Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Success is Eminent

I thrive on hearing confident words from graduates of our training course.  My favorite phrase from this most recent group of graduates for our Dallas live class is “I am more than certain success is eminent.”  He learned not only the nuts and bolts of being freight broker but more importantly he gained the confidence needed to push forward.  As a freight broker you must make a lot of phone calls to establish a client base.  You just have to be able to understand that “no” is an encouraging word not a discouraging word.  When someone says “no” to your offer to help with their shipments that just means you are one step closer to a “yes”.   They aren’t saying they don’t think you are capable of the job; they just don’t need your help now.   

Read through a couple of testimonies from our recent class.  Thanks Vinny for teaching with such excellence every month.  Thank you graduates for spending a week with us.  We wish you much prosperity in your new career.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Not only did it meet my every expectation, but exceeded my desires.  I wanted to learn the freight broker business, and I learned of my “life” business.  I am more than certain success is eminent and my business will thrive, as a result of all I have been through.  Vinny is the man!"--Sean Thomas

"Brooke Training class was very good for me.  It was very informative and interesting.  You learn about yourself, trucking industry, and most of all the broker business from start to finish.  I would definitely recommend to a friend." --Phadra Riser

"It was a very interesting class.  I learned a lot of things in a few days.  Instructor was very supportive and communicative.  I made a good decision to take this training class.  Thanks!" --Lorenc Aleksi

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What does a Freight Broker Do?

Freight brokers are the guys who get products moved from the manufacturer to the seller or from a wholesaler to a retailer or from one seller to another.  Many manufacturers have their own trucks to move many of their goods but sometimes they need extra trucks and will call on a freight broker to cover those loads.  To make money as a freight broker you need to be a good listener.  To begin I tell my freight broker students you will be spending most of your day making phone calls, hunting down business.  Look at every phone call as an opportunity to help someone out with a need.  Ask good questions and listen actively to their answer.  I encourage my freight broker students to find a niche and then learn all they can about that niche.  Find a niche that involves something you love.  If you like cars, you could specialize in transporting vehicles.  Since more and more people buy their cars online, transporting cars from seller to buyer can be quite a good gig.  Transporting vehicles involves understanding specialized transporters and finding truckers that have those kind of trucks.  If you love to work out perhaps exercise equipment is more your speed.   Or if you like ice cream you could specialize in freezer trucks. 

Stay abreast of the news and you can get ideas on what industries are on the upswing.  You can develop your niche around an up and coming industry.

The transportation industry is an exciting and dynamic industry with great opportunity for those who are willing to put the work in.

Join us for our next live class or take the course online.  The live class is one week with an additional week if you'd like advanced training. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Experience of a Lifetime

We are honored and thankful to have the most incredible students come through our basic and advanced freight broker training courses.  These students include many disabled veterans.  The Vocation Rehab department will pick up the bill for these courses for qualified vets.  So often when someone gets something for free they don't value it as much as something that was costly.  But this is not the case with our students. Below is a recent letter I received from one of our advanced students: 
My final week at Brooke

So my final day has come at Brooke.  These 2 weeks have gone by far too fast.  The training I received at Brooke was the best.  I not only got the best knowledge and know how of being a broker and learning how to set up my business, but I also found out who I was.  Many nights prior to me choosing to take this leap I questioned my ability, and knowledge.  I thought of 100 reasons I shouldn’t.  After all I had (underlined twice) conditioned my mind to believe I was gonna be sitting in my chair at the age of 47 drawing SSD (Social Security Disability) for the rest of my life due to my accident.  In all reality what I was, I thought I couldn’t change (WRONG) (WRONG) (WRONG)!!

I was so lucky for all my instructors; however one stands out for me.  See what I didn’t know was I was letting my past control my future and present.  I had a FEAR of not believing and realizing my goals for myself.  Don’t please DON’T let fear keep you from doing anything.

F – False
E – Emotion
A – Appearing
R _ Real

I would like to thank you Janis Roach for helping me get enrolled.  Also, Jeff Ashcraft for helping me the first days of the class and the first day on the second week.  Also, thank you Tish for your superior training on rail freight.  And I want to say Thank you to Vinny.  My final instructor, mentor, and friend.  Vinny you gave me more than learning, you gave me something I hadn’t had in a very long time.  You showed me who I was.  You inspired me more than anyone has (ever).  I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life.  I would have never thought of getting this out of coming to this school.  There’s no money in this world that could have bought what you gave me.  Thank you so much and may God bless each and every one of you and may all of your lives be abundant.  Now as I make my journey back to Germantown, Ohio I and my family have a business now.  So look us up.  I would be happy to tell you my experience of a lifetime.

P.S.  My business name (Capital Gains Logistics)

Take the LEAP

Be The Best

Brent Lykins

Wishing you Brent much success in this new adventure.  Thank you for  your kind words.
Moving forward,

Jeff Roach