Friday, April 29, 2016

Freight Broker Grads

Our April live Freight Broker Training Course was very satisfying, eye opening, essential and life changing according to those in the course.  But you don't have to believe me, read what they said about their experience: 

"I feel extremely satisfied with Brooke Freight Broker Training. It is good for anyone new in the industry...great teacher, good explanations, good examples.  This class gave me the guidance to start my new career.  thanks!"  -E

"Eye opening.  Everyone was great." - Juan C

"Great class, came into this business not knowing anything.  Learned many great things and every essential I need to know to be out in the field plus the instructor was awesome." -  Ana D.

"This was a wonderful class.  Very helpful and a lot of information to get started in the field of being a broker or an agent.  Instructor was very kind and helpful."  - Allena F.

"The class very hopeful and informative.  I learned more in the class than I had learned on the internet.  I will recommend this class and instructor to anyone."  - Myron P.

"Attending this course has been life changing for me.  I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do upon completion of the course. My horizon has been expanded in a huge way!  My future is much brighter now-- I am so excited!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience." - Jennifer O.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Freight Broker Training Review

Here is what Brooke Transportation Training Solutions recent Charlotte, North Carolina graduates had to say about their freight broker training:

“For me this was one of the best experiences that I had.  The instructor was the greatest.  She teaches where you can understand and stops to help if you don’t.  It was like family. “  –Greg R.

“Very cozy atmosphere, good, even great teacher with an incredible sense of humor.  Very understandable and accessible especially for a person which English is not my native language.   I think I will again enroll in this course, because I love the way she teaches.  Thank you for the knowledge and patience.”  – Ilkwom I

“Brooke Transportation Training solutions freight broker/agent training has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of living.  My instructor was very knowledgeable on becoming a freight broker or a freight broker agent.  I would recommend this course to any one that would like to work for themselves. “– Triron J.

Thank you to my team of amazing instructors for patiently and warmly presenting our freight broker training course this month.  Every month we have live courses in various locations.  I always am encouraged by the graduate testimonials for the Dallas course that I watch over and even more for the classes in other states where I don’t have as much interaction.  I purpose to have consistent excellence in our teaching and these testimonials show me that is happening.  I wish much prosperity for all these new freight brokers.  Call if you ever hit a snag. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Proud Texan

Thank you to Judge Ryan Patrick for posting this today.  I decided to share with all my blog followers.  I find Texas history to be quite entertaining.  I hope you enjoy whether you are from our great state, or not. 

Today Texans celebrate San Jacinto Day. 180 years ago, Sam Houston overcame incredible odds to overtake Santa Anna and his army at San Jacinto, a clearing just west of downtown Houston. With chants of "Remember Goliad" and "Remember the Alamo", the 900 man Texian army, in full and controversial retreat for weeks, finally found an opportunity to attack. At 4:00 pm, while the approximately 1,200 Mexican soldiers slept, the Texians massacred the Mexican army in just 18 minutes. 650 Mexican soldiers died in battle and 300 were captured. Only 11 Texian troops were killed. After six months of military and political losses, it took only 18 minutes for Texas to finally gain her independence.

Santa Anna was eventually captured on the 21st, wearing the uniform of a regular soldier. With the Texian soldiers and officers wanting to execute Santa Anna on the spot, Sam Houston resisted and spared his life. He handed Santa Anna over to interim President Burnet who negotiated a controversial treaty, and finally sent him off in exile to Washington, DC.

In October, Sam Houston was elected President of the new Texas Republic, replacing Burnet - people now wanting to hang him for negotiating and releasing Santa Anna.

Thanks to Destin at Smarter Every Day for this awesome San Jacinto picture he took a few weeks

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

Judge Ryan Patrick's photo.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Positively Dirty Job

It is midweek, so another week is on the downhill slide.  Have you achieved what you wanted for early in the week?  I purpose to get up on Mondays with energy and excitement for the week to come. I challenge myself to accomplish the hardest tasks I have first.  If I get some tough challenges behind me then I appreciate the easier tasks even more.  How do you approach a new week?  With excitement or dread.  No matter what you do for a living, all jobs have downsides but hopefully more upsides. 

So I meet Andre, a guy who has a job for which I would have trouble seeing an upside.  He shampoos dirty carpets.  I met him because he came to my house to take care of an especially disgusting job.    My dog had eaten something she shouldn't have.  I woke this morning to quite a big stinky mess all over my carpets.  I called the carpet cleaning company in a panic.  They sent Andre over within a few hours of my call.  He worked feverishly for several hours to get my carpets looking amazing.  He would stop every now and then and ask me to come have a look.  Any tiny spot I found he'd jump right on it and clean some more.  As he was cleaning my stairs his carpet cleaner fell apart.  He taped it back together a few times with duct tape but it was pretty useless.  He said he'd give me a discount for the few stairs he couldn't clean.  I said, "don't worry about it."  Well he couldn't do that.  He then finished up the stairs by hand with a brush.  In the course of a few hours I found out he had a very industrious entrepreneurial spirit.  He contracted for the carpet cleaner in the day and ran a janitorial service in the evenings.  He whistled while he worked up a sweat while cleaning.  He told me of the business books he is reading and of his billionaire mentor.  He said his mentor helped him get into his business because he saw a hardworking, honest man in Andre.   He inspired me to have a better attitude even when I have dirty jobs to take care of.

Next time I need my carpets cleaned you know I will be calling Andre.

The moral of this story is that when you go about your work with a positive attitude, others will want to  hire you again and again.  The positive attitude will make any job pleasant and will rub off on others. 

I have had some great conversations with freight broker students that will be coming to some of our upcoming classes.  I love having a training school.  It is great to see people with great attitudes about learning and growing professionally and personally.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach