Friday, April 5, 2013

More New Freight Brokers

We just graduated another incredible group of freight brokers.  Thank you Vinny, Tish and Mark for instructing with excellence.  Here’s what the class had to say about their week in Brooke’s freight broker training school:

Everyday, just when I thought I couldn't learn anything more, a different Instructor would come in passionate about their particular "niche", and I was in awe.  I never knew there were so many avenues and possibilities within this profession.  The entire week was a positive experience.  The Instructors were awesome and very well placed.  Everything I learned the first 3 days with Mark & Tish, Vinny bought together Thursday and Friday.  The money I spent on this class through Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is the best investment I will ever make.
 ---LaZambia Washington

Sold on Freight Brokerage as a business.  Excited about 600 Billion $ Industry.
Beverly A. Vinalbe

I was extremely impressed with the whole experience this week… Vinny was the greatest!!!  He really is a wonderful speaker, knowledgeable in his field and very helpful.  Thank you.
---Peggy Hernandez

I learned so much this last week.  With all the knowledge I gained I will be able to apply this to further my career and in my daily life.  Vinny was so much fun.  He is a very good speaker.
---Willie Hughes

What a blessing you have been…You gave me a huge box of tool’s to use…I feel that your school was the exact thing I was needing to make a life changing decision.  I look forward to the future and will be attending the next class…Will suggest this school to everyone…
Jacquelyn Rains

I am very satisfied with my overall experience.  All of the information was well instructed and received.  I shall accomplish my goals and reach all standards I have set.  Thank you for the knowledge given. You will hear from me very soon, on how successful I have become!!! Vinny”, you are awesome and thanks for all of the inspiration!!!  ---Venisa J. Garcia
Moving forward,
Jeff Roach