Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Best Experience

We had another great group of freight broker/agent students.  Our graduates thought the class was the best experience, had very knowledgeable instructors, and was very informative.  Read through their entire testimonials:

I had the best experience with Brooke Training ever.  The instructors are knowledgeable and practical. These were the best 5 days of my career history; I would recommend
everyone to Brooke.                       - Sam M

I loved the class. I learned alot and really got a full understanding of the materials. (The) instructors were very knowledgeable and took time to answer every question.
                                                        - Joshua W.

Brooke Training was very educational for me, providing the most informative measures of teaching for learning.  The staff was well educated within the field of brokering and eager to pass on the knowledge to us as students.
                                                       - Gwenlyn C.

Very informative. Instructors were great, and enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks!          - Rogel R.

This class was very informational....Looking forward toward future business.                           - Gus G.
Are you interested in a career where the sky is the limit?  Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our course online anytime.  Have any questions about what it is really like to be a freight broker or freight broker agent?  Give me a call 214-206-1169
Moving forward,

 Jeff Roach, president

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dream BIG

"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings." – Unknown

Are you conjuring up some big dreams?  Have you ever dreamed of having a career that is fast paced, fulfilling and has great earning potential?  You may say, well who hasn’t?  We all hope to find a career or build up a career that gives us satisfaction and does more that just pays the bills.  I started working in the transportation industry after I completed my college degree.  I have worked in just about every sector of the industry for many different transportation companies.  I found my life work in the industry as a freight broker.  I enjoy bantering with truckers as much as I enjoy fishing with shippers so being a freight broker came very naturally to me.  I developed relationships with professionals on both sides of the aisle. 

After decades as a freight broker I had a new dream.  I had a dream to build a freight broker training school to teach others the process that helped me succeed.  I wanted to teach brokers to work with integrity and determination.  I know that those two elements will get a broker far in this industry.   I have had to clean up the mess left behind by shady broker deals.  That motivated me to teach new brokers to be successful and honest. 

After teaching our live training class for a while I had another dream.  I wanted to expand that training by developing an online course.  Now anyone can take the course in their pajamas with a laptop.  

All along the way I’ve had various dreams with my wife, with my daughters and with my clients.  I have found much fulfillment in my life by following by dreams and letting some dreams go.  But without a dream I wouldn’t move forward.

Freight Brokering is not a get rich quick proposition.  It is a true career that has practically unlimited potential for earning.  Landing the first client can be tough but once you get the first load successfully delivered, the road gets easier.  Successful brokers build a book of business and faithfully service those clients.  A well-served client becomes a repeat client and helps establish the credibility and reliability of the broker.  Why not make that your dream?

Call me and tell me about your dream.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cash Calls

Wouldn’t it be great if we got paid for every prospect call made.  So you make a call to a potential client, they say they don’t need your services but at the end of the call your phone spits out a $10.00 bill.  That would certainly motivate me to stay on the phone making calls.  Well of course, you don’t actually get cash for all the calls you make, but every call is one step closer to finding a new customer, a source of potential income.

I recommend making 50 calls a day the goal for all new brokers.  You will be successful as a freight broker if you make 50 calls a day…to good prospects…with the right attitude. 

Before you make a call prepare your mind.  I believe if I am engaging and interested in the person on the other end of the line, my phone call is a success, a cash call.  What kind of phone calls do you like to get and what kind you dread?  Make your call a good one.  Are you pleasant?  Are you funny?  Are you encouraging?  Are you a problem solver?  Do you put the other persons needs in front of your own?

Look at each phone call as a chance to get to know someone’s story, or at least a piece of the story.  Be considerate of their time while learning a bit about their needs.  Tell them how you think you could be of value to them when they have a load they need covered.  Tell them of your success stories in humility.   Keep notes on your call so when you call them again you remember what you learned and address that need. 

I think our world is short of good listeners.  Everyone is just waiting for their turn to talk.  Be a good, attentive listener.  Have good genuine questions ready to keep your prospect talking.  Try different approaches to keep your phone calling fresh.  And notice which approaches get good results and which ones fall flat. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach