Friday, June 29, 2018

Quality Counts

You have to offer quality service to be successful.  Let me repeat that, you HAVE to offer quality service to be successful.  Many will get by for a little while with deceptive ways but in the end those backed by integrity will get ahead.  The tortoise did beat the hare, in the end. 

Be the tortoise.  Take your time to set up your business with quality.  Take time to find a niche that fits with you.  Take time to pair up with a seasoned broker who will guide you along the tricky trails.  Take time to get to know the ends and outs of your client's business as much as possible.  Anticipate when they will need extra help and be prepared.  Get to know carriers who are trustworthy and fair.  Sometimes you will have to ask your carrier to go out of the way to complete a delivery.  You will need to have a good relationship with that carrier to ask them to go the extra mile.  And after a carrier helps you out be sure and return the favor as soon as is possible.

The more you understand both sides of the transaction the better you will be able to do business with them. 

Treat every load with care.  Care about the shippers time table.  Care about the truckers long haul.  Sometimes a load that seems inconsequential could turn into a long term shipper.  One load may turn into 100 loads.

Moving forward,

Jeff Raoch

Friday, June 15, 2018

Guerirlla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a very popular business book, written by Jay Conrad Levinson back in the 1980s.  His ideas are still very powerful today.  We have at our fingertips so many great ways to market ourselves inexpensively.  The idea of Guerrilla Marketing is to get maximum exposure with minimum cost.  A way to do that is to spend your time and money with those most likely to do business with you.  Take every opportunity to get your name out.  Know how to explain what you do clearly and quickly.  Be more interested in what your potential customer needs rather than what you need.  As a freight broker we can profit from approaching our business as a guerrilla marketer.

A Guerrilla is big, clever and agile.  He can maneuver in the trees with ease.  He can be gentle and he can be ferocious.  As a guerrilla marketer you have to discern the most appropriate approach with both your carriers and your customers.  Figuring that out often takes time. That is why freight brokering is not a get rich quick profession but is a great long term career.  As you discern the customers with the most potential you can then invest the time in learning their business, their needs and their personality.  Each element is essential to perfecting the way to do business with any individual.

I have made many friends along the way in building my freight brokerage business and then my freight broker school.  I have made friends because in the process of getting to know their business I got to know them.  I enjoy doing business with others who have some of my same interests.  If you like to fish then I can take you fishing and we can discuss how we might work together.

I tell you what, discussing business on a fishing boat is a lot more enjoyable than around a conference table in my world.

Find out what works for you, find out what works with your customers and you will not only be successful, you will enjoy going to work.

Now enjoy a day in the business jungle as a guerrilla marketer.

Moving forward,

Jeff Raoch