Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get Back to Work

Our mission is to get people that want to work back to work. You can go get a job or start a career. You can punch a time clock or be your own boss. You can go for the predictable or work hard to forge your own path.

Becoming a successful freight broker takes time. You might be able to fill out an app and start a new job tomorrow but that's what it will be, just a new job. Not a brand new destiny.

The reason I love having a training school is because I see our graduates learn the skills that give them an excited anticipation of their future.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ghost Driver

I just read an intriguing article on the debut of driverless cars. The writer predicts mass production of driver less cars will happen around 2018. If we truly transition to that, imagine driving up next to a car only to realize no one is in the driver’s seat.

I predict the various technologies needed to have a totally automated auto will be introduced slowly. . . Giving us time to get used to the idea. Personally, I like the control of revving my engine, zooming around the slow driver and choosing to alter my route at a moments notice. I’m not sure I’m all on board with a robot controlled vehicle. But then it would be nice to read the newspaper, answer some calls and search the internet without worry as my car takes me to a meeting. New innovations will most likely slowly take more and more of the human element out of driving. We almost all have enjoyed using cruise control for decades. That is one technology that has eliminated some of the human to car interaction. GPS tells us when to turn. Soon GPS coupled with other technologies will be able to make the turn for us. Distractions are a major cause of accidents, so it follows that car manufacturers concerned with safety will and have spent a lot of innovative thinking into counteracting human error in driving.

I’ll keep reading and blogging about the interesting things I find. We live in an incredibly innovation time. Our challenge: keep up or be left behind. That is one reason why it is nearly impossible to get educated on the freight broker industry from a book. By the time the book is published it is outdated. As soon as I learn of something new in our industry I can tell our class members. Online courses are more easily adapted and revised than traditional print book based courses. So if you want to learn a new skill I suggest taking a live course or online course from a group who keeps up with the times. If you want to learn freight brokering come to Brooke Training. If you want to learn something else check out the online courses we offer through pajama learning.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach