Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New year, New Careers!

Congrats to our December, 2017 graduates! We are so honored to be a part of your journey to success. Our expert instructors, Drake Sliver and Tish Cozine, provided these individuals the knowledge, experience, and guidance they need to begin their exciting new career. What a way to finish off the year! Thank you, both! 

Here’s what our students had to say about their experience: 

“Brooke Training Solutions was pretty much everything I expected. What I like about it the most was I was able to participate in a small class and was able to obtain a lot of information. I would recommend if you want to learn about (how to become a) freight broker. Brooke Training Solutions is the best place to learn.” - C. Allen 

“I really appreciated the attention, information, and quality of instruction that I received here at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. Drake and Tish were extremely kind as well as professional. I really enjoyed my experience!” - Y. Smith 

“I enjoyed the thorough training and small group setting that allowed me to be more engaged and absorb mass amounts of information.” - C. Sims 

“While attending Brooke Transportation’s class, I was overloaded with a wealth of necessary information in order to become a broker/agent. I would like to thank and commend Drake Sliver (Instructor) for the patience and profound knowledge that he has instilled in me in such a short time. Please keep up the great work Brooke Transportation and Drake Sliver, especially with your open door policy.” - D. Furr 

“Drake was very motivating and encouraging as an instructor. Very informative program that allows you to make the best plan for yourself by directing you in the right way to go.” - A. J. Cleary 

“Brooke Transportation Training was an awesome and very informative experience. It takes you into the day-to-day activities as a broker/agent and what is needed to be successful. Our instructor, Drake, was very professional, very experienced, and gave a lot of good knowledge on the business, and gave us an outline on how to be successful.” - C. Mikell 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freight broker or agent, we'd be honored to be apart of your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your future. Don’t forget to ask us about our limited time 2-for-1 promotion. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ken Elrich: A Veteran's Success Story

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our graduates, Ken Elrich. We are so proud of Ken. Not only does he run his own successful brokerage, Black Ops Logistics, but he also takes on our other Veteran graduates to work for him as freight broker agents. Up to this day, he has on-boarded 20 agents.

Ken served in the Navy in the late 80’s and early 90’s. After bouncing around jobs for a while, he landed in the trucking industry, working as a professional driver. About 17 years later, Ken began to experience back problems and realized he needed to find a new line of work. After doing his research, Ken was able to use his Chapter 31 benefits to attend our training in March of 2017. It's truly amazing what he's been able to achieve since graduating.
Here’s what he shared about his journey:

After being discharged from the Navy, I went from job to job and finally ended up working with family in a Commercial Truck Tire Business. That was my introduction to the trucking industry. I always wanted to drive a Semi-truck and well, that is where this journey started.

I started running the business and soon found out I had a knack for this industry. I learned to deal with difficult people, and how to work deals. Eventually, I was offered a chance to go get my CDL. I learned the industry well and I am proud to say, I called myself a professional driver. Roughly 17 years later, I have herniated disks in my lower back and neck, which made it painful to drive. I soon realized I needed to stop driving and I had to find a new line of employment.

Being a Veteran, and already enrolled in the Chapter 31 Vocational rehab program, I quickly researched for classes to learn how to become a Freight Broker agent. I learned a lot being a former truck driver. I was already 75% there, but I was looking for the next step, a little more. That’s when I by accident I found a link. I don’t even remember where I found it, but what caught my eye was Brooke advertised the Veterans Chapter 31 Program. I talked to my counselor and he agreed too. Jan Roach went out of her way to help me.

So, I headed off to Chicago to spend a week with Drake Sliver. The following week, Jan Roach made arrangements for me to go down to Dallas, where I got to spend the whole week one-on-one with Drake Sliver and Tish Cozine - two people that I continue to stay in touch with.

I signed up with a brokerage and that just didn’t work out for me. I soon found myself spending money left and right getting things in place to open my own Brokerage, “Black Ops Logistics, LLC.”

I had communicated with Drake a time or two what my plan was. Then in August 2017, I was on a two-week motorcycle trip and I got a facebook message from Jeff Roach. I was thinking “WOW!” Jeff Roach was messaging me! How cool! We exchanged numbers and email addresses, and before you know it, he asked me if I wanted to speak to the classes about offering agents a place to work.

When my brokerage became legal on July 5th, 2017, I told Drake I was willing to take any and all Veterans from his classes. I wanted to offer my fellow vets an opportunity to work for themselves and without the pressures of a normal job.

I soon realized that I wanted to offer all students and anyone else an opportunity to get that job that no one wants to give you, where you can learn, get experience and build a “book of business.”

Now, I speak during training classes with Brooke’s instructors, Drake, Tish, and Susie. I am not trying to become the richest guy doing this. I just want to live, eat, and pay bills, and doing this is enjoyable for me. I get to help people where most in this industry would rather not. Jeff and Jan have made that possible for me. I am grateful for not only the education and great people who have instructed me, but also for the deep heartfelt warmth from everyone at Brooke, and the friendship.

I have to date on-boarded 20 agents. They are not all active, but I have made it company policy that no one gets fired from Black Ops. They may walk away and that’s ok, but until then their spot stays open! Where most brokerages are only allowing 70/30 split on the commissions, I have gone to 50/50 to help agents get going and start making as much money as possible, as fast as possible. We do all the back-office work for them. Later on, if they are moving freight and start to get that down, I am willing to entertain the idea of them locating and tracking the trucks, and at that point, we will talk about 70/30 split on commissions in their favor.

Ken Elrich
Ken truly has a heart for helping others achieve success, just like all of us at Brooke. We are very honored to have the opportunity to work with Ken as one of our trusted brokers, and we are very thankful he is able to help our future graduates find the success that he has found in his business! Keep up the good work!

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, December 1, 2017

Interested in Becoming a Freight Broker? Here's What Our Students Said:

We are so humbled by the feedback we received from these awesome graduates! Our expert instructors, Drake and Tish, did an outstanding job teaching our Dallas, Texas class in November. Thank you, both! Best of luck to these new freight brokers and agents! Your success is just around the corner. Read their testimonials here: 

“When I signed up for Brooke Training, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I am proud to say that I love the program. Tish and Drake are awesome. They really take the time to assure that you learn and understand the material. I feel confident with I learned that I can go out and be successful. Ms. Janis also goes above and beyond to make sure you get the most out of your training. Sincerely, a very happy participant.” - Akeem Luckett

“First of all, I would like to say thank you. This class was much more than I expected. I looked around at a couple of places, but I firmly believe that this is a one of a kind experience. Both instructors did extremely well in their presentation. Also, there was no gap in the teaching process which is not easy to come by when switching between instructors. My expectations before I came to the class were not only filled but poured over due to the ample information. With the environment created in this classroom by the instructors, any and everyone felt comfortable and involved with learning.” - William D. Griffin

“I enjoyed this training. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first heard of it, but it has exceeded my expectations. I feel confident that I will go out and become a good agent and then a broker. I want to hone my skills as an agent before I become a full-fledged broker. Drake Sliver was a really good instructor and I really learned a lot. It was all valuable information and he even mixed in personal and business experience to show us examples in real life. I really enjoyed the course. Thank you!"
- Christina Salmi 

“I would like to start off by saying that this has been an extraordinary week for me. Without knowing what to expect, the instructors here have made this week a comfortable and relaxing environment, giving the classroom a pleasant atmosphere to learn. I think the people here at Brooke Transportation Training have done an outstanding job with the way they laid out the class curriculum for the week. By giving out the basic knowledge needed to build a firm foundation in the transportation brokerage business, whether becoming a broker or agent. With this being said, I feel confident and assured that I can go out and pursue a life in the transportation brokering industry.” - L.W.

“To my amazement, the Brooke brokerage training course was some of the most informative material that was taught to me in such a limited amount of time. It was mind-blowing. With the patience and understanding of the instructor, it was really easy to grasp what was being delivered. I would recommend this to entrepreneurs of this field to attend this course. For the money that was spent for this course, I may say it was well worth it. Now armed with the knowledge that I possess, I’m confident to go on to be a successful broker in this field. So, Thank you.” - Nathaniel Joyner III

“I have been in the trucking business for 14 years with three being an owner-operator. I love what I do. I can’t complain, but there comes a time where we need a change. I wanted that change, a change where I am able to work from home with my own hours. I thought about becoming a broker for about 6 months and just now started to get the ball rolling. I signed up for Brooke Training not knowing if I would learn or not. Fortunately for me, I did learn, and I learned a lot. Being here has made me realize that I can be whatever I want to be, but I have to put forth the effort. The instructors have always been kind and attentive to any questions the students may have. Thanks to you guys, I am able to officially become my own boss working from the comfort of my home. I would recommend Brooke Training to anyone wanting to become an agent or broker. Being here was worth my money, and it will pay off on its own. I would like to thank Drake for showing us everything about the industry, the beginning will be rough, but we will make it. He showed us contracts, PODs, what you can and what you can’t do, etc. This week has been filled with great information. Next, I would like to thank Tish for showing us rates, how to plug in information into the CRM, etc. These two instructors have been great.” - Jesus Camarillo 

“This was worth the investment. I took this class with my husband. There were 12 of us in this class. We all were excited about our future business because one way or another you will become a broker or agent, depending on your current situation. You are prepared and set up for success. You don’t have to have any experience. They provide everything you need to know. Drake, our trainer, was very informative and very helpful on providing where to go and how to get the answer to your questions. Tish was hands-on in class. She walked us through live actions, which was very inspiring. Brooke Training is the way to go. They connect you with brokers and good leads to make sure you are as good as you want to be. Keep up the wonderful work. Everyone from start to finish at this company is amazing and I rate a 10!! May your company stay blessed!!” - Denise Joyner 

“When I came to this class, I did not know anything about this industry. Drake’s energy and passion was so amazing. His knowledge of this industry was very beneficial. He told us real-life stories to help us and I believe that in the future, it will help me to make fewer mistakes. This class was everything I wanted and more. I feel very confident leaving this class knowing I will be nothing but successful.” - Velma Cariaga 

“This class was absolutely awesome! My wife and I started this class actually not knowing what to expect. However, this class has by far exceeded our expectation. Mr. Drake and Tish are both incredible instructors! Their presentations were both informative, as well as interesting. I have been apart of a lot of seminars/classes in my lifetime, but this is by far the best ever! Thank you, Brooke!” 

“The class was very informative. It broadened my knowledge in areas I wasn’t aware of. The instructors were very detailed on how to be a freight broker and agent. Both instructors took time out to answer everyone's questions. They also provided videos that explained it further. The instructors made it possible for us to speak with a Broker, who went into detail about the business, which was very helpful. I would highly recommend Brooke Transportation’s class to whoever is interested in becoming a broker or agent.”- Diego Phillips 

“When I came to this class, I did not know what to expect as far as what I would be learning to start our freight brokerage business. Oh my! This class has beyond exceeded my expectations. I knew when I looked over the previous testimonials, that it would be great, but it has gone way beyond my expectations! I recommend this course to anyone that is thinking of getting into the business. It will truly prepare you for everything you need. Thanks so much to Drake. You have been an exception instructors from beginning to end! Thanks to Tish for taking the time to show us live and hands-on with the business we are pursuing. My husband and I are so excited and ready to take on the world of freight!” - Tavia Melton

Are you interested in an exciting career as a freight broker or agent? Give us a call 214-206-1169 We’d be honored to be a part of your journey to success. Don’t forget to ask us about limited time our 2-for-1 promotion. 

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Elevate to Success

We had some incredible individuals this month in our Dallas, TX; Ontario, CA; and Jacksonville, FL locations. Our expert instructors, Drake, Tish, Brad, and Susie, did an awesome job equipping the students with the guidance and knowledge they need to start their new careers as freight brokers and agents! Congrats to all of our graduates! 

“The level of elite training that Brooke Transportation Training provides new brokers, equips them to understand the industry. The course layout coupled with experienced trainers will elevate any student to be successful for having attended. #worthit" 
C. Gillard

“The reason for taking this class is to advance my family life and to help others who need help. I’m excited to expand my reach into this logistics world. I’m thankful for this opportunity to represent Brooke Training and begin this journey of becoming a successful agent. Since joining the class, I’ve become empowered with top-tier training that will advance my new career in transportation solutions.” 
- J. Johnson 

“Thank you for the opportunity to share in this classroom training. After being in the hauling industry, I will say I learned a lot! You’re very professional and great with people…Thanks again for the opportunities.” 
- Sunny H. 

“I learned a lot from this class. I didn’t know anything about freight, but today I leave this course with a lot of knowledge in the industry. The book has all the information that any successful broker/agent needs, step by step. The instructor was very helpful with the information. Everything he teaches is in the book, but he explains more clearly for your better understanding. The instructor answers every question you have, giving you a better understanding.” 
- Iris Hernandez L.

“I enjoyed the class. The information given to me was easy to understand. The information from the book was great. I will use it for future reference. Brad, our instructor, was great.” 
- Mayra Olascuaga

“Mrs. Susie Moore, is by far the most informative instructor for freight training. A welcomed environment and relaxed atmosphere. It feels good when someone takes time to care and share the experience for your future. Thank you so much for all the guidance and I will keep in touch.” 
- Jason Bradford

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freight broker or agent, we'd be honored to be apart of your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your future. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, October 30, 2017

Activity Equals Opportunity: An Inside Look at One of our Most Successful Graduates

I would like to start off by saying that Brandi Patterson is a winner. She’s a tenacious worker who has a “take no prisoners” attitude. She gets things done. I don’t for one minute take any direct credit for her success, but I will say she is the only student that has come through our school to take all three freight broker courses.

She first started out by taking our online course, then the basic, and then the advanced. Brandi would check in from time to time and tell me how hard things were. Her husband was on assignment in the military. She had young daughters just like my wife and me.

She confided in me about her struggles - financial hardships, being alone as a military wife, raising the girls, and trying to find a career that she could put all her energy and brilliance to work. Brandi found her niche - or as I like to say, her niche found her because she was working hard.

Out of all of our students who have gone on to work as agents, she’s among the top achievers.  I asked Brandi if we could ask her a few questions about her journey and challenges. Here’s what she shared:

What were your biggest challenges starting out?
Fear of rejection when calling for new business.

What is the best advice you can give anyone wanting to enter this industry?
Don’t give up! Even though you’ll get many “No’s,” the one “Yes” you get is all the motivation you need to know that you are making progress.

I have always said, “Winners never lose and losers never win.” If you go into any industry with zero expectations, then what do you have to lose? Nothing. Go for it and you will be surprised at the opportunities that may open up to you.

How did taking all three courses help you?
It helped me understand the lingo in the industry and prepped me in the right direction for screening clients and carriers.
What does your day look like as a freight broker?
My days are busy. I’m constantly providing quotes, dispatching loads, confirming carriers are still on schedule, invoicing, and confirming carriers have active authority and proper insurance.

Brandi Patterson is truly a rockstar. The entire team at Brooke is so proud of her for her hard work, tenacious spirit, and ability to inspire others.

One last thing we’d like to mention about Brandi is that she has a heart for giving back to others and to her community. As a part of her success and growth, she wanted to be able to give back to those in need. She serves as the foundation event coordinator for Hanna4Hope, a non-profit foundation established to bring teenage suicide, one of the leading causes of death among today’s youth, to the forefront of communities.

This is an organization that the Brooke Family supports, as well. You can learn more about it here. Thanks, Brandi, for sharing with our community!

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Monica's Incredible Journey: From Stay-at-home Mom to Successful Freight Broker Agent

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our most recent graduates, Monica Jaramillo. Monica graduated from Brooke in June and has since landed an agent position with Prosper Logistics. Monica is a great example of what you can accomplish in this industry with the right attitude, work ethic, and education. Here’s an inside look at her journey. 

Monica was introduced to the transportation industry long before coming to Brooke. At a young age, Monica observed her father working for JB Hunt Transport. She was intrigued and knew she wanted to follow in his footsteps. 

She began working as a receptionist at Swift Transportation and was promoted after 10 short months. She went on to hold a variety of positions including Safety & Compliance Administrative Assistant, Certified DOT Log Instructor, Safety Coordinator, and Driver Manager Business Advisor. One of her biggest achievements was graduating from Texas A&M International University.

Before coming to Brooke, Monica was a stay-at-home mother. She owned a truck with her husband and was in the process of purchasing another. Monica wanted the absolute best for her family and had the drive to achieve anything she set out to do. 

“I just remember setting my goals and going for them. I had to be a good role model. I wanted to do this not only for me, but for our four girls, and our family to come in the near future,” Monica said. 

We interviewed Monica about her new career, her experience at Brooke, and her future moving forward. Here’s what she shared:

What are you doing now in your career?
Currently, my husband and I have two trucks. I am working for Prosper Logistics as a freight broker agent and have three great customers. I moved about ten loads in the first week. The best is yet to come!

What challenges have you faced in your new career? 
I had to overcome the fear of rejection. There really is no other option. When someone says, “No!” I kindly say, “Thank you. I will call you again in the future to see if I’m able to help you and your business.”

What have been your biggest “wins” in your new career?
First starting out as an agent, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make any sales. Being a housewife and barely making ends meets, I thought, “How am I going to do this?” 

My biggest win is not only getting one but three contracts in about 6 weeks.  I set my goals and made things happen! I knew that this was a real opportunity for me to start making money.

How was your experience training with Brooke?
I went in not knowing a single thing about the freight brokerage industry. By the time I left, I was already thinking about where I was going to apply. It opened up a passion in me that I didn’t know I had. 

My husband, who is my number one fan, had been telling me to pursue this career for months. He has had no doubt that I would be successful, determined, ethical, and above all, happy - and he was correct. When I met the staff and instructors, I knew it was worth it. I thought very highly of their training. I met great people and lifelong friends.

How was working with our team at Brooke?
Not only are the instructors well experienced in the field, but they have humility and respect for each other and for all the students. They were willing and able to share their knowledge with us, without holding anything back. The faith and desire to help others prosper is the foundation of the Brooke team.

What are your goals moving forward? 
I want to do everything that I was meant to do in this world. I have a very supportive family. I want to be successful and remembered as being a hard worker. I want to be able to afford to take my daughter to Disney Land, take family vacations, help others, and give back to my community.

What are you most excited about moving forward? 
The great success story that awaits for me in the future, an incredible journey, and the many blessings I am thankful for.

Thank you, Monica! For sharing your incredible story with us and the community. You truly are a rockstar and we are so proud of all you have and will accomplish. 

If you’re interested in this career path, we’d love to be apart of your journey. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at 214-206-1169.

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, September 28, 2017

In it to win it!

What an outstanding group of individuals we had this month in our Dallas, TX Freight Broker Training Course. Our expert instructors, Drake Sliver and Tish Cozine, motivated and prepared this group to embark on their new career paths as freight brokers/agents! Read about their experience below:

“I came into this class with very little knowledge of the broker industry. I have since gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and feel I can now move in the right direction. Along with having a new trucking business, it has helped me see both sides. Everyone associated with the class; speakers, instructors, etc, give great insight and the information needed to move forward. I look forward to getting started and using all the resources I have been presented with to become a successful agent.”
Rachel Pitts

“When I first started this class, I knew about enough about the trucking industry to get in trouble. After taking this course, I feel very confident about my knowledge of both trucking and freight brokering. I never realized how much goes into every freight load. I have a newfound respect for all of the trucking industry. I was nervous at first about trying to sell and being afraid I would fail and never book a load, or at least enough to make a living. But now I’m ready for Monday to get here and to get started. I’m so grateful for this class and everything I’ve learned from the instructors. I am so excited to get started with a freight broker and to jump all in! Thank you, Brooke Training, for making this opportunity possible for me.” 
- Elizabeth Witt

“I enjoyed my course at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. All the instructors are awesome and the information is priceless. The door is always open for questions after the course ends. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to start a career as a freight broker.” 
- Julie Maddox

“This week of intense training that I had at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions has been quite informative in steering me in the right path in my new life career path. Classroom instructors, Drake Sliver and Tish Cozine both were outstanding. Prior to the beginning of class Jeff Roach (President), and his mentor, Bryan Flanagan, what I like to say, “Got the party started” with personally attending the class with their presence, along with sharing their personal journey in transportation. Their presence shall not be forgotten, as I shall strongly recommend Brooke Transportation Solutions to others that are looking for career or advancement in the transportation industry.” 
- Wynee Howard

“I want to start by saying that coming into this class with some trucking knowledge, I learned so many things with this course. Our instructors, Jeff, Mr. Flanagan, Drake, and Tish were so very thorough and encouraging. I loved the organization and all the helpful tips we received. I would recommend this class to anyone who is going into or just wanting to learn the freight transportation business. “In it to win it!!” 
Erica Guzman

“As an owner/operator, I enrolled in the class to learn more about the brokering side of the trucking industry. From day one, the class is upbeat, engaging and very informative. All of the instructors truly care about you and want you to be successful. By the end of the week, you’ve gained many friendships and a network of people to help you along the way. If you are self-motivated and have an interest in the trucking industry, Brooke Transportation Training is the place to start your career.” 
- Scott Pitts 

Thank you all for sharing your testimonies! If you are interested in starting a career as a freight broker/agent, give us a call 214-206-1169. 

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Best Opportunities for our Graduates

Here at Brooke, we strive to provide you with the absolute best training possible and provide a firm foundation in which to start your new career.

We get this question often: “After this 40 hours of training, will I become successful?” The answer lies in what you do after graduation. The formula for succeeding in this business is having the right education, the right attitude, the right work ethic, and also the right continued support.

We are always available to help you and answer any questions you have after completing our training, but what we really want, is to help you find a quality opportunity so you can have the continued support you need in the early days of your career. On the last day of training, all Brooke graduates have the opportunity to meet and discuss agent positions with freight brokerage recruiters and industry professionals.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our valued brokers who recruits agents directly through our school: Leisa Morgan, CEO of Prosper Logistics.

A Great Next Step for our Graduates

Prosper Logistics is an ethical brokerage that shares the same values as we do. Just like us, Leisa Morgan is striving to improve the industry as a whole and that’s why Prosper Logistics is one of the brokerages we bring in and introduce to our students.

Prior experience isn’t required- many of our students have signed as agents right out of training. You pick your own hours, work from your home, and get the right technology you need to get started. Most importantly, they offer a substantial year-long program for our graduates so you can get the quality support that you need after class.

“We are offering an opportunity to take the fantastic base level knowledge they get in your training and helping them apply it in real time.” - Leisa Morgan

Recruiting Agents from Brooke Transportation Training

Leisa prefers recruiting from Brooke because she says our students come out of training eager to learn, and ready work, with realistic expectations. She said they have the best attitudes and they truly want to succeed.

Leisa Morgan has the heart to help other entrepreneurs succeed, and she also has the right processes combined with the right programs to help you get started. We are thrilled to see our graduates get to work! Thank you, Leisa and Prosper Logistics, for caring about these individuals like we do.

If you’re interested in starting a career as a freight broker/agent, we’d love to be a part of your journey to success! Give us a call at 214-206-1169 or visit our website

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach