Monday, November 30, 2015

Sell Through Helping

When you think of a high powered, successful sales person what is their number one quality?

Pushy, talkative, obnoxious,forceful, irritating...?  The list could go on with annoying qualities we have all seen in a sale person.  I was born with an innate ability to sell.  I really enjoyed door to door sales of cookies, candles, cleaning products, whatever we were selling in school to raise money.  My mom will tell you, I was good at selling from an early age.

I may have some of the above characteristics but I know those are not the characteristics that I aspire to display.  I know those are the not the characteristics that make me a good salesman.

The best thing I can do for a customer is help them.  To help them I need to understand their business and how I can help that business do even better.  As a freight broker I can help my customer get his product to market.  That is incredibly important and actually critical.  Because, of course, if a product doesn't make it to market it can not sell.  If the product doesn't sell then the company profit is zero.

A astronomical number of products are now sold online.  That market change has changed distribution points but it has not changed the need for products to moved across the country.

So the job of the freight broker is to figure out the unique supply chain of their customer or potential customer and find the carriers that can service that line.

The more knowlegable a sales person is about a customer's business the more likely they are to get business from that customer.

Businessmen love to talk about their products, marketing and goals with an interested professional who has their best interest at heart.   I think about my customer and how I can help them before I talk with them about my business.  In other words I put myself in their place, try to think like they would think and anticipate how I can help them maximize their profits by finding the cargo services they need.

Go out and have a great day.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, November 23, 2015

Phenomenal Class

Phenomenal, excellent, wonderful and genuine are some of the words our most recent freight broker graduates used to describe our basic freight broker training live course in Dallas.

Read for yourself their thoughts.

When I first started the class, I instantly fell in love with the environment. Jan and Jeff were just fantastic and my classmates were awesome. We instantly became a family within a day, and we learned so much information – it was just a phenomenal overall experience. Thanks again Jan and Jeff      R. Jacobs

Every day was great! I learned so much, all of the guests are good – everything they explained and shared with the class – it was excellent for us. Thanks everyone.

Great class. Instructors gave out wonderful and very useful information. Great class!!!!

Very helpful if you want to start in the business. Great speakers, great webinars….
Training is phenomenal. C. Thomas

I loved the school, it was worth every penny. Every instructor as well as the owners were very genuine and forth coming. T. Sheppard

We at Brooke Training are so thankful for each new group of students who choose our course to further their career.  Each class is unique because of the blend of personalities and interactions.  One thing for sure, teaching a live group of professionals in the transportation industry never gets boring.  We appreciate your taking the time to attend and compliment your learning experience.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fun, Pleasant and Great

Fun, pleasant and great are a few of the words used to describe Brooke's advanced Freight Broker Training course.  The week long class takes all the skills learned in our basic course and puts them in action.  In our advanced course students book loads with instructors right there to assist them all along the way.  We just spent a week with some professionals who are destined for a profitable future in freight brokering because they invested in their education.  Here is what a few said about the experience:

The freight broker advanced course helped me out to have a better point of view of the transportation industry.

Brooke imparted lots of resources that I am planning to use on my business. That is exactly what I was needing. --

I wish I could've taken this class before because it could have save me a lot of headaches.   The class was fun, educative, and people are fun, pleasant, and a great source of information.  --Leticia Medillian

Very informative and detailed. Great student and instructor interaction. I would definitely recommend this course if unfamiliar with the transportation business. I was able to ask questions freely and the instructor did a great job of answering. The interaction with Vinny was great as well, and more, the lessons were unique and fun. --Hugo Lopez

Come join us for a class soon.  214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, November 16, 2015

Customers for Life

If you are new to freight brokering you are just starting to build relationships with customers.  A key to success is repeat customers.  Most shippers have routine, repetitive shipments that move around the country on a predictable schedule.   Your business will flourish when you build up some regular customers.  So how do you make lifetime customers?  Treat them the way you would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot, in other words treat them just like you would want to be treated.  And of course, don't treat them the way you would not like to be treated.

Good treatment includes honesty.  Be a freight broker of integrity.  Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it.  Better yet, under promise and over deliver.  Always be truthful, even when it is tough.  If you lose a customer telling the truth, you still have a good conscious and all will shake out in the end.  When you mess up, admit it, apologize, make up for the mistake if possible, move on and focus on doing better the next time around.  Figure out what you could have done to avoid the mistake. 

Good treatment includes follow up.  After you have delivered a load for a client.  Check up with them.  Ask if they are satisfied.  Ask if you could have done something better.  Ask if you can help them in the future.  Don't be a pest but do let them know you want to do more work for them.

Good treatment means learning as much as you can about your customer's business.  When you know their business you can anticipate their needs.  You will have the knowledge to ask the right questions.  You will be able to talk their language.  If they are confidant you understand their needs they will be more likely to use your services.

Good treatment means being respectful of your customer's time and talents.  Think through what it would be like to do their job.  How can you help their job be easier?  Don't think of your job as selling your services.  Rather think of you job as helping your customer get their work done more efficiently by taking some of their burden. 

Think about the best relationships you have in life.  How have they developed into a lasting relationship?  Learn from what has helped in building solid relationships of all sorts in your life and apply those things to your business relationships.  Of course you must keep your business relationships professional.

Questions?  Give me a call  214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, November 13, 2015

Kinds of Trucks

As a freight broker I have learned the various types of trucks used to move various types of products.  Trucks carry 94% of all furniture, fixtures and appliances for the American home.  Look around your house, most of the stuff in there was moved by a truck or several trucks before it reached your home. 

Here are some of the kinds of trucks used to move cargo:

Refrigerated semitrailers (or reefers)
Ragtops (canvas-covered, boxlike trailers)
Dry vans (nonrefrigerated semitrailers)
Liquid tankers (trailers designed to carry liquid or fine bulk materials
Containers (shipping containers used for freight carried on ships or trains)
Air-ride (trailers built to reduce road shock and designed to carry fragile items)

Freight brokers often specialize in a certain type of cargo which will often require a certain type of truck.  One of our graduates focus is cars.  Cars are moved on transporters.  This freight broker has learned the carriers that drive transporters.  She also has built a relationship with car dealers, auctions and manufacturers that need their cars moved. 

The world of transportation is quite fascinating.  Enjoy learning all you can about trucks, various cargo loads and what is required to handle each.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Start Up Business Success

You probably know that statistics show about half of start up businesses will fail within the first 5 years.  I found this report from the Statistic Brain Research Institute interesting.  Failure rates vary within industry.  The transportation industry has a better success rate than most (55%)  So if you are looking to start a business consider freight brokering.  A sure way to increase the likelihood of your success is to get some training.  Our freight broker training school consistently gets great reviews from our students.  The training is quick (one to two weeks).  And we will be there for you as you get started. 


Startup Business Failure Rate By Industry

Industry Percent Still Operating After 4 Years
Finance Insurance and Real Estate 58 %
Education and Health 56 %
Agriculture 56 %
Services 55 %
Wholesale 54 %
Mining 51 %
Manufacturing 49 %
Construction 47 %
Retail 47 %
Transportation, Communication and Utilities 45 %
Information 37 %
Year Percent Failed
Year 1 25 %
Year 2 36 %
Year 3 44 %
Year 4 50 %
Year 5 55 %
Year 6 60 %
Year 7 63 %
Year 8 66 %
Year 9 69 %
Year 10 71 %
  Major Cause Percentage of Failures Specific Pitfalls
1 Incompetence
46 %
Emotional Pricing
    Living too high for the business
    Nonpayment of taxes
    No knowledge of pricing
    Lack of planning
    No knowledge of financing
    No experience in record-keeping
2 Unbalanced Experience or Lack of Managerial Experience
30 %
Poor credit granting practices
    Expansion too rapid
    Inadequate borrowing practices
3 Lack of Experiences in line of goods or services
11 %
Carry inadequate inventory
    No knowledge of suppliers
    Wasted advertising budget
5 Neglect, fraud, disaster
1 %
  Leading Management Mistakes
1 Going into business for the wrong reasons
2 Advice from family and friends
3 Being in the wrong place at the wrong time
4 Entrepreneur gets worn-out and/or underestimated the time requirements
5 Family pressure on time and money commitments
6 Pride
7 Lack of market awareness
8 The entrepreneure falls in love with the product/business
9 Lack of financial responsibility and awareness
10 Lack of a clear focus
11 Too much money
12 Optimistic/Realistic/Pessimistic

Statistic Verification
Source: Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Center, Bradley Univ, University of Tennessee Research
Research Date: July 5th, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Husband and Wife, Dynamo Working Team

Looking for a great family business for a husband and wife to work together? Freight brokering/freight broker agent is that business.  Brooke Transportation Training has had many couples attend our freight broker training together.  They can build their business both having the same knowledge and motivation we teach in our classes.  I know in my marriage, my wife is a better listener than I am.  When a husband and wife come they retain different bits of information.  As a broker you work both ends of the lane, both the goods distributor and the carrier.  My wife and I have worked together for a couple of decades.  I’m good at building relationships with customers.  She’s good at details, so she keeps all our paperwork done and pays the bills. 

The transportation industry is critical in our economy. Freight brokering is a job that is always needed because we are a consumptive society.  Families spend millions of dollars each week on groceries, clothes, and household needs.  Those needs have to moved from one area of the country to another.

In our last live freight broker training class in Dallas the Davis husband and wife team attended.  This is what they said about the class:

“When my husband and I arrived to Brooke Transportation Training, we figured we would gain some knowledge on being a broker, from day one Mr. Vinny gave us way more insight on the brokering than we expected. We could not have made a better decision on coming to this training.  Brooke Transportation Training is the absolute best.” -- Allison Davis

“Attending this class has been a joyful experience.  Mr. Vinny went above and beyond.  Me and my wife have gained knowledge and understanding to take back with us to officially run a company.  We couldn’t be more excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Brooke Transportation training was the best decision my wife and I could have made.  Mr. Vinny gave us so much knowledge on so many subjects.  It was just a great opportunity for me (us).  And we would do it all over again.  Hopefully this training will help us to be more successful as a broker. “
--Daryl Davis

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

P.S.  We often have a 2 for 1 special going so if you'd like to attend with your spouse or another just ask.