Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Power of Creating a Personal Mission Statement

James Cash Penney, the founder of JC Penney, created his around a simple mission statement: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” — the Golden Rule.

Mr. Penney said, “Give me a stock clerk with a goal, and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals, and I'll give you a stock clerk.”

He understood the importance of having goals that reflect your mission. Having a clear mission allowed him to stay focused and build a successful business in which he could take pride. 

Missions statements are created to answer two questions: “Why do we do what we do?” And, “How can we do it?” 

Just as it’s important for your business to have a mission statement, it’s just as important to have a personal mission statement. Having a clear vision of your mission will enable you to reach your goals without compromising your values. 

So, how do you create a personal mission statement? Here are some things to consider:

1.) Determine what values are most important to you. This should be more than just about making money. Dig deep and explore your core values. What do you never want to compromise?

2.) Look at others whom you admire. Think of someone you admire - it may be a historical figure, a public figure, or even a friend or a family member. What qualities make them admirable in your eyes? Try to adopt those qualities into your mission statement. 

3.) Look in the mirror. Take a good long look at the person you see. How do you view yourself? How do others view you? What is working for you? Incorporate the characteristics that you are most proud of into your mission. Also, look at what you could do to improve. Incorporate character traits that you are currently lacking but are desirable to you. You’ll be surprised how well you improve on something once it is stated in your mission. 

4.) Hone in our your purpose. This one can be hard but think long and hard about this one. What is it that you are here for? It may be to build an empire. It may be to inspire others to live a better life. Or, it may be to work hard and take care of your loved ones. Your purpose is your choice, but make sure to be clear and decisive when determining what it is. 

5.) Create specific outcome-focused goals. Now that you’ve determined what’s important, who you want to model, who you want to be, and what your purpose is, it’s time to set some goals. When creating goals, be very specific and write them down. Create both short-term and long-term goals. Create goals for multiple areas of your life: business, relationships, financial, spiritual, health, and happiness. 

For example, here’s my mission statement:

Most important values to me: To live my life with integrity, humility, and grace.

Living like those I admire: To believe in others and mentor others - as others have believed in me and mentored me. 

Looking in the mirror: To give more than I take. To be thankful for the little things, and remember that every day is a gift. To put God first, family second, and business third.

Honing in on my purpose: To educate and motivate the go-getters and the go-givers, not for glory or money, but because we all need help.

Goals: To always be working to improve my spiritual life and my personal relationships. To exercise every day and eat healthy food to fuel my body. To grow my business and be innovative with new ideas to make a positive impact on as many individuals as possible.

Remember to always continue crafting and improving your mission statement. This is something you live by, and it truly holds power. We'd love to hear your personal mission statement with us in the comments. 

Moving Forward, 

Jeff Roach
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*Some of the information from this post was inspired by this source: Live Bold and Bloom

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Meet Jill Hellwig, our Valued Guest Speaker

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our valued guest speakers, Jill Hellwig. 

Every once in a while you meet someone who totally changes your perspective; someone who challenges you to think bigger, reach higher and bravely embrace change. Jill Hellwig is one of those people. 

Jill is a gifted author, inspirational speaker, and vision-driven coach who identifies, encourages and activates the dreams and talents of others. She has over 20 years of corporate, non-profit and community experience including fourteen years with Ziglar, Inc. 

Often exceeding quotas by more than 300%, Jill’s proven track record of success and achievement is surpassed only by her exceptional ability to translate those key principles unto others. 

In 2013 Jill started her own firm, Brand New U Coaching, an organization dedicated to empowering business owners, individuals, and families. This proprietary coaching system has now impacted literally hundreds of people to realize their limitless potential. Jill’s unique ability to communicate and touch each person individually, right where they are today, will leave you believing you can BE more, DO more and HAVE more.

Like all of us here at Brooke, Jill is passionate about helping others discover and live from their strengths so they can position themselves for success. We feel very fortunate to have the ability to expose Jill’s wisdom and expertise unto our students this week. Thank you, Jill! All of us, here at Brooke, are very appreciative of the time you spent with us and our students.  

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach
Office: 214-206-1169
Cell: 817-897-0681

Friday, January 19, 2018

What our Students are Saying

Awesome class this January! Our students commended our instructor, Drake, for his vast knowledge of the transportation industry. These individuals left class motivated to start their careers and ready to make some money. Great job, Drake! And congrats to our students! Read their testimonials here: 

“Drake was very good at informing us of what to to do and what not to do in brokering. He is very knowledgeable about many different aspects of the transportation industry. I would recommend anyone who wants to be an agent or broker to go to Brooke before making any decisions.” - Robert N. Maher

“It was really educational and fun to be a part of Drake’s training class. I learned a lot about how to be an agent or broker in logistics/transportation industry. After graduating from Brooke Training’s class, I’m definitely ready to take on all the challenges and make a lot of money.” - Saad Bawazir

“I learned a lot of needed information. It’s fun, interaction, and helpful. I fully recommend. Drake is very helpful and professional. Grateful to have this class.” - G. Liposki

“Very helpful well thought out. So glad I took this course! I will recommend this class to anyone thinking of becoming a broker or agent.” - George Harsis 

If you’re interested in the opportunity to start a career as a freight broker or agent, we’d love to be apart of your journey. Give us a call at (214) 206-1169

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

How to Become an Auto Transportation Professional

We’re very excited to announce that we are introducing a new specialty niche course this April, focusing on Auto Transportation. 

If you follow our blog, you may remember Brandi Patterson, one of our most successful graduates and expert instructor, who has created an empire working as an Auto Transportation Professional.

Brandi is hitting the classroom to share her vast expertise about the ins and outs of the Auto Transportation niche. Brandi is the leading expert in this category. She has created the process and is fully equipped to help you become an expert, as well. This is an exclusive chance to learn an extremely specialized skill set within the industry. 

Here is some of what you can expect to get learn: 
  • How to find carriers and various carrier types
  • What to expect from your carriers
  • Carrier claims, invoicing, and contract terms
  • How to recruit new customers and what your expectations should be of your customers
  • How to proficiently quote various areas 
  • Different types of vehicles and how to move them
  • Pricing variations based on weight, size, and operability of vehicles

This course will take place in our Dallas/Fort Worth location on April 2nd - 6th, 2018. In order to enroll in the course, you must first take our Freight Broker Basic Course as a prerequisite.  Give us a call today for more information! (214) 206-1169

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

Cell: (817) 897-0681
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Learn from the Best

Today we’d like to introduce you to Gene Reddick. Gene is a transportation industry guru and Owner and Founder of a factoring company, Dorado Finance. We’re very excited to announce that Gene will be guest speaking in our Pensacola, Florida class. 

Having spent over 40 years in the Transportation Business with Ryder Truck Lines, Pacific Intermountain Express, Consolidated Freightways, Viking Freight System and Roadrunner Trucking, Gene has an in-depth understanding of the complexities and challenges facing business owners of any type.

The last 10 years of his transportation career, he served as the owner/founder of Orion Transportation Services – an El Paso, TX-based Freight Brokerage. He then opened Dorado Finance, Ltd. to serve as an extension of services offered to brokerage carriers. It grew so quickly, it became its own separate entity in 2002.

Gene lives and practices what we teach. He’s a giver, speaks the truth even when you don’t want to hear it, and genuinely loves to see others succeed. He never does anything halfway. He worked non-stop while building both of his companies. He’s an expert entrepreneur, avid angler, and sales and numbers guru. If anyone has a question pertaining to this industry, he knows the answer. 

Everyone needs a mentor, and Gene is mine. He has guided me throughout my career and he has played a huge role in the success of my business. I’m ecstatic to have the ability to expose my students to his knowledge and give others the opportunity to learn from him like I did. 

When he first started mentoring me in 1992, I knew that my life was going to change because if he showed me the process, I was determined to outwork everyone. 

That’s what I tell my students. We’ll show you the process and teach you the skill set, but you have to put the work in. 

If you’re interested in a career as a freight broker or agent, we’d love to show you the process and help you start on your new career path. Give us a call (214) 206-1169

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach