Friday, October 25, 2013


There are some challenges running a freight broker training school of course.  Handing training resposibilites off to my very able instructors is never a challenge.  Susie Moore one of our super instructors is amazing.  I recently received this testimonial from one of her recent graduates.  Endulge me in sharing this praise of her talents:

I have been honored to take this freight broker class at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. Susie Moore was my trainer. Let me tell you she was awesome. She was very organized with her material and had patience with anyone that had questions. Even after training she was available when I had questions. If she could not help she would direct me to the right person and follow-up afterwards. You have a winner on your team!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend everyone to Brooke  Transportation Training Solutions. It was well worth the money. I even purchased freight brokerage software at a big discount. Thanks to the Brooke Transportation Training Solutions family.
Courtney Buford
Kevin Hughes
KC Logistics 13, LLC

In an effort to continually improve our training we ask all graduates to write a word or two about their experience.  We post the testimonials to our site.  These are their words.  We can tell you what we think about the training but a real life graduate tells it like it is.  When deciding on training I recommend reading through testimonials.  We appreciate Kevin's encouraging words and wish him much success with his logistics company.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fess Up to a Mess Up

One of the reasons I decided to open a freight broker training school was to teach integrity along with
tools of the trade.  There are some unethical players in any industry and transportation is no
exception.  I've learned that I sleep better at night when I've done things the "right" way.  It
sometimes seems that the cheater gets ahead.  But I know that we all end up being treated as we treat

If something goes wrong or when the customer perceives something went wrong, apologize. Be quick
to do it.  When a customer blames or claims something wasn’t done right or to their satisfaction.  Say
something like, “I am so sorry if there has been a misunderstanding!”  “I am sorry that happened.  I
can help you, tell me about what happened.”  “Let me see how we can get this turned around.”  Then
give them time to respond.  Listen intently.  We can all learn to be better listeners. 

Our natural tendency is to want to hide our mistake, or worse, blame someone else.   Take responsibility for your part in the mistake.  We all make mistakes and appreciate when others fess up.

When addressing the issue, use your customer's name often, with an accepting tone.  Their name personalizes the conversation and warms up the tension.  After you understand the issue and have figured out how to rectify the situation get to work.

Follow through on your word and follow up on your client.  When you bend over backwards to correct a wrong you are strengthening your customer relationship. 

Call, write a personal note or email the customer and give them an update, let them know what is happening.  Remember to thank them for their patience and loyalty.

Customer service can be challenging but also very rewarding.  I've had many clients who I now call my friends because we've been through some challenging times and made it to the other side.  

Keep moving,


Monday, October 14, 2013

Small Business Success

As a small business owner I am encouraged and inspired by others out there that forge into the grand adventure of small business ownership.  Our country was founded on freedom in many areas including the freedom to start your own business.   Starting a business can be scary, risky and daunting.  But that is what makes it a grand adventure.  As small business owners we must support each other through anyway we can.  I met a man from India a few years back, listened to his story and then asked him to become a part of my team of guest speakers.

My friend and frequent guest speaker at Brooke Transportation Training is Krish Dhanam.  He has helped me understand what a blessing it is to live in our nation.  He wrote The American Dream from an Indian Heart.   “As the seasons of my youth turned the innocence of childhood dreams into an obsession of adult want, I realized I would never be satisfied until I came to America. I had arrived at a crossroads in my life where I was in love with another country and contempt were the feelings I had towards my own homeland.  We all go through that phase when all we want is something other than what we have.  However, because of strong parental influence, I started doing something that would come back to assist me later in life when I needed it most.  I began to focus my learning towards American History and spent my time studying the cultural nuances that made it such a popular destination. 

The principle is very simple.  If you are at Point A and want to be at Point B, do not wait until you get to Point B to figure out what you need to survive and thrive there.  Do the planning and preparation before you expect the success you want for yourself.”

That is a great challenge for me.  I like to just forge right in.  Taking the time to do my homework is not always fun but being prepared always pays off.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

for lots of resources for small business go to:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank a Trucker

One of the base elements of our economy is our transportation industry.  And a vital player in moving goods are the scores of truckers that drive cross country every day of the week.  It is easy to get frustrated with an 18-wheeler ahead of you on the road.  But try to appreciate the job they are doing.  They deliver food, medical supplies, big screen televisions, treadmills, vehicles and more.  We all enjoy many needs and luxeries because of the work of our truckers.   Government regulations are costing our truckers and freight agencies a lot in time and money.  Those regulations, escalating fuel costs and aging drivers are contributing to a driver shortage.
A group has gotten so frustrated that they have planned to cause a slow down in D.C.  tomorrow.  I just finished browsing reading through a few stories on the planned protest.   
If the trucks decide not to roll. The Good ole USA will really shut down! Regardless of politics. The average Joe truck driver / owner operator get's the least amount of respect in this industry and has one of the hardest jobs. We need to keep this segment of the economy going or we will all be in a world of hurt! HATS OFF TO THE TRUCKERS!

New Opportunity

Our economy continues to change.  We are the land of opportunity because we have an incredibly creative and dedicated workforce.  Our ingenuity has made our country a leading nation.  When we stop learning and inventing we will loose part of our greatness. When we get lazy we lag behind. Sadly many reports say that America is lagging behind in several areas. We are the greatest nation, be a part of the solution to keep our country grand.  The more you learn the more knowledge you have.  Increased knowledge leads to new opportunities and fresh thinking.  Think about how many new technologies have birthed new industries just in your lifetime.  

In order to stay in the game we need to be continual learners.  I am proud to be a part of an online learning community as well as a traditional classroom.  Through Transportation Training you can learn to be a freight broker or freight broker agent live or online.  Through pajama learning you can take the freight broker course or any of thousands of other courses.  Our course is offered through 2700 universities in America.  $2500.00 is the price of my school and it's like getting a franchise for the price of the course.

Make learning a priority.  I have trained many owner-operators. They tell me they save money and make more money on the road after the class because they have a better understanding of the industry.  We are honored to train many veterans after they return from serving this great nation in the military.

With all the new laws and the capacity issues, it is wise to get training. We teach how to find creative solutions for evolving challenges for both the shipper and the carrier.

The shippers and carriers respect people who invest in training.

The military trains everyday for a mission. Think about what it would be like if they didn't.

The wealth of the future will be made by those who have the information people want and can get it to those people faster than the competition. Knowledge is power and the more you learn, the more you earn.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach