Friday, December 21, 2012

A Great Niche for Freight Brokers

An area of our economy that is experiencing incredible growth is natural gas from shale.  Freight Brokers looking for a niche of the market with great potential could tap into this growing segment.  The energy industry has  a variety of transportation needs.  This specific segment has given the transportation industry a 7% growth boost. 

I just read in my linked in alerts, "The natural gas "shale gale" that has dramatically transformed the outlook for U.S. energy supplies is also having a profound economic impact -- creating jobs, reducing consumer cost of natural gas and electricity, stimulating economic growth and bolstering federal, state and local tax revenue. A new IHS Global Insight study found that shale gas production supported more than 600,000 jobs in 2010, a number that is projected to grow to nearly 870,000 by 2015, while contributing more than $118 billion in GDP."

As I've discussed in other posts, finding a niche of specialization is a great way to build a freight brokerage.  Research the area you'd like to specialize in then when you talk with potential shippers you can speak their language.

Being a freight broker is a great career because no matter the state of the economy, product needs to be transported so there is always work to be found.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Freight Broker Class Grads


Here’s what our most recent graduates said about the December freight broker class.  My favorite is Josh.  This is the first class that didn’t bore him to sleep…a man after my own heart.  Good luck to you as you begin your new adventure as brokers.  Thanks to Vinny for once again being a teacher of excellence! 

I came to class to learn about the freight brokering business, but ended  up learning so much more.  Being able to ask the "HARD" questions and receive real life answers by Vinny was super.  I feel more enthusiastic about going forward with the process from what was learned, the  information, contacts, and new comrades are immeasurable.  --Joseph McCall

I am please of having taken Broker Training at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions.  I have gained ample knowledge on the field, and I am armed with the tools necessary to prosper in this area of transportation.   Thank you. --Ricardo Ortiz

 When I came to the class I had no expectation.  But by the end of the week I had learn so much about being a broker.  The most important  thing that blew me away was I learn so much about myself.  The teachers were wonderful, very informative. --Rydell Fisher

I came to this class to learn about freight brokering.  Not only did I learn that, I also learned a lot about myself. This class can also help you with personal growth.  This is the first class I ever sat in that was interesting.  I did not have a problem keeping my eyes open. --Josh Haden

This not just a class to learn to be a Broker, It is a class to learn  about yourself and ways to change your habits and change your view of other  people so you may communicate better with a positive experience.  I learned more about myself the first day than I thought was possible!  I now have a positive attitude which will help me understand and communicate with other people.  --Bill Barhite

 Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Monday, December 10, 2012

Not Your Average Sales Training

Need some custom training to get your sales staff motivated for the new year?  Here's a word from a company I worked with:

 Tango Transport wanted to increase our revenue that was being generated through our brokerage division.  We hired Jeff Roach with Brooke Transportation Training Solutions to come in and evaluate our current systems and processes.  In addition we asked that he provide sales training to our people involved in both inside and outside sales.  We were very pleased with the results of both.  His thorough understanding of what it takes to be competitive in today's tough economic environment, as well as systems and procedures that streamline the brokerage process has produced immediate results.  The sales training was not the standard sales "go get-em"  training, but was training that gave practical solutions to todays challenges.

I would highly recommend Jeff and Brooke Transportation Training to any company wanting to improve their brokerage and sales results.

Joe C. Gabbard
VP of Capacity Development

Give me a call, we can discuss your needs and work a plan.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach