Monday, December 12, 2011

A Class Act

Our Jacksonville, Florida class taught by Susie Moore just ended last Friday. I read through the following testimonials with pride. I have such great, consistent, solid teachers helping me make Brooke Training an incredible place to learn how to be a successful freight broker. I never tire of reading that an enthusiastic student found the week of classes valuable. This class included a trucker and a newbie to the industry. They were both pleased.

12/5/11 testimonials Jacksonville, Florida

A course every trucker needs…valuable information. George Stewart

Best money spent…Susie Moore was the best…never a dull moment. Felicia Hayes

Learned a great deal. B.A. Swain

Being brand new to the business, I found this class to be extremely helpful. Not only n helping me understand the industry but also how to know what questions to ask. I look forward to a very profitable venture with this foundation. Ian Bratkovich

This was the best thing I did, to come to this broker class. Great to learn to be a freight broker. Thanks very much. Shawn Haynes

Very informative. Anyone can succeed with persistence. Great thanks to Susie Moore. You are the best. Thank you. Robert L. Coathers

Enjoyed the class. Anxious to get home and put to work my new found knowledge. Gina Marable

This week we are conducting class in Dallas, then next month we’ll be in New York, North Carolina, Indiana and in Dallas. We’d love to talk to you about joining us.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Newly Trained Freight Brokers

Read what a few of our recent Freight Broker School graduates had to say about their week in our training school:
Vinny (instructor) is awesome! He really inspired me to approach this business with a
positive attitude. Graham and Tish were great too. I learned a lot… now it
is time to put the knowledge to action. - Cameron Guzmain

The instructors were very motivating and helpful. They offered an
array of valuable tools to grow my business. - Brenda Holman

This course provided me with a lot of knowledge on the brokerage industry.
Before coming to the training I had little to no experience on the field,
but the instructors made it easy to understand. They were enthusiastic,
full of knowledge, and very helpful every step of the way.
Vinny is a great teacher, with a smile every morning, full of energy, and very positive. He made
sure we understood everything.
Graham, also great, gave us lots of information on technology. You don’t need to spend much for technology.
Tish was also great she gave great examples and walked us thru actual
quotes. The classroom setting was very comfortable. Thank you Brooke
Training. I am on the road to success! - Carla Bonilla

Very pleased with Jan, Graham, Vinny, and Tish. They were so helpful. Never
expected for them to be so informative with all the info. Woke up excited
for what I was gonna learn everyday. Can’t wait to put my knowledge to
work. Thanks again Brook Training.

This holiday season I’m thankful for being a part of a school that helps professionals get excited about their career. Hats off to Vinny, Jan, Graham and Tish for teaching a super Freight Broker Training class in November. Join us December 12 – 16 in Dallas/Fort Worth . Give yourself an early Christmas present, the tool for a great new future. Our two for one special is still going on, so bring someone along with you to class for free. You can take our online course anytime.
Merry Christmas.

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach