Monday, October 8, 2012

Freight Broker Testimonials

Wow, I must say that our Brooke instructor, Vinny, just keeps getting better based on these most recent testimonials.  These grads seem to especially benefit from the excellent sales instruction.  Several mentioned the life lessons learned as well as the thorough information on freight brokering.  Read for yourself:

Having spent over a decade in sales, I thought that I had learned everything a sales person could ever know. Vinny’s approach to sales training is among the best. I learned more training with Vinny than in the last decade. Well done.

Melissa Escobedo

The instructors were great at teaching everything I wanted to learn. The course taught me what I needed to learn the business.

Wilfredo Hernandez

I can truly say I learned a lot from the course, both from my instructor and classmates. I love the fact that we could all have conversations and ask good questions. I feel like Vinny went above and beyond his requirements. I can truly say that he overachieved.

 I can leave this class knowing that I gained life lessons and guidelines. I wish this course were 2 weeks.

Dennis Rweikiza

Very helpful program. Went into details and the good thing is that everything is in the book we got.

Wendy Morkes

This class is very helpful and informative for anyone wanting to start out in the business.

Diego Velazquez

Vinny was an outstanding instructor, not only did he teach us a lot about the brokerage industry, but also, a lot about ourselves and how to better ourselves in our personal lives. I am very pleased to have taken this course.

John M. Reyes

I am more than happy leaving this course. I will take with me way more than just Broker/Agent knowledge. I’m taking back life lessons and guidelines in which to run my business with, but more importantly my life.

This was a great week, and I met great people, and the instructor Vinny was better than great. His abilities to get things across were super human.

Robyn Fisher

This class was very beneficial for me in the sales aspect. I feel more confident in approaching potential customers and furthering business for my company.

Kirby Larkins

Vinny is a very good instructor. He kept the class interested. He not only gave me a good feel for being a broker, he also stressed business ethics and personal growth skills. I can’t say enough good things about “My Cousin Vinny”. He is an asset to the Brooke School Team.

Congratulations to our most recent group of freight broker class graduates.  I wish you much prosperity.  Let me know of your successes and challenges.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach