Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moore Brokers

Ron and Susie Moore are Brooke Transportation Training instructors headquartered in North Carolina. Ron runs a highly success freight brokerage out of Charlotte. Our North Carolina courses are taught from inside the brokerage. This “inside” teaching environment is ideal for learning how to open up a freight brokerage with agents working in association with your brokerage.

Here are a few testimonials from students of the Moore’s July “insider” class.

Thank goodness for Susan and Ron Moore for sharing their knowledge and expertise for the entire week. Thanks to the positive experience I have acquired through this course, I am sure my business is off to a jump-start. I am very excited on my journey and I think Brooke Transportation and the Moore’s for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to success. Osmaida Despaige, West Palm Beach, Florida

The class was very detailed and informative. The information was presented in a very user friend and easy format. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the industry at all. Randy Gue, Charlotte, NC

It was a good experience. I really learned a lot about being a broker. Aleides Alfaro, Charlotte, NC

Call us to sign up for the “insider” class in North Carolina, in Dallas or online. 214-206-1139.

Moving forward.

Jeff Roach

Learn to Succeed

So you want to be a freight broker or fb agent? It’s like being a real estate or insurance agent. Same concept.

This is the deal. We can teach you how to start a work from home freight broker agency. It will be your own business, you are the boss. Freight Brokering consistently makes the lists for great career jobs that can be done from home.

Know that it takes 3-6 months to get this business off the ground. If you are willing to work hard and give your new business the time to grow you will succeed. Do you want us to teach you how to open your own agency?

My trainers and I teach the right process, introduce you to the best vendors and introduce you to the best Brokers that are looking for agents.

Read through our web sites. Own your own business for $2500.00 (training only). You’ll need to buy your computer and stuff like that but you do not have to have the same overhead as a Broker. To understand the difference between a broker and an agent read our FAQ section.

Call us 214-206-1139 to sign up for class. Seating really is limited to seven students and only 4 in North Carolina. Live classes are held nearly every month but fill up fast. We keep the classes small so each student gets a personal learning experience. We answer all questions and encourage each student to reach their potential.

When you call Jeff, Jan or Tish will answer the phone. We all are in the business as agents so we can answer just about any question about being a freight broker.

We tell you how to succeed in sales and dispatching etc. Then we actually do some sales, and dispatching in class. We’ve had graduates land their first accounts during their week of training. You will see how it all works in real time.

By the way, do all of us a favor, and go through the web sites before calling. Read as much as you can.

This is a face-paced business. You are either calling shippers looking for freight or calling carriers trying to cover freight – all day long.
That's right I said all day long. It is exciting but can be exhausting. You can’t have a lazy attitude to make it as a freight broker.

See you in class, or on line. I hate all those work from home spam emails. This is not one of those. This is the best deal going if you are a worker.


P.S. Went kayaking tonight and watched sun go down. It was beautiful.
Don't forget the important things in life. All the money in the world can't compare to the gift God gives us in sunrises and sunsets.

Jeff Roach - President
Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

Monday, July 27, 2009

Freight Broker Niche

Last week I discussed how choosing a niche may actually expand your business rather than limit it as the word niche may seemingly apply. I looked up niche. Here are two of the definitions:
1. A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own
2. An area of the market specializing in a particular type of product

So to choose a niche you can go about it two ways. To use number one definition you take a hard look at your personality and talents then figure out how to best suit that to your freight broker business. I am more talented talking than writing so I would most likely do best talking on the phone or in person to prospects rather than contacting them in writing. If you on the other hand are good at writing, try emails or perhaps even snail mail. Personal letters are uncommon now a days since so much is done electronically. You might do great with letters. In other words find the niche in communication that works best with your personality.

In definition number two, you find a service niche and learn the whole kit and caboodle about that niche. Examples of niches would be types of trucks used like cargo that requires refers or refrigerated trucks like those used to carry dairy products. You could choose regional niches. One of my Hispanic graduates specializes in routes that bring products across the border from Mexico. She speaks both Spanish and English very well so this route is well suited for her.

You could specialize in cargo that requires specialized handling such as antiques, musical instruments, etc. The more you know about the type of cargo, the preferred type of truck, the regional weather issues, the idiosyncrasies of your shipper, etc the more confidant your shipper will be in your ability to ship his stuff the way he prefers.

You could choose a niche based on the personality of the shipper as it matches yours. We naturally mesh better with some people than others. Your job will become much more enjoyable when you find others to work with whom you share interests or thoughts.

These are just a few examples of niches I thought of. What happens when you do excellent with one market segment you naturally reap business from other segments either related in product or business contacts.

This is a business with lots of income potential for those who are willing to put in the time to find a market suited to them and then excel in service that market.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Chase

I subscribe to Zig Ziglar’s daily insight. Today’s story is so appropriate for the freight broker industry. Insert "super shipper" where it says “bouncy blue ball” and you will see how this applies to our industry. I’ve edited this story a little for brevity.

by Tamara Yakovich

My youngest child turned seven months old yesterday.

His favorite adventure the past few days has been 'chasing the bouncy blue ball'. His whole face lights up as soon as he sees the ball, and 'the chase' is on! He scoots after the ball - almost gets it in his grasp - and it slips away. No matter, he squeals with delight and chases it again. He catches it the next time, rolls over on his back, and holds on tight. He uses both hands and feet to keep the ball. He is so happy to have caught it, finally!

Then he lets the ball go, he watches it roll away, perhaps wondering where it will end up, or where it will take him next. He flips himself over and takes off after it again with a big smile on his face. He could do this all day long.

Chase the ball, catch the ball, hold it and play with it joyfully for a while, then watch it roll away once more. Does he get a little frustrated when the ball rolls away for the tenth time? Maybe a little, but he knows that half the fun, maybe even MOST of the fun, is in the chase!

How many times have you 'almost' had your DREAM or your GOAL in your grasp, just to watch it slip away? Do you stop the chase? Do you sit down and give up? Or - like the small child - do you realize that the fun is in 'the chase'? Worse yet - do you 'catch' your dream or your goal and then hold on to it so tightly that you stop moving?

Lessons learned:

1. The FUN is in the chase!

2. If your dream/goal slips away - keep after it - you never know where 'the chase' might take you!

3. Once you have your dream/goal in your grasp - set a new one and start chasing again!

4. Remember - the FUN is in the chase!

Now - go out there and 'squeal with delight' as you chase after your dreams with a smile on your face! If you do it this way, no one will ever know that you don't already have your dreams in your grasp!

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Funny Thing About Niche Marketing

Entrepreneurs sometimes have a problem narrowing their niche because they are so anxious to talk to the world. But finding a niche can actually broaden your market. Here’s a little something that I read on

I learned a really interesting thing about niche marketing recently. Well, I suppose I had always sort of known it, but it struck me very powerfully when I experienced it first-hand.

No, I'm not talking about the fact that narrowing your marketing to a particular niche often brings you more business. Even though that's counter-intuitive, it's also the basic premise of niche marketing. What I'm talking about is that narrowing your marketing to a niche often brings you more business in other areas -- in the broader areas or diverse products and services that you're wanting to offer.

I experienced this first-hand over the past year or so. I felt like I wasn't getting as much business as I should have been, given how hot the topic of my primary business is (I advice companies on how to make effective business use of social networking and social media). So I narrowed my niche -- I decided to focus in on one particular area of specialization (in my case, the use of LinkedIn). I started a blog specifically on the topic, did some free teleclasses, signed with a publisher to be executive editor on a book series about it, etc.

And business started booming. But here's the funny thing... NOT just on the topic of LinkedIn consulting, but for a much broader range of services. See, the highly focused marketing on what is a very hot topic attracted media, prospective clients, publishers, etc. I became "the go-to guy" on the topic, but that opened up opportunities for a broader scope of work.

See, it's easier to upsell related products and services to an existing happy customer than it is to acquire a new customer. If you look around in almost any industry, you'll see this pattern. For example, International House of Pancakes, The Original Pancake House and Waffle House all serve breakfast. The first two don't just serve pancakes and the latter one doesn't just serve waffles. But that's their niche that gets customers in the door. Six years ago, Google was still just a search engine. Today, they're still the #1 search engine, but have a multitude of other offerings. Levi's makes a lot more than jeans, but that's still their core brand. One-hour dry cleaners still launder shirts.

Focusing on a niche doesn't mean you have to stop offering other products or services -- it just means that you have to find a way to clearly distinguish yourself from all of your competitors in one particular offering or to one particular market segment. You can then offer related products and services, either as an upsell to existing customers or even as an alternative to your primary product or service for those for whom it's not a good fit.

For more on finding your niche and some examples of those who have done it successfully, check out this excerpt from the former head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Hector Barreto's new book, The American Engine: Seek an Edge by Finding Your Niche.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free Career Training

How’d you like to take our online freight broker training course for free? The government has allotted money to each state for retraining through the Workforce Initiative Act of 1998 (the WIA). The WIA was a five year program started in 1998 and continued after the 2003 end date. To research qualification for this government program funding of your career education go to: Each state administers this program so each state has a unique system. So if you’d like to change career paths to become a freight broker or other career you may qualify.

I talked with a “student to be” this week and he is the one that told me about this program that is paying for him to take Brooke freight broker training class on line. I wrote his story in last week’s blog. He is in Virginia. When he was laid off his truck driving job recently, he went to the area Community college to see what courses they had to offer that might prepare him for a new adventure and make him some money. The Piedmont Community College counselor told him about the government grant money. He pursued, was accepted and will soon be taking our online course at no cost to him.

Since the program is a national program, anyone can do it. The time it takes to research the program could be well worth it. We are in partnership with Gatlin Education, the largest provider of online courses through colleges across the United States and through us. Our specialty is transportation training but we understand that might not be the career choice for everyone so we also offer all of Gaitlin’s courses through Click on the e learning center to browse courses and see what kind of financial aid you can obtain. (

My wife and business partner, Janis spent 2 years writing our online course and getting it distributed through Gatlin and all their education associations. We’d love for you to take our course. The online course gives you 6 months to complete. Our live course takes a week of intense learning. Both are excellent for both preparing a student to perform most any job in a freight brokerage. Both are inspirational. Our passion is to raise up professionals of integrity so we not only teach how to do the job but also how to work within the bounds of the highest level of character. I believe we should never stop learning. The brain is a muscle that needs to get a regular work out to stay in top shape.

Go out and learn something new today.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Word

This article from Stan Toler's newsletter reminded me to measure my words carefully in business and with family. That is definitely a challenge at times for me, for sure:

"Could I have a word with you?" Often that phrase invokes panic? What will be said, and how will it affect my life? Words are powerful whether texted through a cell phone or delivered from a platform. In one sense, they have a mind of their own. Once released from our mouth, they go where they want to go and accomplish what they want to accomplish - either good or bad.

I'm reminded of the wife who stood before a judge to explain why she pulled the trigger of a shotgun that made her a benefactor to her husband's estate. When the judge asked her to explain her actions, she told him that the couple had been in an ugly argument that had culminated in a stand-off, with her holding a shotgun.

She said her husband shouted, "Go ahead and pull the trigger; you couldn't hit Niagara Falls if you were standing in front of it!" The judge replied, "I would think that would be the last thing he would say!" The newly-widowed plaintiff said, "It was, your honor, it was!"

What's your last word? Hopefully it will be an encouraging word. These days, words that build are far more important than words that demolish. Certainly you can ignite passions and causes with words, but you can also use them to heal and to affirm.

The biblical character, Barnabas, was known as an encourager. That speaks to me of one who chose his words and actions carefully, and always for the good of others.

You are going to give a speech (or making a sales call) Let your audience know:

- You care.
- You understand their struggle.
- You are working with them on solution.

The novelist Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey wrote, "Though my own life is filled with activity, letters encourage momentary escape into others' lives and I come back to my own with greater contentment."

- Stan Toler

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, July 10, 2009

Freight Broker Rancher

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog asking anyone thinking about thinking about being a freight broker to give me a call. Recently Robert, a laid off truck driver, gave me a call. His wife had found the blog on an Internet search as she was helping her man in his search for a new career. She gave Robert the number. Robert called me to ask me a lot of questions about our freight brokers classes. We had a great talk. Here is his story:

“I’ve been a truck driver for 19 years. For the past 6 years I have been a contract driver for the post office driving a route between distribution centers in Virginia. The post office stopped my route in March. This is the first time in my life I have been laid off. The first time I have applied for unemployment. I could get another truck driving job but I would most likely have had to move. With my post office route my wife and I were able to move out to some acreage and buy some ponies. As a freight broker I will be able to work out of my ranch, take care of my ponies and be with my family.

I found the freight broker online training course through my local community college’s partnership with the online education company that administers the course written by Brooke Training. I researched it online. It was perfect. I could do all my work from home. I have 6 months to complete the course but my plan is to finish in 2 months, get started and still have 4 months I can go back and review some of the things in the course.

And I won’t even have to pay for the course. My unemployment contact gave me the information needed to apply for a Federal program in the WIA or Worker Investment Act. I called my governor’s office to find out who heads up this program in Virginia.
I found I was eligible to apply for a grant, if approved I won’t have to pay anything back(because it is a retraining grant, not a loan).

Ideally I want to be an independent freight broker but realistically I know I’ll need to be an agent for an established freight broker. They’ll help me with cash flow, legalities and other expenses. It is a low cost business to start.

The new year for grant money distribution started July 1st so most of the money is available now.

It is a little scary, but I’m looking forward to my new career“

I’ll keep in touch with Robert and let you know of his progress in future blogs. To view our online freight broker training course go to our Just in Time Freight site our join us for the live course in Dallas, California or Florida.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach 817-897-0681 cell

Monday, July 6, 2009

Freight Broker Students Speak

We finished up our live freight broker class in Dallas. Just when I think I might want to do something else we have another class to teach. The students always invigorate me and encourage me with their enthusiasm to learn. Here’s what some of the graduates had to say about this month’s Dallas class:

This class was the greatest decision I could have ever made in my quest to know the freight broker’s side of trucking. The Instructors were very nice and super knowledgeable in their fields. Having a second job while taking the class the Brooke team accommodated me with everything I needed. I would advise anyone thinking about being a freight broker to take this class. Clifton Abraham

This course was awesome. Lots of information…enjoyable as well. The instructors are very knowledgeable and skilled in the field. I learned a great deal on what it takes to do this kind of work. You not only learn and absorb the information but also use all the information that you’re taught. This program is exceptional. Norman Wells

The sales curriculum and hand on experience during the week clearly are bonuses. Each individual instructor extended himself or herself to the entirety of each student. No questions were left unanswered. On a scale of 1 – 10, I grad this course a 10 ½.
- Billy Cooper

Doesn’t that make you want to join us next class. We’ll be in Charlotte North Carolina July 13 – 17 then in Dallas again July 20 – 24 and August 17 – 21 and in Jacksonville, Florida August 10 - 14. Click on our site to see all our dates and read what other grads said about the class. You can’t make up testimonials as rich as these real ones!

Hope you enjoyed celebrated our freedom this weekend. Ain’t it great to be free to pursue whatever dream you desire.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach