Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer

The neighborhood pool is brimming with kids. The sun is brighter and days
more carefree. During the summer I’ve decided to cut back my blogging to a
couple of times per week. I’m going to enjoy some extra time with my 2
girls and my bride while they have extra time away from school. I have lots
of fond memories of summer days growing up in the hood.

So go enjoy a nap on the hammock, catch up on some reading, or take a walk in the park.

That’s all for now, I’m off to marinate some steaks to grill with the neighbors.

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zig Inspiration Continued

Mr. Ziglar reads three hours a day. . . the Bible and the newspaper (to see what both sides are up to, he says). He reads books that he enjoys and books that help him in his work. Read just three books on any one subject, you will know more on that subject than 95% of the population. Mr. Ziglar could have retired 15 year ago but he says he is re-fired, not retired. He walks the walk.

Let's look at our goals from six year ago.

Brooke said she wanted to be a singer and has been taking voice lessons for six years now. She wanted to produce a CD and sing at church. She has reached her goals.

My goal was to have a Brooke Transportation Brokerage in every city in two years. I kept that one quiet, just in case I didn’t make it. Well God rerouted my plan a bit…I have Brooke Training graduates all across our great land. My elearning course is in every major city in America and across the globe. My daughter approached her goals with no fear. She has a voice of an angel and sings every chance she gets.

I believe that had she not actually written her goal down and think it out she would not be where she is today.

I approached my goals with some Fear, the opposite of Faith. My goals didn't work out exactly as I planned. But I’ve found success none-the-less. Be adaptable.

Moving forward,


Jeff Roach - President
Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Amazingly Inspirational Zig.

In 1992 when my daughter Brooke was two years old - a real nice lady would ride her horse by our house all the time. She’d often stop and let the kids in the neighborhood pet her horse. After years of seeing her do this, I introduced myself to her and told her how thoughtful it was for her to interact with the children. We chatted. Guess who her dad is? Zig Ziglar. I raved to her about how much her dad impacted my life. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Zig Ziglar. I love to read his books, listen to his CD's in the car. Most of all I love to do his devotionals in the summer with my girls. Zig’s daughter was the one who told me about his weekly devotionals.

Brooke and I went to one of those devotionals. Mr. Ziglar happened to be there. He looked at my little girl and said "Brooke, I can promise you that I can do something that nobody else in the world can do''.

These were his first words he said when he came into the room. He went right over to Brooke, looked her square in the eye and said that and then asked do you want to know what I can do?

She excitedly asked,”WHAT?” He said stand up young lady and let me have a look at you. "You are a beautiful girl that is for sure". By this time the entire room was waiting and listening, he went on and told her he had never been wrong. WOW - I could not wait to hear what he had to say.

He gently put his hands on her shoulder and got to eye level and said "young lady I can spot a winner from a mile away and I know for sure you’re a winner".. You can imagine what that did for my precious little girl. False flattery is the worse thing you can give to someone. A sincere compliment is the best.

She was glowing. She knows that Zig's mission impacted my life. I dropped out of school at 15 and graduated college seven years later because I stopped the stinking thinking and to this day my passion comes from helping others. I believe that it was Mr. Ziglar's book, SEE YOU AT THE TOP, that helped me realize I could do anything I wanted if I just set goals and never quit. I also have some really amazing people in my life that have always supported me. Mrs. White, my best friend's mom made me go get a GED and helped me get into college. During college I took a class that was a school version of the "Born to Win" seminar that I highly endorse. (see )

My daughter Brooke and I went home that day and we shared our goals with one another. This was about 6 years ago. Then we wrote them down and decided to see who could reach their goals faster.
Tomorrow I will tell you about those goals and how it turned out.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Poppy for a Disabled Vet

For over 80 years the bright red poppy flower has served as a symbol of the blood, sweat and tears of America's disabled veterans.

Around Memorial Day every year, hospitalized disabled veterans assemble artificial red poppy flowers. They earn a little money as they work, as well as benefit from the physical and mental activity of the craft.

Various organizations across the nation distribute these artificial poppies. The poppies are not for sale but donations are accepted to support service men and women and their families. Display a poppy along with your American flag to show your patriotism and support.

As you enjoy a day off, take time to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy because of our veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice of their life for our great land.

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Work Amongst Friends

Describe the person with whom you have most enjoyed working? Were they friendly or a grouch, demanding or understanding, interested in you or them? The answers are obvious but nonetheless important. Building relationships is key in becoming a successful freight broker. Work to be the kind of professional with whom you’d like to work and I promise you others will want to work with you. Then seek out networking opportunities.

