Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Meat on a Big Fish

Found "a great article in USA today's ask the expert column:

By Steve Strauss for USA TODAY

Q: Do you think there is something a small business can do right now to make more money? We seem to be stuck in a rut that we can't get out of. — Sammy

A: What I would suggest is that when you go fishing, you go to an area where you are more assured of catching bigger fish.
Here is what I mean: I have a friend who sells real estate for a living. Back in the day, before the real estate market crashed, he made a great, and fairly easy, living selling small investment properties. Duplexes, four-plexes and mini malls were his specialty. He loved those sorts of properties because they were easy to sell, easy to fund, appreciated well, and offered a quick, decent commission.
But then the bottom fell out of the market and suddenly he was faced with a list of clients who were 1) stuck with properties they could not sell, and 2) not looking to expand their portfolio. As a result, his business was suddenly in real trouble.
But rather than stay stuck on a sinking ship, my friend decided to take action. He called up all of the best, most experienced real estate agents he knew and picked their brains. This was not the first down-turn in the real estate market – how had they survived similar problems in earlier times? My friend was willing to listen to all new ideas.
He received a lot of good advice, albeit some of it conflicting, but one thing an old hand in the real estate market told him made the most sense. "It takes as much effort to sell a small duplex as it does to sell a 100 unit apartment house, you know," the gentleman explained to my friend, adding, "but the large apartment complex will net you a heck of a lot more money."
Sure deals were harder to get and close, but the point was that my friend could continue to do what he had always done and get the results he had grown accustomed to, or he could hustle for bigger deals, do just about the same amount of work, and possibly get much better results.
If he wanted to keep fishing, he needed to catch bigger fish.
And so that is what he began to do, almost immediately. He put out feelers to investors who had larger portfolios. He made presentations. He advertised in more high-end publications. And he entered into a continuing education crash course on how to sell large, multi-unit buildings.
Before long, his new ideas and hard work began to pay off. He got some new clients, and listings for two big buildings, both of which eventually sold.
My friend learned a valuable lesson – although it took a lot of time and effort to sell those buildings, it was no more than he would have spent selling two small duplexes. The essential effort was the same – getting the places ready to be shown, marketing them, showing potential buyers around, and then closing the deal. But the payoff was much, much bigger.
My friend now says he does not need to work the rest of the year, but he is going to anyway because he is so excited about the potential of his new business model.
I suggest that this is a good lesson for any small business that is struggling to make it through these tough times.
Seek out and fish for bigger fish.
Undoubtedly, there are potential customers out there in your industry who have larger budgets and bigger needs than some of your current customers. Find out who they are. Do some research, learn their needs, get some names, and prepare a presentation.
Happy fishing!

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

P.S. While you fish for the whopper be sure and have your back end ready. I landed a big one then had to scurry to cover all the loads. A good problem but I had to take care of it soon or I'd loose the big fish quicker than I caught it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carrier Cash

Calling all carriers who could use some help with your cash flow. I am now offering freight factoring. 1.5% same day funding. My new division, Brooke Financial Services offers freight bill factoring. Similar to a loan from a bank, I give you the money needed today to pay your drivers, fuel and other expenses. I then wait 30 days to collect from your shipper.

Reduce the stress of money shuffling. Make your drivers happy by paying them quickly. A critical issue in any successful business is maintaining the cash flow you need to run the business efficiently while keeping all your creditors happy.

I can also teach you how to get in the freight factoring business, run a trucking company and lease you some trailers.

Give me a call and I can explain more thoroughly. I've been told I'm a funny guy, so if you need freight factoring or a good laugh give me a ring.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Friday, August 13, 2010

Freight Consulting

I have learned some things along the way in the transportation industry. I continue to learn. As an educator once I learn something new I have a need to pass on to others the tips I’ve learned. So I offer consulting services.

If you own a small trucking company I can get you a great deal on freight factoring and on trailer leases. I can train you to open your own freight factoring company as well.

I also offer consulting on how to open a trucking company and
general consulting regarding the traffic industry. As you know if you follow my blog, I also have an on-line freight broker training school and a live school in five states. I work as a non-exclusive freight agent as well. I keep busy.

Besides Fuel and Drivers, I can supply almost anything to the carrier. They will get a great deal working with the top companies in the business.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learn from Home

Interested in learning a new skill or start a new business? Pajama learning may be just the ticket for the information you need. We have thousands of courses from which to choose. To take an online course you often need to go through a university or community college but not with Pajama Learning. Years back I convinced the coordinators of these online courses to let me offer them direct from my website. Many of the courses can earn you credit for a degree. Many of the courses are career training…similar to going to a trade school but you can do all your work online. Compared to the cost of a college education these career-training courses are very affordable.

Most courses are written by the facilitator of that course. My wife Janis Roach wrote the course on freight brokering. We are the instructors. So as you take the course if you need to contact the instructor, you’d be calling us. We not only facilitate the course we are in the business. We know first hand what you do as a freight broker or freight broker agent. We have probably encountered any snag possible in the business.

We recognize freight brokering may not be the right business for everyone so we decided to offer other online courses as well. New classes are added often so check back and see what else is available.

Dream a little, learn something new, stretch yourself and you will feel empowered. Success is yours for the taking.

Learn on,

Jeff Roach