Friday, June 28, 2013

Brokers: Make More Money in a Tough Economy

Brooke Transportation Training is proud to partner with  DAT Load Boards to offer 15 days free on DAT’s 3sixty® Express service to new DAT subscribers! This is the biggest, best load board out there. Check it out:
While the economic slump over the last several years has driven many transportation companies out of business, others have seen surprising success in their business – simply by using all the features in their load boards.

A load board is a web-based search engine where brokers and shippers post freight and find trucks. Like an internet dating service, brokers and shippers meet carriers online. Some companies use a load board to book every load and others use it in addition to contracted partnerships they have. They keep loads moving quickly and safely. Because load boards present the opportunity for business partnerships, it’s important to use a load board that checks the credentials of participating companies before they post loads.

Load boards are used by all kinds of transportation professionals, from owner-operators to the largest brokers and shippers, as a reliable source for trucks and loads.  Some load boards provide other business-critical tools such as lane rates, compliance, and mileage and routing information.

DAT Express®, is built for smaller broker and carrier companies that want to find trucks quickly. It’s easy to use, fast and reliable. It provides:

·       Unlimited truck/load searching and posting Canadian loads – including the North American database
·       Hot States – Access load-to-truck ratios and posting volumes
·       CarrierWatch® – Check carriers’ authority, insurance and safety
·       Instant alarm match notification for your searches
·       Rate Index –  Get rates for the lanes you run
·       Reliable partnerships – We check the credentials of every subscriber in our network.

When you need to be certain that your freight is handled properly, put your trust in the largest and most reliable marketplace. With DAT Express, you’ll have your choice of more than 20 million trucks posted annually from the most reliable carriers in the industry. Get your first 15 days of DAT Express free here!

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Take advantage of this great offer to try out the DAT express load board for free.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What the heck do you learn in a Freight Broker Class?

I got a call yesterday inquiring about what is taught in our freight broker class.  I sent this email with our course outline:

I enjoyed talking with you yesterday, and hope to meet you in the upcoming training class. Here is a re-cap: 

Our course prepares you to either open a freight brokerage or a freight broker agency.  The biggest difference is that it takes a lot more money to open and operate a brokerage, than it does an agency. If you go the brokerage direction you must obtain your license and put up a bond (currently $10,000, but the new DOT government bill is looking to increase this bond to $75,000). If you have great credit, there are bonding companies that finance bonds.  The class will go through the business in detail, from start to finish on what you need to do to set up, open and operate a freight brokerage or freight broker agency.   

It includes all of the information that you need to get started: laws and regulations, legal requirements, office set-up and equipment/tools that will help you with the business, operations, finding your clients, doing your ratings, accounting set-up, insurance, claims, etc....The course will pay for itself over and over again over time, if you plan to do a freight brokerage or agency.

As we talked about, the next class will be June 24 - 28th (Monday through Friday), 9 a.m til 5 p.m. with a lunch break.  To reserve your spot in class make a $500 deposit.  We accept major credit cards except Amex.  If you want to make other payment arrangements, call me.  The balance of $1995.00 will be due before class starts.  I can take enrollment by phone or print out and fax in the enrollment form on the front page of our website (

The class is held in Fort Worth, about 15 minutes west of the DFW airport.

Best Regards,
Jan Roach, School Director
Brooke Transportation Training Solution
Direct number 817-999-539
Fax  469-327-2712

P.S.  Here’s the entire Course Outline for our Basic Freight Broker Class:



Getting Started – Licensing, Requirements & Equipment Needs – POI includes the identification of the local, state, and federal laws in becoming a broker or agent. Students will learn about the forms, fees and outside agencies are identified to streamline the process to receive a Broker of Property License from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 2 1/2 - hours Lecture LIC 101

Office set up and equipment needs are discussed in significant detail. 2 1/2-hours Lecture OFC 101

Building Shipper Information Packet – POI includes the creation of and forms needed of putting together the necessary packet to send to freight-providers in order to become a service vendor. Students will learn the need for credit checks and freight-provider requirements. 2-hour Lecture SPKT 101

Building Carrier Information Packet – POI includes the creation of and forms needed of putting together the necessary packet to send to motor carriers that are needed to haul the freight-providers products. Students will learn the FMSCA’s regulations for paperwork exchange. 2-hour Lecture CPKT 101

Step by Step Brokerage Process – Students will learn the step-by-step proprietary process from start to finish of moving a freight shipment. This process is built throughout the entire class week.  PRCS 101

Operations – Dispatch, Tracking, Database Development – POI includes the basics of dispatching equipment for pickup and delivery. Students will learn in-route transportation management of the freight being hauled and the creation and management of critical data. 2 1/2-hours Lecture OPNS 101

Operations – Calculating Pricing & Routing Freight – POI includes how to determine rate calculations for charging freight-providers and paying motor carriers. Students will learn the importance of properly setting up and routing motor carriers that best utilizes their resources while transporting freight. 2 1/2-hours Lecture OPNS 102