Thursday, December 31, 2009

Awful Way to Lose Your Job

Found this disappointing article on how a group of hardworking, faithful truckers was treated when their company failed because of the economy. Then on the flipside the quick action and generosity shown them with the help of Facebook. The American spirit will not be dampened.

Truckers Laid Off Via Text Message


(MYFOX NATIONAL) - It's tough enough getting laid off in this economy ... but how about getting laid off by text message?

That's exactly what happened to 900 truck drivers who were stranded last Tuesday when their employer, Oklahoma-based Arrow Trucking Company, shut down their operations, canceled the drivers' fuel cards and left them to figure out how to get home just three days before Christmas, reports AOL Find a Job.

The company didn't explain its reasoning on its Web site and didn't answer phone calls. The outgoing message on the company's main number just told the drivers to return their rigs to the nearest dealer and call a special hotline to get a bus ticket home, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

"The timing is the worst thing and not being told in a better way. I'm sure some guys are having to sell whatever they could," said driver Randy Dakin to . Most drivers live out of their trucks and resorted to selling much of their belongings just to be able to get on a bus home. And some of them weren't even paid for their last few trips, according to AOL.

Now with the help of Facebook, the social media community is mobilizing to lend stranded drivers a helping hand. A page has been set up called Support For Stranded Arrow Trucking Drivers and currently has over 6,000 fans. Messages of support and sympathy continue to pour in from users around the country.

"I have never heard of any U.S. company doing this to any employee ever before," wrote Timothy Sullivan. "So close to the holidays and then to strand these truckers any, and everywhere through the nation... I will be here to do what I can to help these men and women get home for the holidays."

Others who owned local businesses said they would help in any way they could. "Any truckers that come through Forest, Mississippi. If you need any help come to the Forest Kwik Stop. Right off of I-20 exit. 1201 Highway 35 South. We will gladly help you if you are in need of anything. God bless! :)"

A petition has been posted online to lobby the company to make sure drivers are paid and get home safely.

All freight brokers should be jumping on the bandwagon to support our truckers. Drivers do most of the work and get the least amount of respect. God Bless all you drivers and owner operators. Most shippers have no clue how hard it is for the driver...I talk to them every day and 99.9% are “salt of the earth” men and women. Treat them like gold...."You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want....” Zig Ziglar

I am pretty sure no one is bailing out the transportation industry. Unlike Wall Street, we will have to work our way into a mutual understanding between shippers and carriers so we can stay open.

However, if you are going to shut down - texting 900 drivers to tell them they no longer have a job is disrespectful. Let’s build mutual understanding and respect, we will all benefit by taking the high road.

To all the drivers - stay faithful and thank you.

Moving forward,