Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Millennials in the Workplace

Just read this Linked In article on Millennials in the workplace.  For any business to succeed in the future they must understand as much as possible this new generation of professionals.  In many ways they are not that different than the generation before.  Enjoy the read:

Millennials in the Workplace: Five Myths and the Truths Behind Them

Millennials are the up-and-coming generation of working professionals. Born between 1980-2000, Millennials now make up over half of the workforce in Canada and the United States. As a Millennial myself, I am well aware of the sweeping statements and large generalizations that are often made about this generation. Ranging from partial truths to downright ridiculous, some of these myths can negatively impact Millennials in the workplace.

Here are 5 myths about Millennials in the workplace and the truths to set the story straight:

Myth: Millennials are lazy and do not want to work hard.

Truth: Millennials are slowly redefining what a workplace and work culture looks like. Our wants and needs are not derived out of laziness, but rather grow from what has become broken in the corporate world. Multi-faceted in our dreams and goals, we seek a workplace where we can both succeed at our jobs and pursue our passions in life.
 In a recent study by Bentley University, 77% of Millennials agree that flexible work hours would make their workplace more productive. Some companies have succeeded at introducing flex-hours, creating happier and more engaged employees as a result – both Millennials and non-Millennials.
Additionally, as the “always-on” generation, we are much more accessible outside of the workplace than employees have ever been. The vast majority of Millennials own a smartphone and over 89% admit to regularly checking their work email after work hours.

Myth: Millennials are job-hoppers who do not believe in company loyalty.

Truth: We want to feel part of something bigger than our jobs. We are much more likely to stay with a company that is transparent and engaging. We want employers who are ethical and fair, not gluttonous and harsh. We are loyal to those who care about us; this is something that has been slowly changing the culture of management and continues to make developments.
We are also not quite as different as one may believe. A survey conducted by IBM showed that Millennials, Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers all change jobs for similar reasons. They cite more money and a more creative workplace as their top reasons for switching employers.

Myth: Millennials are digital addicts who want to do everything online.

Truth: Yes, almost all of us have smartphones, laptops, and iPads. We enjoy texting and social media in our personal lives, but it turns out we are not so absorbed in technology at work. Over half of the respondents in the Bentley study said they would prefer to talk to colleagues in person, rather than by email, phone, text, or chat.
As well, IBM found that Millennials’ preferred methods for learning new skills at work were also not digitally inclined. The top three methods include: attending a third-party conference, attending in-person classroom training, and working alongside knowledgeable colleagues.

Myth: Millennials are entitled and need instant gratification for a job well done.

Truth: We do not want a trophy just for showing up, but we do want feedback. We are used to instant information – not gratification – because we grew up in the digital age where the answers to our questions are just one click away. No, simply waiting for a yearly review will not suit us well. Check in with us from time to time and let us know if we are meeting your expectations and what we can do better. Providing both positive and constructive feedback engages employees and creates a better environment for success.

Myth: Millennials’ career expectations are too high.

Truth: As it turns out, Millennials’ career expectations are not that different from our older coworkers. According to IBM, Millennials put the same weight on many of the same career goals as Gen X’ers and Baby Boomer’s. Goals such as making a positive impact on their organization, helping to solve social and/or environmental challenges, and working with a diverse group of people were similar for all three generations surveyed.
Where we do differ, it seems, is the definition of success. To Millennials, success does not simply mean climbing the corporate ladder. The study conducted by Bentley University reported that 66% of Millennials want to start their own business, 37% would like to work on their own, and only 13% aspire to become CEO or president of the company they work for. Achievement is measured in different ways by Millennials and, though we may not all take the traditional career path, we all aim to succeed.

Here is the real truth: We are not one unit; we are all wildly unique and cannot fit into one mould. We are reshaping the workplace just as generations before us did. We are redefining what a career looks like. We are capable, inspired professionals seeking a workplace where we will flourish and a way to make an impact on the world.

This post was created as part of the #MillennialMe series, a conversation by Millennials about Millennials.

After I read this I realized that freight brokering is a great job for a millennial because it fits in with many of their aspirations.  A freight broker is independent, self motivated and has great expectations.  Millennials are very comfortable with technology.  Maximizing the benefits of technology is a great asset for a freight broker.  The road to success as a freight broker is a bit different than the road to success in a traditional job.  Millennials tend to take a non-traditional approach to career and success.

So no matter what generation you claim, if you are ready for a career change, consider training to be a freight broker.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, June 22, 2015

Life Changing and Eye Opening Training

Last week we had our monthly basic freight broker course in Dallas.  Once again our graduates valued their experience and the excellent training.  Here's what they said about their week of training:

I started this training clueless about the trucking business unsure about which direction I actually wanted to go in. After completing the course and listening to each of the speakers brought about a different light. Vinny was a great instructor along with Tish with the support of showing how to post the loads, get the loads, find the drivers, and etc. I look forward to getting out in the field to push all the knowledge. I gained to make this thing successful.

 Contina Evans 

Words can’t explain, I loved everything about the class! The people. I had no clue which direction I wanted to go in. I know I had a lot of buddies in the freight business, but didn’t know my niche, but this class actually helped me with that decision.
Kevin B.

Thank you for allowing me to attend today with my wife. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Bryan Flanagan and I like the presentation Don McDaniel gave. He would be someone I’d like to work with. 
 Brian H.

This was a great experience! I was lost about Freight Brokering prior to the class, but I am leaving feeling confident in my ability to move freight. Thank you to my instructors, guests, and vendors for making this all worthwhile. E. Rogeaux

As an instructor/teacher Vinny has made a positive impact on my decision to go forward in being an agent. I was a little nervous and unsure that I was doing the right class for me. Vinny has answered questions, and given me the help to enable me to finish this class. Thanks to all the Brooke team, and a special thanks to Vinny! 
Del Francis

I am a new small carrier business. This class was extremely helpful to me as I was interested in learning all perspectives with the transportation business. The quality and quantity of information provided through this program is on – point, thorough and over-all a phenomenal training experience! I highly recommend this program for those who are new to the transportation logistics as well as for those with experience in the industry.
Camey Sears

Class was very informative. I am glad I took the time to attend this class. The instructor, Vinny, was funny and opened my eyes to the sale business of brokering. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming a Broker or Agent.

Mo Draught

The experienced gained from this program is totally worth it, life changing opportunity, and an eye opener for all the possibilities that can be accomplished. The instructor in itself was really a highlight, very professional, prepared, helpful, and always available and willing to LISTEN. Would recommend to anyone interested, new comers, and/or already in part or doing something within this business.

Edgar R.


My experience with the instructors this week is they have been great motivators with great integrity. The instructors were knowledgable and provided many techniques on approaching new clients. The interacting with the guests help get a better understanding of yourself as a person to better your approach with a new perspective client.

Working with the program has certainly reinforced my way in viewing my approach with new potential clients. Highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the freight business. It provides high quality instructors and experience.

Fred de Luna

Met some lifelong friends in the transportation industry. Learned a lot about “Life” principals along with transportation information. Thank you.

Curtis Leslie

“Don at Landstar” I appreciate the school allowing this type of speaker, who has serious intentions of hiring students directly out of school and offering assistance as required. I feel this can allow Anyone a true start.

“Vinny” – the best salesman in the country, second to me. What an honest and great instructor. I feel I have met a great mentor. 

Curtis Morrison

Thank you graduates for training with us.  Thank you instructors for doing a great job getting these students ready to hit the road with engines roaring.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Qualities of a Freight Broker

A freight broker must have good communication and organizational skills as discussed in my previous post.  A freight broker must also be a good prospector and self motivated.

A new freight broker or freight broker agent will spend the majority of their time prospecting for shippers.  In order to be good at prospecting the agent must have confidence and the stamina to keep going even after getting rejected.  Each call made is a learning experience.  Learn about a potential customer, who they currently use as a freight broker, what needs they have, etc.  Are there ever times when they have extra loads that they need help getting moved?  A new freight broker or freight broker agent should determine what kind of freight they would like to move then become an expert on that niche of the business.  The more you know the better your ability to ask intelligent questions to your potential customer.

All of this takes self motivation.  It is up to the freight broker to make the most of every day.  The more calls a broker makes the sooner they will find a shipper who is interested in their services.  When you find a shipper who has interest you must be motivated enough to contact them back when the need for you may arise. 

Spend some time every morning thinking through what you want to accomplish that day.  Stay motivated so at the end of the day you accomplish what you set out to do.

The transportation industry is in need of freight broker's services.  Develop the right qualities and you can become a great success.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What Does It Take to Become a Freight Broker?

I was reading through some of the comments left on my blog posts this morning.  One reader asked "what does it take to become a freight broker?".  There are books and courses with much information in answering this question, but here is my quick attempt to explain some of what it takes. 

There are many character qualities and professional skills needed to succeed as a freight broker. 

A freight broker is the middle man between the manufacturers or distributors of goods and the carriers or the vehicles that actually do the hauling.  As the middle man, the freight broker must have good communication skills.  They need the ability to be able to clearly negotiate terms to both sides.  The broker will need to communicate on the phone, via email and text.  The broker will determine their customer's preferred methods of communication.  This is a fast paced industry so being adept at communicate, in the most efficient manner, is key. 

After the negotiation, the broker will then need the organization skills to coordinate the pick up of the goods, movement of the goods then delivery of the goods.  When you are a freight broker agent, your freight brokerage will help with some of the logistics.  A freight broker is always on call as a load is being moved so that if any snags happen they can alert their customer.  A truck may encounter bad weather, traffic accidents, detours, sickness and other slow downs along the way.  When this happens the freight broker will keep all parties informed to the plan of action in getting the load delivered. 

So two key qualities needed to be a good freight broker are communication and organizational skills.  I will talk about other qualities in my next couple of blog entries.

At Brooke Transportation Training Solutions we train a diverse group of students every month.  The skills we teach are key to getting up and running fast, as a freight broker.  And the faster you are up and running the faster you will start turning a profit.  Our students actually start booking loads while in class.

Good luck in whatever adventure you take.  The skies the limit as a freight broker.

Moving on,

Jeff Roach

Friday, June 12, 2015

Up Your Sales Game

Bryan FlanaganJoin us next week (June 15-19) in Dallas for our live freight broker course if you'd like to up your sales game. 

We are happy to have Bryan Flanagan back next week as a guest teacher. He is by far the most sought after sales trainer in the country.  He guarantees three outcomes: each participant will be educated, encouraged, and entertained.

Here is a little about Bryan:

A dream born in 1972 became a reality in 1984 when Bryan left the corporate world of IBM to pursue his passion for teaching and training.  Since that time, he has interacted with 4,096 groups, traveled 3,330,972 miles, and trained 731,451 people.  And, yet, he claims his future is still ahead of him!

During that time, Bryan has realized he has a passion for the sales profession, for salespeople, and for those who desire to increase their presentation skills effectively and in a professional manner.

Bryan began his career as a delivery boy for the IBM Corporation in his hometown of Baton Rouge after graduating from Louisiana State University.  He then invested the next 14 years as a salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national training center.  In 1984, Bryan joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in Dallas, TX. 

One thing you can count on . . . Bryan has fun during his presentation and so do his audiences.

It really is a blessing that we are able to provide our students with extraordinary speakers and trainers.

This month (June 15-19) we will actually have two top ranked sales experts in the house:  Bryan Flanagan and me.  I was born with an ability to sell.  Bryan is a real pro. 

Give me a call with any questions:  214-206-1169  or visit our website:

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, June 8, 2015

Learn Success

Brooke Training has a facebook page.  This recent freight broker training graduate chose to send us a testimonial and post to our facebook account about his experience in our course.  Unfortunately it seems that the unhappy among us tend to do most the posting/ranting online.  This post was refreshing.

Facebook post after 2nd day (of freight broker training course) May 19, 2015:

What I've learned thus far!
I've learned that we certainly do impose unreasonable limits upon our selves. I've learned what it means to speak to another person and bring that person into importance. Ive learned how to step out of my box of Conscientiousness and into others boxes of Steadiness, Influence, and Dominance (reference Behavioral DiSC tests). Equally I was educated on how to determine that personality type you are speaking to. I was taught how to slow down so thatI can run faster, longer. I was taught how to objectively set real goals for my self and how to properly design a path to reach them.
I was taught how to focus on the only point in time that I can control, that time is right now, this very second. I was taught how to determine whether something is a problem or a predicament and how to determine whether or not I should out energy into the problem. This school taught me how to break free of fear when the unknown is strongest. I was shown how the power of my thoughts control all my circumstances. They taught me how to focus on the small things, especially each little victory, no matter how small it seems. This school has taught me how to attach with emotion.

They of course have taught me a huge amount of freight brokerage process, terminology, legal, research, and so forth.
This is only day 2 of 5, I've already been on the phone with shippers (nerves wrecked), and I survived.

What will I take home at the end of this ultra high speed, super realistic, cut you to the core course? Simple! How to achieve anything, anywhere, anytime, for any dream. I am very interested to see what else I am going to learn in the next 3 days!

School: ‪#‎Brooke‬ <>  Transportation Training Solutions, SouthLake, TX.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Free Veteran Career Training

Are you a  Chapter 31 veteran looking for an exciting new career?  Call us about becoming a freight broker. 214-206-1169 Qualified veterans pay nothing for this program.  They will get both the basic and advanced training.  They also qualify for the computer equipment needed to handle this career. 

We greatly appreciate how veterans serve our country.  They spend time away from their friends and family in dangerous situations.  After their service they return home to rebuild their life and find a new career.  Brooke Transportation Training can get our vets up and running in a new career in a few weeks time.  If you'd like more information about this opportunity call us or talk with your career counselor. 

Freight brokers and freight broker agents match freight loads with carriers that can take the load where needed.  Over the years we have trained scores of disabled vets for this career.  The vet can work from home with a phone and a computer.  Using learned skills freight brokering is a very profitable career.  

Are you a veteran? You may qualify for a 100% financial aid for veterans through the Vocational Rehabilitation Department.
School number: S2133
You must have a counselor in order to qualify. Contact your counselor, give them our school number (S2133) then ask your counselor to contact school director Janis Roach at (817) 999-5398 tto confirm if you qualify. Only Disabled Veterans and Vocational Rehabilitation counselors call this number.
This is the same process for all applicants who want to apply for financial aid through the state's Rehabilitive Services, or through the Veterans Affairs Administration.

We look forward to meeting you, thanking you for your service and setting you up for a career where the sky's the limit.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Motivated Freight Broker Graduate

  This testimonial came in unsolicited through  email and through Brooke Transportation Training Solutions Facebook account.  I feel gratitude that I can be a part of a course that teaches skills with excellence while going the extra step to train in integrity.  Enjoy the read:         

" I am simply go to write about what this school did for me in the most useful sense.  I came here to learn how to broker loads, talk to the various parties involved, learn the legal information and so forth. This school very effectively taught all these things, and they will help me become a far more effective broker/agent. They taught something far more important, how to effectively communicate. They taught me how to find my true character and allow this person to shine. It’s the human skills they teach that are the most important. I would recommend this school and it will make you, by far, more effective in your goals. What you pay here, is a small number compared to what you receive. Any regular school would charge you a great more for a lot less. A big thanks to Vinny and Tish for your excellent teaching skills. Also, thank you to Jeff & Janis Roach for making this course possible.

Call me and ask what I think so you know this review is real: 208-794-2217, if I don’t answer, leave me a message and I will call you back."

--Joshua of Boise, Idaho

Thank you Joshua for taking the time to write.  

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach