Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to My Passion

I took a break from teaching our freight broker training course while our team of fabulous instructors took over. While away I’ve been doing some freight brokering, attending some excellent training courses to hone my skills and learn a few new. I got a refresher course in freight factoring so I could offer that as one of my services.

All that to say, I missed teaching, so I will be instructing in the upcoming Dallas courses a bit. I will teach you my proven process in freight brokering. This is a great time to be in this business. No matter the state of the economy, consumption never stops so products need to be moved. Freight brokers are essential in getting the job done. So if you are ready to jump into this fast paced exciting industry or if you are a trucker who’d like to get off the road give me a call. We still have our 2 for 1 special going …pay for one to come and bring a partner along.

Or call me for consulting. I can phone consult, brainstorm and come up with solutions for your freight brokerage. Or I can come to you, review your operations and consult with you on how to take your business to the next level. An outside opinion is always helpful. I can train your freight broker agents on site in the whole process or hone in on one particular area of interest.

Give me a call let’s talk through where you are and where you’d like to be.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

P.S. Just got an encouraging testimonial from one of our recent graduates:

The class was very helpful and I received a lot of good information. I left with many helpful tools that will surely come in handy as we grow our brokerage business. The biggest help was the tips that were given from the instructors that work in the industry. --R.S.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Freight Brokers on the Loose

There are a handful of newly motivated freight brokers trained and ready to go. Over the summer we had some excellent students who took our live classes in Dallas and Charlotte. I am honored to work with dedicated instructors who have a contagious enthusiasm. Thank you Lance in Dallas, Susie and Ron in Charlotte. I wish all our graduates much success. Don’t hesitate to call with questions or brag on your successes. Here's what our recent grads said about the BTTS training course

I really enjoyed taking the training class. I was a bit nervous coming to the class since I am brand new to the business. But after I left the course, I now feel confident enough to tackle my first load. Thank you Lance, for being very informative and a great instructor. - Melissa L.

This class is both very informative and a lot of fun. When you attend this class, you will not only learn everything you need to know to become a freight broker agent or successfully operate a freight brokerage, you will learn many sales techniques and inside secrets and tips as well. We will be sending our agents here for training. Highly recommended. - Randall B.

Very instructive class, more than “nice” teacher, useful tools, friendly. - Filip M.

I have never worked before in the trucking field… I now am very motivated and prepared. -Pedro R.

Susie did a great job of presenting all of the information in an informative and entertaining way.
- Tom S.

…a very pleasant and open experience. The class covered all the questions and gave additional information that I feel will be most helpful. –Tonya S.

When I initially began the class on the 26th of July I was very skeptical with the pace of the class and how much I would learn by the end of five days. I was very worried that I might not achieve the goal I intended. As time went by I realized that what I wanted to learn I was learning slowly but steadily. Class is designed for anyone to be able to learn everything that they teach. At the end of the 3rd day I knew I was satisfied, 4th day I thought I could quit, that I had learned everything. It was the 5th day that I realized the extent of my satisfaction… - Mark K.

While attending Brooke Transportation Training Solutions I learned many things. I learned much of what a broker and a broker agent do in the transportation industry. The classes are personalized which makes all the information understandable. I would also add that this is the location (Charlotte) to come to because they have all the necessary resources to educate you for this business. If I had to choose a school once again, I would choose Brooke. - Marco R.

Attending the school helped me bring the idea of an organizational brokering business come together in my mind. It is still virtual but it made it easier to conceive the business. – Antonio D.

I would encourage anyone to take the Brooke transportation training Solutions course. It has helped me, as a truck driver get better ideas about the business I’m in and also to expand beyond being just a truck driver, I believe this course is overall excellent. Perfectly organized. - Jose R.

I was very excited about the class because it sounded like a good way to start off a good job in a very big and thriving industry. It was everything I expected and more. Susie was great and so were all the guys in the office. Everyone answered all of our qu4estionas and we learned so much. – Dragon R.
P.S. The Klondike Bars were awesome

This class was very informative. I feel more knowledgeable and comfortable and better prepared to go out and be successful in this line of business. I am sure there is much more that can and will be learned through trial, and error, but this was a good base start! - Tara L

This training has been very informative and productive. These tools, I believe have been in the coming. I have learned ways to approach and execute ways of the business. It has helped on both sides Carrier/broker and has helped tie up some loose ends. I understand more clearly brokerage. I will keep in touch with all. - Shawn L.

I learned so much from the class like the way instructor breaks it down so I could understand it. She gave us sample of everything we need to get started i.e. load confirmation sheets, carrier sheets and shippers invoices. Everyone she introduce you has been doing (their job) for a long time. - Kevin H.