Networking is essential in freight brokering. Networking involves building alliances with companies who have complementary services, attending events with potential customers and meeting with other small business owners. Join your local chamber of commerce, trade associations, and professional clubs. Network virtually on industry blogs and forums. Professionals outside the transportation industry can be valuable in helping you think outside the box. As a broker you work much of the time by yourself. Networking gives you opportunity to talk with others, exchange ideas and talk through issues with others that have already worked it out. In our technologically advanced society having a network of others who are working on a similar computer system is priceless. Dynamic networking will help keep you motivated to success.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Talented Teacher

Susie Moore serves as instructor extraordinaire for Brooke Training in Jacksonville Florida.

Susie is imminently qualified to teach freight brokering. She’s the daughter of one of the most highly respected 40-year veterans of the freight industry, Ron Moore (see my blog “Learn from a Pro”) and a highly skilled communicator. She teaches what she watched her dad do so well.

Susie’s whole career has revolved around leadership development, teaching and encouraging students to achieve all they can. She’s worked as a training specialist, a human resources professional, as an instructor, recruiter and consultant. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and high energy professionalism make her a natural and captivating trainer.

To continually improve her abilities, Susie has received a variety of certifications in personality, communication and leadership training. Her style is motivational, instructional and inspirational. She will keep your interest as you learn how to change your future by training for a bright new career.

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Name and a Target

In any new business, of utmost importance is letting potential customers know you are open for business and you offer more than your competitor. Research shows a consumer needs to hear of a company, product or service 17 times before they’ll remember them. 17 times – that’s a lot. That’s 17 opportunities to build your reputation or conversely lose a sale. In every marketing attempt you must show integrity and professionalism. You must stand out in the crowd of messages. A Freight Broker builds his business through relationships with shippers. Think through the kind of companies you’d like to build a relationship then consider how best to reach them and convince them that you will go above and beyond in serving their needs.

As a Freight Broker you will need to consider different forms of advertising, public relations, networking, and direct sales in order to get your name in front of the desired market.

Target Market

To figure out how to reach customers you first have to identify them. Your target market is the segment of businesses that are most likely to need your service. Sure all companies that ship stuff may need a freight broker but you can’t service them all so you need to find your niche. Narrowing your target market as much as possible will save you marketing dollars and time in going after long shots. Narrowing your market will give you a specialization. You want to become an extension of your customers market, a part of their team. Learn as much as you can about a customer’s business so when you converse you will speak intelligently.

They will chose you as their freight broker when they are confident you understand their unique shipping needs.

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, May 21, 2007

Time is Far More Valuable Than Money

When a shipper has to have a truck, it is usually to keep their customer from being shut down. What does this mean? This is your opportunity to get in the door. Call them and tell them you specialize in expedited critical care freight services. Your rate has to be high to be able to find a truck when no one else can. Explain to your customer this is your niche during the building stage of the relationship. What are you building? Trust – that’s right. You build trust by doing what you say your going to do when you say your going to do it. Tell your prospect up front that your whole goal is to prove yourself trustworthy, communicate clearly and provide excellent service. You won’t be driving the truck. With man and machine things break but you can for sure communicate with the shipper. Most shippers want more than anything to have someone they can trust and someone who can deliver what they promised.

Your product is your ability to build trust and your ability to communicate the status of that load from pick up to delivery.

This is the best time to be a broker/agent because we live in a fast food world. Think about it. Everyone wants his or her needs met fast. If you can quickly find a truck when a shipper has a load left over, you’re going to make a customer for life.

We want our calls answered by a real human being.

We want our orders processed in lighting speed.

Complaints should be handled the first and fast.

Speed holds on to existing customers.

Knock yourself out showing how much you respect their time.

Customers hate waiting.

You can charge more if your faster!

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, May 18, 2007

Learn from a Pro

Next month Brooke Training starts monthly, live, interactive, hands-on training in Jacksonville Florida. But just cuz we’re just starting doesn’t mean amateurs’ll teach you. Ron Moore director of the Freight Broker Training course in Florida has a resume a mile long of experience in Transportation. He knows how to do everything in the field, because he’s done it. In his 40+ years he has earned the nickname: O Wise One. “It was always my desire to help other people become successful.” He began his career as a union dock worker/yard jockey/driver. Within a decade he was supervising a fleet of union drivers as the Operations Manager. His journey took him through large and small trucking operations expanding his understanding of the entire industry. He is expert at bettering any operation he touches. For example, he became president of a struggling 62 truck flat bed and specialized operation. 17 of the trucks were unmanned. He filled all those trucks acquired 20 additional trucks thus turning the company into a very profitable venture. As a recruiter of agents and owner operators at Pacer the business grew 78%. At Landstar he earned numerous awards for top revenue producer inclunding the Jeffry Crowe/Bob Zonnville Lifetime Achievement award.

He is anxious to guide others into becoming top revenue producers. He remembers how it was just starting out, and the exhiliration of the rewards of hard work. He is a great encourager and is greatly anticipating being a part of this new beginning of the Florida division of Brooke Training. Ron’s daughter, Susie Moore dynamically teaches the Florida course. She’s ridden the career roller coaster next to her dad. She passes on to class a unique view of life as a freight broker with wisdom she learned from her seasoned dad.

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leaders solve problems others fear.

While talking today to one of my recent graduates I realized the extreme truth of this quote.

" Those who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try
to do nothing and succeed." Lloyd Jones.

The graduate’s name is Nat. He came to my training after attending another school. We talked on the phone after he sent one of his associates through our e-learning course. (see Gatlin education) He had these big plans to move defense department freight. I had never heard of anyone who has secured as much business as he so quickly. I was a bit skeptical at first until we met in class. I knew he was a leader because of his humble disposition.

I enjoy talking to Nat because he is a giver, a leader who gladly takes on projects others fear.
After talking to him today I realized that he does not set limits on what he can do, he has no fear, he welcomes challenges, his work is driven by faith not fear. This is a man that solves problems others fear. Leaders see challenges as stepping-stones, not roadblocks. He always says things like “we can do this”.

People like Nat who say “Yes” when everyone else says “maybe”, encourage me.


Jeff Roach - President
Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Transforming Training

I am a true believer in always learning. All education has value beyond the obvious value of teaching you to do a specific thing. When we expand our minds we challenge ourselves. Training is empowering and inspiring.

Freight Broker Training has the obvious value of teaching the student how to be a freight broker, but that’s not all. Our training actually trains the student to perform any job within a freight brokerage. Upon graduation students are equipped to do dispatch, rate negotiation, accounting and more. In my story about Francesca I related how she and her husband attended school. She finds making multiple phone calls to track down loads invigorating. He enjoys finding trucks to haul the loads his wife finds. They each found an area in which they could shine and build a thriving business together.

Challenge yourself to take a new course, read an educational book or magazine. Then teach another. The highest form of learning is teaching someone else.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rate Negotiating

I got this question from one of my online students:

I need advice on rate negotiation. Should I go low when trying to establish a relationship with a new client?

Before quoting a rate do a little research on and Also check out and

I don’t advise bidding low even for a new client. As soon as someone comes along with a lower rate, you’ll lose that client. Remember it takes 7-9 touches to get a customer.

Rates are based on how much capacity is available. LTL (less than truckload) rates are different than TL (truckload) rates because you will need to find a carrier with room on his truck for the shipment. You can't broker to Yellow or other LTL carriers. These are called common carriers. You need to work with truckload carriers. These are called contract carriers.

Give them a fair rate, learn a bit about their needs and stay in touch. The game is to be there when they are in a pinch.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, May 14, 2007

Join Us in Jacksonville

Brooke Training is proud to announce the inaugural class in our second location: Jacksonville Florida, June 18-22, 2007.

Our dynamic Freight Broker Training will now be available every month in a live class format in Jacksonville Florida as well as Dallas Texas. Join us at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, Jacksonville Airport, Jacksonville, FL.

Ron Moore, freight broker agent and retired executive VP of Jacksonville based Landstar is school director and lead teacher at this location. Landstar is the largest broker in the country, a 2.8 billion dollar public company.

If after graduation you desire to be an agent for Landstar, this is the location for you. So now whether you want to own your own brokerage or be an independent agent for another brokerage you have two locations to choose from for live classes. Seats are limited so book early.

If you need any more information please let me know. Thanks.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, May 11, 2007

Double Effort = Double Results

Story continued from yesterday

We finished Freight Broker School and started doing what we were taught. I signed on as an agent for G First Logistics. They’ve been a great support. My husband and I made phone calls. He didn’t like the phone calling. I found it exhilarating. I make 100 calls a day even though in class they said set a goal of 50 calls a day. In 3 weeks I got my first load. I have 118 prospects and 2 clients already. I’m smiling. This has changed my life. Before I make a call I get a little info on the company. I use to find places to call. I spend my days getting to know people, their needs, asking questions and letting them know something about me. Prospects will ask me to fax my rates over right away. I won’t do it. I want them to know about my company, who I am and that I’m the only Spanish speaking broker around. My husband gets the load moved. He’s comfortable with negotiating with truckers. I find the loads; he finds the trucks. Double-teaming, double calling in our native language has brought us good results.

I have a goal to get 20 good clients in 6 months. I thank God everyday for our chance at a bright new future.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Niche and a Dream

Yesterday’s story continued:

My name is Francesca. I’m from El Salvador. My English is not as good as it could be but I was determined to find a better future for my family. I had to convince Jeff Roach to let me in his freight broker class. I guess he thought I wouldn’t understand the instructors since the class is all in English. He finally conceded. We enrolled with great anticipation of this opportunity given us.

My husband and I started school in February 2007. I must admit I was a little lost and confused. They used terms I didn’t understand, like “refer” (refrigerated truck). They told me I’d have to make a lot of phone calls. Well, that I can do. You see I have a dream. My dream is to put all my children through college. Nothing was going to keep me from learning this field then turning my knowledge to income for my family. As I listened and learned in Freight Broker School I became more and more excited to be a help to all those in the industry who are Spanish speakers. I found my niche, my little area of the business where I can stand out. Pursuing my dream, in my niche is a challenge I am ready to face.

More of the story tomorrow.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Is Learning Online for You?

Yesterday I shared the story of Barbara. She was a skeptic as far as the value of online education is concerned. But she now has a new appreciation for “narrative learning”.

Gatlin Education and Brooke Transportation teamed up to produce the online Freight Broker Training Course. The course took years and a major investment to develop into an excellent learning experience.

“I highly commend Mr. Roach and Mr. Gatlin,” Ms. Scott said. “The multimedia presentation, the videos, along with “Major” (an animated 18 wheeler) are informative and not at all boring. My compliments go out to them for the development of an extraordinary program.”

About Gatlin Education Services
Established in 1989 by Stephen Gatlin, Gatlin Education Services is the largest provider of Web-based, instructor-supported training to community colleges and universities. Gatlin’s courses are open enrollment, allowing interested students to start their desired training immediately. Gatlin’s online career training courses are designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions for many in-demand occupations.

About Brooke Transportation Training Solutions
Brooke Transportation Training Solutions (BTTS) delivers the nation’s premier freight broker training. BTTS prepares students to succeed in the freight brokerage industry, as well as in life, by arming them with intense training, motivation and invaluable freight broker and transportation industry contacts.

About the Freight Broker/Agent Training course

Offered solely in partnership with major colleges and universities, the Freight Broker Training Course teaches the practical applications of building up a freight brokerage or agency, from licensing and operations to sales and marketing. Upon successfully finishing the course, students receive a certificate of completion and are ready to join the $400 billion-plus shipping industry.

Freight Brokering is currently one of the top home-based businesses as well as the largest growing sector of the transportation industry, according to Entrepreneur magazine and The Wall Street Journal. It is an ideal business for truck drivers who want to advance in the industry, entrepreneurs in search of a profitable home business and immobile and qualified military veterans, who are provided government subsidies to take the training. To enroll through a college or university near you, visit

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, May 7, 2007

Barbara Broker Continued

In Friday’s blog I started the story of Barbara, a former beauty industry professional who decided to learn freight brokering. Here’s more of the story:

Barbara was a star pupil in the online version of Brooke’s freight broker training school. She finished the course in an amazingly brief time, ready to enthusiastically start her new career. I was so taken by Ms. Scott’s commitment to the material and her overall zeal that I hired her right away, even as she received offers from multiple freight broker agencies.

Barbara’s work ethic and passion for learning and serving others were very obvious from the start. She is perfect for this course – she has a great attitude and loves education, both learning and teaching. In my six-plus years of training, she is one of the most impressive students I’ve ever had.”

Ms. Scott serves as my Executive Assistant and naturally, one of her initial duties is to promote the online course. She has embraced the role wholeheartedly, a testament to her own enthusiasm.

I don’t just teach others to be a freight broker. I still work in the industry. When a multi-million dollar shipping project with a freight brokerage in Houston came to me, I confidently enlisted Barbara to put her new skills to work.

“Realizing that overcoming adversity is a key to significance, I had to triumph,” Barbara said. “I take great pride in my work, so I’m always striving to learn, and to share what I learn. I created follow-up information for myself, I review the modules and the major points. I’m really enjoying this, and I appreciate all the wonderful opportunity it has brought into my life.”

Ms Scott is currently undergoing medical treatment. Juggling therapy sessions and doctor appointments with a rigid class schedule would have been nearly impossible, so the online course was ideal.

The online version of Brooke’s Freight broker training is offered through universities across the country. Click on Gatlin Education's Online Freight Broker Course in the far right column of

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, May 4, 2007

Barbara Broker

I love to read success stories… stories of people who impart inspiration and renewed hope. Starting today and for the next week or so I’m going to share with you some true stories of people who decided to take charge and change their life.

When Barbara Scott, a 52-year-old professional, having excelled in the Educational sector of the Beauty Industry, was faced with adversity she had to pursue career training in a new field. She was interested in learning about freight brokering, but it was only available to her in an online format. She considered herself an advocate for the traditional classroom.

Ms. Scott has created training manuals, and taught others how to instruct classes for a living. A Web-based class surely wouldn’t suffice. Freight brokering has a reputation as a burgeoning industry, but she didn’t know the first thing about it. She needed a comprehensive education and had believed the only place to get it was with a teacher and a roomful of students.

Then she met, by phone, Brooke Transportation Training Solutions president and online course author, Jeff Roach. He changed her opinion of online education. Resting on her belief that “the instructions you choose to follow can significantly define your future, and intellect is Finance”, Ms. Scott decided to enroll in the course. She completed the program in less than two weeks’ time.

This course provides students with the skills to become a powerful intermediary between manufacturers who need goods moved and truckers who can move those goods.

“It surpassed my expectations,” Ms. Scott said. “I was truly shocked and amazed at how this “narrative learning program” provided all the information I needed to excel in this Field”.

“If a person is truly sincere about learning what it takes to be successful in either setting up their own Brokerage or working as a Broker Agent, I recommend BTTS Training above all”.

Log in Monday for the rest of the story…

Moving forward

Jeff Roach

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Appeal of a Home Office

I found this edition of to be very interesting and helpful. For maximum productivity working from home we need a designated work area. If you save every piece of paper your designated space will need to be a bit bigger and hidden away (to hide the clutter). If you are a thrower so no paper is left out at the end of the day, a corner desk might do. Here's an interesting product for us home workers:

from Darrell Zahorsky

The thought of waking up and making a one-minute commute to your office appeals to a wide audience of workers. Nearly 20 million Americans--one in six workers -- work from home at least once a week, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Taking the home office movement to the next level is Cedarshed Industries. Forget the spare bedroom as an office space when you can take your office into the backyard. The company makes the Ultimate Backyard Office, easy-to-assemble kit for quickly building a free-standing office in the backyard. Less than an addition to the house, prices start at $12,999. For those start-ups or limited budgets, the backyard office will have to wait. This week's issue looks at other low cost means to improve your office space.

Moving Forward,
Jeff Roach

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What are training options for freight brokers?

Some agents will train you then give you an agent position. There are one-day schools, one to two week schools as well as a powerful online course. I’d recommend searching out training opportunities to shorten your learning curve. Learning stretches our mind and invigorates us to take on a new challenge.

Go to Google and type in freight broker schools.
You will find several to choose from. I am a believer in
training as a foundation then find someone to mentor you.

I also know that the on-line course offered through most universities in America is unreal. It has been honored by several sources as the fastest growing e-course in the continuing education department of over 600 Colleges and Universities.

You need to research all you can. I find the more research
I do the better decisions I make.

Ask for references - If the school or broker or mentor is
doing it right then they will have plenty of references.

Lessen your stress by having at least six months of living expenses
saved before starting as an agent.

This is a great industry. Every broker I know is looking for a good agent who understands that you have to work if you want your agency to work.

Have a great freight day....

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach - President

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Brooke Presents Bryan Flannigan

Don’t miss this special transportation event.

Gain the inspiration and skills to become a top seller without being pushy. Brooke Transportation Training announces a great opportunity for anyone who could use some new ideas and inspiration. And who doesn’t need a new idea?

Bryan Flannigan accomplished author and speaker, comes to Dallas Tuesday, June 26, 2007 for an intensive one-day advanced sales course.

“Bryan is very refreshing and has a great presentation! Everyone of our Agent family, who attended one of his presentations, was very impressed and felt his presentation was very helpful. He gave them a new outlook on sales and how to make a good sales call. After all, sales and communications is what this business is all about and Bryan will bring the best out in you!! He is a plus to Jeff's (Roach of Brooke Training) training program!” Ron Moore, agent broker trainer

Bryan is author of Now Go Sell Somebody Something. He is a highly sought after dynamic and entertaining speaker with the Zig Ziglar Group. We are offering this $1500 value for $499.00 per individual student. This is ideal for a carrier or broker or agent who wants to get the best sales training available.

This one day seminar is part of the Advanced Freight Broker Training offered through Brooke Training. The one day intensive can be taken separately or as a part of the week long advanced course.

Email or call Jeff Roach for more information:, (214) 206-1169