Freight Brokers and Freight Broker agents need a Business to Business marketing plan to succeed.  I decided to post this article I read this morning to all you upstart entrepreneurs that read my blog.  My favorite point is #5.  Human to human marketing.  Kind of old school but so refreshing.  Let's get back some personal interaction in our business dealings. 

What's  Trending in B2B Marketing by Peter Foubert

There’s a lot of blogging and writing going on about inbound marketing and related topics. Everybody seems to have an opinion and they’re all keen on making predictions. But what is really happening out there? These are some of our own experiences:

  1. It may not be new, but content marketing is getting more and more important. However, a lot of companies are struggling to consistently create valuable content through a variety of channels. Content writers who know their way around social media, blogs and PR have a bright future and if you find one… keep them!
  2. Content marketing also becomes the primary influencer of search visibility. Therefore the social sharing of articles, blogs, or product reviews will determine the quality and search engine page results. Seen in that light, visual content will become crucial.
  3. Online advertising will increase, due to new techniques like ad retargeting and programmatic advertising. Since Facebook is significantly decreasing organic reach, paid advertising will increase. Object-based campaigns with a focus on specific actions such as website clicks, app downloads, and email opt-ins will become more important.
  4. According to Forbes, by 2017 87% of connected device sales will be tablets and smartphones. So mobile optimization will continue to rise. Responsive sites or mobile apps, but also mobile-optimized content adapted to the length of time and context in which people use their mobile devices. And again, mobile usability is relevant for optimal search results…
  5. Human-to-human marketing becomes the “new” standard. More and more B2B marketers begin to value the art of storytelling… finally! Their consumers wish to interact with other humans, not with businesses or corporations. Therefore spendings on personalized marketing campaigns will increase significantly.
  6. The increase of marketing software will stimulate microtargeting and hyper segmentation. User experiences will be used to customize websites, content, landing pages, call-to-actions and “thank you” pages. Boundaries between marketing, sales and IT are fading dramatically. 

As said before, these are just some personal observations and we would love to hear yours. Sharing is caring right?

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach