Friday, July 27, 2018

Hot Time to be A Freight Broker

Americans are experiencing some of the best of times in our economic history.    When the economy is hopping freight brokers stay very busy helping to transport goods across the nation.  Now is a great time to train to be a freight broker or freight broker agent.

A freight broker negotiates between a manufacturer of goods and the shippers who transport those goods. A broker often specializes in a certain niche of the business.  For instance a broker may decide to transport vehicles.  As such they get to know all the shippers who have trucks capable of transporting whatever kind of vehicle that needs transporting.

A freight broker who likes food could choose to specialize in the niche of produce transportation.  That broker would need to find truckers who had are quick...produce has to get to market on a timely basis or it will no longer be marketable, except maybe as pig food.

There are an abundance of niche areas for a freight broker to choose.  A niche gives the broker a focused area to understand and grow.

Have you ever thought about launching out into a new career.  Freight brokering is a field that rewards those who work hard.  Have questions?  Give me a call, I love talking to people interested in this fast paced and exciting field.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Congrats, Summer 2018 Grads!

What an honor it has been training so many extraordinary self-driven individuals this summer. Our expert instructors, Brad Lingo, Drake Sliver, Tish Cozine, and Susie Moore, have equipped them with all the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals in the exciting world of freight brokering! Our team at Brooke wishes you the best in your journey of success. Congrats, grads! See what our students said about their training experience below. 

“Course is extremely informative. The instructor was patient, detailed in regards to material and answered questions with clarity. I highly recommend this course to all individuals aspiring to be brokers.” - Jessica Ramos 

“Although I came to this class for another purpose, I have learned so much from such a good business. My eyes have been opened to a whole other world that I can profit from. This class has supplied me with the knowledge that I am able to utilize as soon as I walk out of this room. Brad has encouraged me to go out and find my place in this business with his experiences and tricks. I am excited and hungry to succeed.” - Ximena Rochin 

“I had a great experience and was well educated about the industry. I’ve learned a lot from the material and the instructor’s personal experiences. I will definitely recommend this course to other people. In my opinion, I have learned what I need to accomplish my goal of becoming my own boss and bettering my families life. I can’t wait to get out there and put everything to practice. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!” - Lucia Duchimaza 

“This class was the greatest decision I could have made in my quest to know the freight brokers side. I’m a carrier myself and with this class, I learned so much that I didn’t know. I would extremely recommend this class to others.” - Raul Rivas 

“The class is 100% worth it to learn about getting a license to open your own business. Brad is the right person to teach the class. He knows everything in the field and has the patience to teach it. - Otto Perlera 

“Awesome Teacher! Brad was very outgoing, full of information and very helpful. The book is very informative and will help me moving forward. Brad Lingo also offered his help in the future if need be.” - Sarbjeet Gill

“This class was very informative and helpful. Brad, the instructor was very patient, understanding and knowledgeable. This course was definitely worth the investment. I am now ready to hit the pavement running. Thanks, Brooke!” - Julio Arroyo

“Throughout the five days taking Brooke Transportation Training course, I have acknowledged what it takes to become a freight broker. As far as knowing what and where to apply for our licenses like Brad said, “consistency is the key and customers are friends!” I would definitely recommend this course.” - Ngan Kim Le 

“During the five-day course of Brooke Training, I’ve learned how to acquire my freight broker licenses. Brad was very informative when providing all the information.” - Xuven Nguyen
“This course was very informative. The instructors displayed their experiences in a professional and caring manner. I plan on making this opportunity a lifetime commitment through the school and all other networking possibilities.”- Quran B. Mujahid-Jones 

“I searched for a broker training course online that offered in-depth knowledge about the industry in a convenient way and I settled for Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. I was amazed by the training and industry information I received through the program. I am ready to start my own business and make it happen. It was worth my time and money and I would definitely recommend the class to any entrepreneur that is looking to gain knowledge and start his/her own business.” - Isaac   

“This training exceeded my expectations. I found the course to be extremely informative. The instructors were clear, knowledgeable and approachable. The training manual was detailed and a great source to refer to as I move forward with building my agency. Overall, I thought this course was amazing.” - Caprice B.

“Brooke Training has been a very useful tool that I can now implement in my future. Taking on this course was a very good idea. It has provided me with some of the necessary knowledge to take the next step in succeeding in this industry. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to take on the freight brokering industry.” - Edward D.

“Drake and Tish were great during our week of instruction. They were very hands-on with the entire learning process. They furthered our education on not only freight brokering but the tricks and trades of the trucking industry. I personally appreciated the openness to tell us their trails as well as their triumphs. I highly recommend this course!” - PL

“The Brooke Transportation Training class was very informational and enjoyable. I have learned a lot from the course. The instructors were very insightful while giving prudent information. I learned a lot from the interactions with shippers and carriers. The orientation with the programs and programmers helped ease the fear of working with them. The programs are user-friendly and helpful in making the job easy to get into. The support that is offered is awesome.” - Adrian Rogers 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freight broker or agent, we'd be honored to be apart of your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your future. Don’t forget to ask us about our limited time 2-for-1 promotion. 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Freight Broker Freedom

As we celebrate the birth of our nation, take time to reflect on all the freedoms you have because of the sacrifices of the generations before us.  We are a young nation compared to others yet we are blessed with a great economy, great friends, family and food.  It is easy to focus on what we want instead of what we already have.  An attitude of gratitude is contagious.  Be thankful and others around you will start to count their blessings as well.

One of the freedoms in our society is the freedom to be your own boss.  A freight broker is their own boss whether you work as an agent of another freight broker or you start your own brokerage. I have done both.  I have enjoyed incredible success and now I am privileged to teach others how to enjoy this fast paced, rewarding career.

There are processes I teach that help a new broker find success.  I can't guarantee success because success is dependent on the effort of the individual.  Like the fireworks pictured, we are all unique and the light we shine sparks in its own creative way.  Find your spark and work the process and you too can find success.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach