Monday, October 8, 2018

Super Agent Brandi Patterson

Brandi Patterson (middle in light blue blouse) at a rally to raise awareness of Hanna 4 Hope.

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is blessed with an amazing team of trainers. Brandi Patterson is one of those amazing instructors.  She is also an incredibly successful freight broker, having moved 6000 loads, 5 million dollars worth in 2017.

Yet when you talk with Brandi she will not boast of those things but most likely will tell you about her heart for ending the epidemic of teen suicide.  One of her proudest claims is being a champion in raising awareness of teen suicide through the charity, "Hanna 4 Hope".  She speaks at rallies and works tirelessly at fundraising for this cause.

"Hanna 4 Hope" is a non-profit foundation established to bring awareness to the problem of teen suicide.  Hanna Clark's parents started this foundation after the suicide of their precious, bubbly teen. They don't want any parent to have to live the nightmare they have endured.  Parents must talk with their children about suicide.  There may be warning signs or a child may hide what's going on inside. 

Here's a video on her story:

We are so proud of the work Brandi Patterson is doing for this cause. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Brandi can often be heard speaking in area high schools and middle schools on the subject of teen suicide, awareness of this tragedy and prevention.
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