Monday, January 10, 2011

Words from Freight Broker Grads

Our main Dallas teacher of the freight broker training course is Jeff Ashcraft. He is dynamic and we appreciate his faithful and insightful teaching. Here are some words from recent graduates of the one week course:

Thank you Jeff, everything was explained very well. I understand the Broker/agent situations…everything was awesome. R. Einelelmovel

This class was fun. As a visual learner it was easy to learn things that normally took weeks for me to understand with lecture. The teacher taught in every way possible for us to understand the materials and made sure we did by asking us if we had any questions after any topic or subject. Shida Festus

Excellent class. Did not have high expectations but left with a completely new perspective. Learned much more than expected. Peter Grimm

I am very pleased to have an instructor that has the experience in this field and still uses those technologies today. Jeff (Ashcraft) really makes sure you understand the material to become a successful broker. I feel I have enough information to go out and start my brokerage. Mark Castaneda

The class was informative and Jeff did a great job on answering all of our questions, it’s a realistic course. Some people may come into it thinking it’s easy money but he’s good about letting us know about the work. Ani Hakopian

Really enjoyed the class thought Jeff covered a lot of material and was thorough in doing so and helpful. Gary Hakopian

You are great! We have learned everything that we needed to know about a freight broker. You’re very good at what you do. Keep in touch. We can’t wait to be your agent! Baohan Nguyen

Take Jeff’s class, because he understands any personal problem that may occur during the duration of the class. I enjoyed his teaching for he made it interesting. I’m usually a person full of questions, but not in his class. He explains everything so well and cuts out the confusion. Tumiyia Latrice Wise

This Brooke course has taught me a lot of how to be a broker and gave the tools to be successful in the real world. Jeff is a great teacher. It is the best investment every made. Maria V.

I have attended this class for five days with my husband…Jeff, the teacher, was so friendly. I am really thankful for his help. Harpreet Kaur

Class is very informative; I believe that all the basics for the brokerage business is well covered. It was very motivating and gave me confidence. Edith Galindo

Enjoyed the class and all the great info. I can’t wait to implement…Janice Danio

Class was very informative…left this class with a lot of confidence to be a broker. Gary Fishbough

This class was very informative. If you are a truck driver, carrier or just new to the business this class gives you the tools you need to get started as an agent or broker. Jeremiah Karoki

I really enjoyed Brooke training . .. Our instructor answered questions based on real life activity in a brokerage. Rafael Kasabyan

This was something I’ve thought about since I became a trucker. . This has opened my door to do something extra. Jeff has a lot of material and I will be using it…it was cool stuff. Moses Nyaga

This class I recommend to everyone. Excellent. Johana McBurra

I really enjoyed this class. I feel confident that I’ve been given enough information to succeed. Everything was well laid out and we were given ample opportunity to ask questions. Craig Calhoun

Great course. . Calvin Smith

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