we have had the priviledge of meeting and training many husband and wife teams. This is a great business to do as a family. My wife and I have worked together for decades now.

I truly am in the training business to encourage others in this business. I want to be sure my students get exactly what we promised. Business is picking up. Capacity is getting better. Education and in your face honesty is what our students get. If they are willing to put in the work, now really is a great time to get into the business.

Everything has changed so much that Education and Process and hard work will give anyone a competitive edge in this business. Used to be you could learn to be a freight broker by trial and error. I think that time has gone. You need an education to get up to speed quickly, to learn the technology and understand the best way to land accounts. My freight agent business has never been better.

Come to class and we will show you how to own your own business. for the price of a computer, a phone and training.

Read through our real people testimonials. Come to our NC class
August 8th. Check out Ron and Susie's Bio on my web site. Nobody in this Industry has more experience.

Or Call me and come to Dallas. Do your research before you call. But please call....

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freight Broker Start Up

I recently got an email from a great sounding guy interested in finding out about freight brokering. Here’s his email and my reply.

Good Morning Jeff,

I am seriously contemplating the start up of a freight brokerage out of Buckeye, Arizona. I have been in the transportation industry for the past 12 years as a driver, dispatcher, and General Manager. I feel I have a good grasp of the industry, I have a great deal of experience with QuickBooks software and I understand the equipment required to move various types of freight.

I was hoping you might give me some insight into how loads are acquired and the potential for revenue flow. Is it possible to start as a broker and realize decent income within 90 days? I know when I had my own end dump trailer, I worked for someone who dispatched jobs for me and took 7.5% of my gross. Is 7.5% a realistic brokerage fee? How many loads would a 1-man brokerage need to dispatch daily to realize a decent income?

I am out of work presently and going to your school is not financially possible. Lastly, is starting out as an agent better, and do you know anyone looking for an agent? I appreciate any help you can provide.
My response:

Good morning -

I understand your financial situation but your chances of making it without school and back up cash are slim. I advise all my students to have 6 months worth of living expenses saved before starting their business. It takes awhile to build the relationships needed to be a trusted broker. Our school teaches you a process that works. In a tough economy it is even more important to know your stuff. This is not a get rich quick business but over time it is a business that has an incredible potential.

Capacity is tight, but I just got an order for 90 loads last week. We will get them all covered. The average broker makes 12%. The average agent makes 6%.

This is the best business to start up if you learn how to do it and if you are prepared. Freight brokers are always needed because goods always need to be moved across the country.

90 days is not enough time to start making enough money to live on. (Read the testimonials on I know several companies looking for trained agents but none who are looking for untrained agents. All our graduates are introduced to those companies who are hiring. Driving a dump truck and transportation experience. will not help you open a brokerage or be an agent if you don't know the process. I have been in the brokerage business for 20 years but could not open a trucking company. They are like night and day.

You will end up either broke or in legal trouble or both without proper training. I am just telling you what I have seen in the decades I’ve been in this business.


Jeff Roach

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Freight Brokers

Just got a new batch of testimonials from our recent freight broker training courses in North Carolina. Our excellent instructors Susie and Ron Moore are incredible in their presentation and integrity. Our goal is to thoroughly train honest, hard working freight brokers.

The instruction and staff were professional. I appreciated the truthful instruction that I received which left me completely understanding the world of Freight Brokering in depth. Darcell Gordon

I enjoyed the teaching and the teacher I learned a lot and am ready to become a broker or agent. Robert Gordon

This class was very informative and has me very excited about starting a career as a broker. Darrell Pressley

My experience with Brooke Transportation Training has been eye opening. I thought I knew the carrier side of the business. Now I really know the carrier side. I really didn’t know about agent and broker. But now I am very excited about the possibilities. I have a new outlook on the transportation business. Very positive outlook. The training was very thorough. Ron Gilford

Hello! Greetings from Brooklyn, NY! I should say I have never regretted taking the time and effort to drive from NY to NC to take the Broker Training with the most appealing instructor of Susie (Moore)! Also, her father (Ron) was always there to share his knowledge , experience and thought on the whole industry which made the whole time I spent at Brooke’s the most valuable learning. Ravshan Ishnazarou

Susie was an exceptional instructor. She certainly exceeded my standards. I feel I am now prepared to enter the brokerage world. THANKS. Daniel Gonzin

If you or someone you know may be interested in getting into the exciting and necessary freight brokering industry give us a call 214-206-1169. Train live in Texas, North Carolina, California and Indiana or take our online course anytime from anywhere. Enjoy your summer.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, May 20, 2011

It is Small Business Week

As a small business owner I am encouraged and inspired by others out there that forge into the grand of adventure of small business ownership. Our country was founded on freedom in many areas including the freedom to start your own business. Starting a business can be scary, risky and daunting. But that is what makes it a grand adventure. As small business owners we must support each other through anyway we can. I met a man from India a few years back, listened to his story and then asked him to a part of my team of guest speakers.

My friend and frequent guest speaker at Brooke Transportation Training is Krish Dhanam. He has helped me understand what a blessing it is to live in our nation. He wrote The American Dream from an Indian Heart. “As the seasons of my youth turned the innocence of childhood dreams into an obsession of adult want, I realized I would never be satisfied until I came to America. I had arrived at a crossroads in my life where I was in love with another country and contempt were the feelings I had towards my own homeland. We all go through that phase when all we want is something other than what we have. However, because of strong parental influence, I started doing something that would come back to assist me later in life when I needed it most. I began to focus my learning towards American History and spent my time studying the cultural nuances that made it such a popular destination.

The principle is very simple. If you are at Point A and want to be at Point B, do not wait until you get to Point B to figure out what you need to survive and thrive there. Do the planning and preparation before you expect the success you want for yourself.”

That is a great challenge for me. I like to just forge right in. Taking the time to do my homework is not always fun but being prepared always pays off.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

for lots of resources for small business go to:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Measured Days

I learned today: our days are measured.

So are our loved ones.

In other words, we only have a certain number of days on earth. And, our time with each of our loved ones is finite.

One of the best things I do for my business and to make the most of each day, is staying positive. In freight brokering as in any sales job, you have to make a lot of calls that don’t lead to a sale. This can be frustrating if you focus on those negatives. Instead, realize each “no” is one step closer to a “yes”. Each “no” may one day lead to a “yes” if I don’t burn bridges. I learned today that our days are measured. So make the most of each day by focusing on the great in the day. Being my own boss is great. Having a 1-year-old granddaughter is great. Enjoying a beautiful wife and three daughters is super great.

Remember not to worry - you are not in control anyway. I have learned that God is in control from start to finish. He even knows how much time we have on this earth. Zig Ziglar says you’re going to be dead a lot longer than your going to be alive...LOL. You really can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. ZZ Peace! God is with you. He has plans to bless you. I didn't make this stuff up to make you feel better. It's all in the Good book.

It does make me feel better to appreciate what I have and whom I have in my life. I feel comfort knowing that. I hope you do too.

Moving forward

Jeff Roach ˆ President

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions
Phone 214-206-1169
Fax 469-327-2712

Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Time for the Best

Anybody can succeed when the economy is popping. When things are not spinning like a top, that is when the best shine. Lots of companies have had to make cutbacks. Who are the first to go? The under-performers of course, then the new hires and those close to retirement. Only a foolish CEO would let go of a top performer. When it is harder to land business that is when you need those who keep on working hard, moving forward with integrity and professionalism.

The same goes for freight brokers and carriers. Those who perform consistently, with integrity, succeed even in a down economy. So I’d say it is the best time for the best. The best time for professional, ethical brokers, carriers and training schools.

This business is complicated. Education is a key to success.

I’ve been talking with some of the brokers who hire agents from among the Brooke Transportation Training school graduates. They are doing great. Why? Because they are well trained. They understand the process of getting business and working that business so first time customers become customers for life. They’ve learned how to weather any economic climate. Don’t be afraid of being knocked down…just get back up.

I’m very proud of our graduates who get out and put to practice what they learned in our quick but effective training program.

As freight brokers, our job is to educate both the shipper and the carrier. Because of the rising cost of transportation we will have to raise rates or more trucking companies will go under. There is a huge shortage of carriers today. For every three loads there is one carrier to move that load. We have to work together in helping carriers stay afloat so we brokers can do the job of moving our customer’s freight. Carriers often come to our school and gain great knowledge of how to be a better carrier for brokers. They are taught to know if or when it is the right time to start their own brokerage.

Freight Brokering is consistently one of the top picks as a work from home opportunity with the most potential for great earning. The cost to get in is minimal compared to the cost of getting in most any other business. For way less than the cost of a franchise you can have your own freight brokerage. Most of our graduates start as an agent for a larger brokerage then may strike out on their own if they desire. It is very similar to being an insurance agent. Some stay under the State Farm name others become independent insurance agents.

It is a tough time for lazy brokers but a great time for ethical, hard-working brokers.

Professionals are developed through training and experience. We all have God given talents. We each chose to develop those talents or to loose those talents.

1. Attitude is everything
2. Perseverance is a close second
3. Focus on progress, not perfection

Enjoy this beautiful Spring Day!

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrate New Life

To the Christian tomorrow is Maudy Thursday, a remembrance of Jesus last Passover supper with his disciples. He gave new meaning to Passover supper. Jesus was called the lamb of God whose blood was sacrificed so all could live. Christians celebrate the Lord’s supper with bread that represents Christ’s body and wine or grape juice representing His blood. The next day Jesus would be crucified on Good Friday. The greatest good ever done in all of history was done that Friday. He was the final sacrificial lamb

"Maundy" comes from the Latin word for "command." In the context of Maundy Thursday, it refers to the commandment Jesus gave us to love one another. Greater love has no man than this,that he lay down his life for his brother.

Our society is very fast pace, there’s always something to do. Slow down and reflect on your beliefs and the significance of today.

One of the great things about being my own boss is I can kick it into slow gear for a day of celebration and reflection if I choose.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, April 4, 2011

Take a Walk in Their Shoes

We’ve all dealt with pushy salesmen who obviously are just interested in making a big commission by selling the most expensive item they have and adding on as many accessories as possible. Sales should not be something you do to a prospect … it is something you do for a prospect. A salesman of integrity learns about his prospects’ needs and finds the optimum solution to those needs. That type of salesman is welcomed by the prospect as a confidant and an aide in getting their business handled.

So how do you know what your customer needs? You ask a lot of questions. You spend time researching their business. You try to walk in their shoes. Sales pros are like doctors - they ask questions, listen, diagnose the problem and offer a solution. Most freight brokering deals take time. In order to get the business you must be trustworthy, offer value and have the ability to follow through on everything your promise, everything.

Personal growth precedes professional growth. Evaluate yourself. What can you do to improve yourself? Become a better person and you will become more professional.
A truly professional salesman or sales lady is 100% convinced in their product,
you have to be convinced yourself before you are convincing.

You also have to set some goals. How can you hit a target you don't have? Write down your goals or they are just dreams.

Prospecting is hard but keep at it because the more prospects you have the less pressure you’ll feel. A proven process also takes pressure off the salesperson.

Zig Ziglar says, “You can have everything in life you want - if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, March 14, 2011

Refer Carrier Needed

One of the things I really enjoy about the transportation industry is that it never gets boring. I have been riding this merry go round long enough to have worked through just about every kind of condition. Sometimes there are more trucks than cargo, sometimes more cargo than trucks but whatever the condition freight brokers are essential. One of our jobs is to understand where the market is and adjust accordingly.

Right now in the industry, it's all about capacity. Capacity equals available trucks.

For example I have 60 loads from Camilla, GA to Mexia, TX. Finding the trucks I need is the challenge. I need a refer carrier with 200k insurance. These are all S.L.C. and all loads will be sealed. Any carriers that want to talk to me about these loads - call me - we are starting in a few weeks. I will pay fair.

Carriers, this project is starting soon. I would prefer one carrier do it all. We pay on time and we pay all hours of service time and fuel surcharge. I treat my carriers with the respect they deserve. That's the bottom line as a broker or an agent. Treat both the carrier and the shipper the same. They both have needs. Meet those needs and you are in business. Last bit of advice - Always take the high road, don't do business with shippers and carriers and brokers that don't treat you with respect. Do business the right way and expect the same from everyone else.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

P.S. Want to move my 60 loads? Call me 214-206-1169

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Definition of Success

Read these words and next to each word note if the word exemplifies success or failure.

Nice home
Loved by family
Deserted by family
Lots of friends
A few friends
Spent time in prison
Never convicted of a crime

Jesus was poor, homeless, deserted by his hometown, had a few close friends who denied they knew him, spent time in prison and lived a controversial life.

Yet Jesus had the greatest purpose of any man that ever lived on earth. His purpose? He died for our sins so we might live in relationship with God forever.

A good man might give his life for someone he loved, but Jesus gave His life for all including those who hate Him.

Does that make you rethink your definition of success?

Go out and live the life God has called you to, and you will be a success. Your live may not be a success in the eyes of people, but a success in the eyes of God should be our purpose for each day.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Buy American

I saw a report on the news last night about how few American made products an average American family actually buys. It took the reporter two hours just to find a totally made-in-America coffee maker. They reported an incredible statistic that if we each bought 18 cents more in American products 200,000 more jobs would be necessary to fill that need. Not sure if I got the numbers exactly right but at any rate it indicated that I can help in job creation by paying a bit more for the American made product. It motivated me to at least think about checking my labels more often and buying the American product more often.

I then thought about how that affects the transportation industry. More manufacturing in America would require more American truckers to move the products and more America freight brokers to organize the effort.

I realize that is a simplistic view of the world economy but it is something I can get my head around. By buying American we keep more American’s working. We are a very wealthy society in world terms; even the poorest among us are incredibly blessed. Yet we are obsessed with the bargain.

I know that I can afford to buy American and still support other countries with struggling economies. So that is what I am going to try to do.

I noticed Chi (they make hair straighteners) recently moved their manufacturing back to America (Houston actually) so even though I have no hair I’m thinking about going out to buy a Chi.

What American companies do you know of that you can support and help get America back to being more productive?

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freight Brokers with thanks

I got a letter from a recent graduate of our basic freight broker course. My whole goal in opening a brokerage school was to pay it forward…teach others to find success as a freight broker with honesty just like I did. I feel very blessed. I’m very encouraged by these words:

Your course was very informative and personal , the instructors put together the best approach to the task at hand, conveyed the information in a meaningful way and used positive technique in which I will be establishing as a Broker /Agent in the industry . The opportunities that opened up, were just as they were explained to me from the start, In which I expressed my concerns for opportunity in the industry after the completion of the course. That came in 10 fold and I capitalized on it. "Many Thanks" Jeff and Jan for your help with my success.
Kindest regard,

Michael D Duggan

Another recent graduate wrote:

Matriculating into this class has given me confidence of being successful in the freight moving industry. For anyone learning this field, this class is a must. Montez Gregory, Sr.

I wish you and all our graduates much success. Call if you ever need anything.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spot Niche

Do you have a niche?

I’ve written before about the advantages to having a niche. What is a niche? It is an area of freight brokering on which you focus. You could focus on the car transportation niche, food distribution, sporting equipment for example. Earn a reputation for knowing certain lanes, understanding the ins and outs of moving your niche products and working with the type people that industry attracts. Here’s an article on a good niche with some great potential: Spot freight.

Spot Freight Up Year-over-Year in December; Reefer Rates Down

In December 2010, TransCore's market research shows a 55 percent increase in spot market freight availability, compared to December '09. Freight volume for each of the last six months has surpassed the highest level since 2005, a peak year for spot market volume.

On a month-over-month basis, December load availability was stable, with a 0.2 percent increase over November. This indicates an unusually robust load volume for the month of December. While 2009 load volume increased by 11 percent from November to December, a decline is more typical for the season, according to TransCore. From 2001 through 2008, spot freight volume declined between November and December by an average of 19 percent.

The national average line-haul spot market rates for refrigerated ("reefer") trucks softened by $0.05 (3.3%) to $1.47 per mile and flatbed rates dipped by $0.01 in December, month-over-month. A rate decline in those segments is normal for the season.

Van rates remained stable, at a national line haul average of $1.28 per mile. This confirms the relatively high demand for freight transportation in the face of looming capacity shortages, according to TransCore's Truckload Rate Index. Spot market rates are the rates that brokers and 3PLs pay to the carrier.

Looking ahead to February, the best combinations of high freight volumes and favorable inbound-to-outbound load ratios come from Illinois, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee and Missouri.

Regionally, TransCore Trendlines reports that refrigerated (reefer) carriers serving the Atlanta and Philadelphia markets experienced sharp rate declines on the spot market in the most recent 30-day period, from mid-December through mid-January. Los Angeles rates also declined substantially, due to seasonal trends that were not weather-related. Overall, reefer linehaul rates slipped by 2 percent (approximately $0.03) since mid-December, while fuel surcharges have generally climbed by about $0.02 per mile. The net result was a dip of about a penny in the "all in" rate per mile.

Chicago was the only market to show a slight increase in outbound rates, as carriers demanded more money to go to Dallas and Philadelphia. Rate changes were moderate in other markets, including Atlanta and Dallas.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, January 10, 2011

Words from Freight Broker Grads

Our main Dallas teacher of the freight broker training course is Jeff Ashcraft. He is dynamic and we appreciate his faithful and insightful teaching. Here are some words from recent graduates of the one week course:

Thank you Jeff, everything was explained very well. I understand the Broker/agent situations…everything was awesome. R. Einelelmovel

This class was fun. As a visual learner it was easy to learn things that normally took weeks for me to understand with lecture. The teacher taught in every way possible for us to understand the materials and made sure we did by asking us if we had any questions after any topic or subject. Shida Festus

Excellent class. Did not have high expectations but left with a completely new perspective. Learned much more than expected. Peter Grimm

I am very pleased to have an instructor that has the experience in this field and still uses those technologies today. Jeff (Ashcraft) really makes sure you understand the material to become a successful broker. I feel I have enough information to go out and start my brokerage. Mark Castaneda

The class was informative and Jeff did a great job on answering all of our questions, it’s a realistic course. Some people may come into it thinking it’s easy money but he’s good about letting us know about the work. Ani Hakopian

Really enjoyed the class thought Jeff covered a lot of material and was thorough in doing so and helpful. Gary Hakopian

You are great! We have learned everything that we needed to know about a freight broker. You’re very good at what you do. Keep in touch. We can’t wait to be your agent! Baohan Nguyen

Take Jeff’s class, because he understands any personal problem that may occur during the duration of the class. I enjoyed his teaching for he made it interesting. I’m usually a person full of questions, but not in his class. He explains everything so well and cuts out the confusion. Tumiyia Latrice Wise

This Brooke course has taught me a lot of how to be a broker and gave the tools to be successful in the real world. Jeff is a great teacher. It is the best investment every made. Maria V.

I have attended this class for five days with my husband…Jeff, the teacher, was so friendly. I am really thankful for his help. Harpreet Kaur

Class is very informative; I believe that all the basics for the brokerage business is well covered. It was very motivating and gave me confidence. Edith Galindo

Enjoyed the class and all the great info. I can’t wait to implement…Janice Danio

Class was very informative…left this class with a lot of confidence to be a broker. Gary Fishbough

This class was very informative. If you are a truck driver, carrier or just new to the business this class gives you the tools you need to get started as an agent or broker. Jeremiah Karoki

I really enjoyed Brooke training . .. Our instructor answered questions based on real life activity in a brokerage. Rafael Kasabyan

This was something I’ve thought about since I became a trucker. . This has opened my door to do something extra. Jeff has a lot of material and I will be using it…it was cool stuff. Moses Nyaga

This class I recommend to everyone. Excellent. Johana McBurra

I really enjoyed this class. I feel confident that I’ve been given enough information to succeed. Everything was well laid out and we were given ample opportunity to ask questions. Craig Calhoun

Great course. . Calvin Smith

Sign up for our next course, you won't be sorry.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach