Wednesday, December 28, 2016

'Best Experience of My Life'

We are so honored to have trained an incredible group of students this December in our Dallas, Texas class. Our instructors, Drake and Tish, and our guest speaker, Thomas, all did a phenomenal job preparing these individuals to start their careers as freight brokers. Here's what they said about their experience:

“Before I came to Brooke Transportation, I knew nothing about the transportation industry. I came in that Monday and worried I would not understand much. It seemed to have came very easily. Mr. Sliver is an awesome instructor, and the class was very polite. Jeff and Janis are truly a blessing and I thank them.” Nana Edwards

“I am currently a personal banker. The freight transportation (industry) always attracted my attention and even more after talking to many of my truck driver customers and driving friends. I finally made the decision of attending a freight transportation training school. I am so happy to have attended Brooke Transportation’s course. It was a pleasure meeting Jeff Roach (president) along with his wonderful staff and trainers. They really made me feel like family. My vacation time here in Texas was well worth while. Thank you so much.” - Rosa D. Chavez

“I have been debating on taking the class for years. I spoke with several agencies. Even paid a hold fee to secure my place in the class but was still undecided on taking the course. After speaking with Mr. and Mrs. Roach for the 3rd time, I felt like this was the best way to go…Hands on training with Brooke Transportation was the best experience of my life. The knowledge I received was awesome. I met great people that were willing to hold my hand and walk me through this training process. My experience with Brooke Training was a lifetime experience that I really enjoyed.” - W. Smith

“Thank you to Brooke Training School for such a wonderful class with guest instructors. Although I have been in the industry for a long time, I learned so much and now I am ready to take on being an agent for my company. I am looking forward to building my book of business.” - Judi Mullins 

“We had an amazing experience with Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. The instructors we had - Mr. Jeff, Mr. Drake and Tish - are outstanding professionals with very good training skills. The have years of experience on the field and you can see how much they love their job by the passion they put in each knowledgeable word they said to us. The course, among with the didactic materials we got - are very informative - there is nothing they did not get covered. They are also great motivators. We left Texas having a great challenge in front of us and an inspiring feeling of making ourselves work hard and accomplish it. Thank you.” - Ana & Ion

Considering starting a career as a freight broker or freight broker agent? Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our course online anytime.  Have any questions about what it is really like to be a freight broker or freight broker agent? Give me a call today (214) 206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach, President 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Be of Good Cheer

There are just a few days left until Christmas, then we will be gearing up for the New Year.  As New Year approaches I like to take time to reflect on the blessings of the year and the hopes for the New Year.  I am thankful for my freight broker training school and all the amazing people who take our courses.  I have the privilege of meeting and encouraging so many industrious professionals as they learn the new skills needed to succeed in the freight broker world. 

From what I've seen and read this new year will be a great year for the transportation industry.  New technologies and new trade agreements are fueling the uptick in transportation stocks.  It should be a very exciting year for freight brokers and freight broker agents as they negotiate new deals with new customers.

We are ready to train up lots of new freight brokers in 2017.  Our instructors are skilled and entertaining.  They understand the industry inside and out. If you want to learn how to be a successful freight broker join us for one of our upcoming courses, live or online.

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions has been training freight brokers for a few decades now.  You can count on us to have the experience to train thoroughly and answer any questions you may have.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Truck Driver's Story

Recently Robert, a laid off truck driver, gave me a call. His wife had found my blog on an internet search as she was helping her man in his search for a new career.  She gave Robert the number. Robert called me to ask me a lot of questions about our freight brokers classes. We had a great talk.  Here is his story:

“I’ve been a truck driver for 19 years.  For the past 6 years I have been a contract driver for the post office driving a route between distribution centers in Virginia.  The post office stopped my route in March.  This is the first time in my life I have been laid off.  The first time I have applied for unemployment. I could get another truck driving job but I would most likely have had to move.  With my post office route my wife and I were able to move out to some acreage and buy some ponies.  As a freight broker I will be able to work out of my ranch, take care of my ponies and be with my family.

I found the freight broker online training course through my local community college’s partnership with the online education company that administers the course written by Brooke Training.  I researched it online.  It was perfect.  I could do all my work from home.  I have 6 months to complete the course but my plan is to finish in 2 months, get started and still have 4 months I can go back and review some of the things in the course. 

And I won’t even have to pay for the course.  My unemployment contact gave me the information needed to apply for a Federal program in the WIA or Worker Investment Act.  I called my governor’s office to find out who heads up this program in Virginia.
I found I was eligible to apply for a grant, if approved I won’t have to pay anything back.  

Ideally I want to be an independent freight broker but realistically I know I’ll need to start as an agent for an established freight broker.  They’ll help me with cash flow, legalities and other expenses.  It is a low cost business to start. 

It is a little scary, but I’m looking forward to my new career“

Robert is taking advantage of a great opportunity.  It is an absolutely great time to become a freight broker.  Economic indicators show an upturn in the transportation industry.  Give me a call with any questions  214-206-1169.  Join us for an upcoming live class or like Robert learn online. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

When Loads Get Lost

Everyone in the transportation industry knows that on any given day hundreds if not thousands of freight loads get sidetracked.  The reasons a load is waylaid are endless, since there are so many aspects and people involved in the moving of a load. The carrier might not show up for a pick up, or a carrier could get sidetracked in Vegas while he has my load.    Loads can be stolen while a carrier takes a quick break at a coffee shop.  Carriers however are not always the problem.   Snowstorms, bad weather, trucks breaking down, DOT and even the shippers changing plans or load details at the last minute can turn a load into a nightmare.  

The key to controlling a situation like this, is communication.  Shippers are not new to these types of situations and can be very forgiving to a Freight Broker providing they are kept in the loop.  It is essential for the broker to contact the shipper as soon as he finds out about an issue with the shipper’s load. The worst thing that can happen is that the shipper finds out about a problem from someone other than their broker.  

Make sure the shipper has a clear understanding of the situation and tell them what you are doing about it. Keep in touch with them periodically even if you have no new news just to let them know that you are still on it.  

Regarding the carrier, make sure you have the dispatcher’s phone number, the driver’s phone number and an "after hours" number or someway to effectively find the carrier.  It is imperative that you can reach the driver and dispatcher during a crisis.  Make sure to talk with both the dispatcher and driver to get all the details of the situation.  Sometimes you don't get the whole story by just talking to one.  Stay on top of the carrier to make sure that they are doing all they can to handle the situation. 

When your shipper trusts you, they will understand so long as you keep them informed.  The trust between you will be strengthened if you handle a bad situation well and with transparency.  

Communication is not just important, it is key.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Friday, December 9, 2016


As discussed in a previous blog post, the four main personalities are power, popular, peace and perfect.  The introverts of the personalities are the peace and perfect.   They process inwardly; they don't always let you know what they are thinking.  They may be quiet for a long time about an issue before they speak out.  They are very different in their approach to life as compared to the power and popular outgoing types.

The peace personality is the best friend of all the personalities.  They are motivated by peace and control with their procrastination.  They are adaptable.  They don't like to make waves so they will avoid personal conflicts.  Yet they are good at helping others work through their differences because they just want the conflict solved so everyone can relax.  They are easy going, sometimes thought to be lazy.  They aren't demanding. They aren't super motivated.  They are great at finding short cuts.  They are excellent listeners and empathizers.  The peace personality can be pushed to a point.  They do have a steel rod that after they've been pushed and pushed they won't take it anymore.  

The perfect personality is your consumer reports personality.  They are great, in-depth researchers.  They are excellent decision makers; it just takes them along time to make a decision because they will need to research it thoroughly.  They can get bogged down in the paralysis of analysis.  They are motivated by order and they control with their rightness.  If you disagree with their conclusion they will tell you why you are wrong because they have done the research.  The perfect personality leans towards depression perhaps more than any other personality because they have such high standards.  They can’t reach their standards and other people could care less about their standards.  They are idealistic.

To work with a peace or perfect personality you need to have patience.  They need time to get motivated or do the research before making a decision.  Take a more laid back approach in doing business with the peace person.  Give the perfect plenty of data to research.

The best way to make customers for life is to get to know them.  Work within their style as much as possible so they are comfortable doing business with you.  It can be challenging but the more you understand the better you will be received.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Get Ready to Earn

I am very excited about the near term future of our industry.  There is a buzz throughout transportation professionals that all will be getting better and better this next year.  Trucking and brokerage companies are going to do exceptionally well in the next few years.

Transportation companies are reaching an all time high in the stock market signaling happy days ahead. 

As this year ends and you reflect on the new year ahead, think about how you will make your next year better than this year.

What do you want to accomplish?

What do you want to learn?

What do you want to earn?

Recent news reported Carrier Air Conditioners are keeping their production in America.  Toyota also announced they will be building cars here.  This news brings new jobs and new products that will be transported to market.  That means it will be a great time to be a prepared freight broker.

Come join us in one of our upcoming classes and learn to be a freight broker where the sky is the limit.  Not sure?  Give me a call, I can answer any questions you have.  Having been in this industry for several decades I have a good sense of who will find success as a freight broker so let's talk.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


There are four main personality styles:  Power, Popular, Peaceful and Perfect.  Of the four personalities types, half are extroverts.  The two personalities that process out loud and can sometimes be rather loud are the "Popular" and the Power".  I am a blend of those two personalities.  I can be like a bull in a china shop. 

The "popular" is motivated by fun and controls with their charm.  They are very charming and will talk others into doing what they want so they don't miss out on all the fun...and who would want to miss the fun?  They are the life of the party, love to have a laugh and will stick with a project so long as it is fun.  When the fun wears of,f the popular personality is ready to quit.  They are very talkative, charming and likable.  But they can wear you out with their words and get bored with details.  The popular person needs affirmation that they are doing well.  They make great salespeople because every body loves a comedian but they are challenged with getting all the blanks in the sales contract filled in.

The "power" personality is large and in charge.  They walk in room take control and keep control.  They are born leaders.  They don't even ask for the position, they just have a commanding presence that everyone understands.  The power person is motivated by control and they controls with intimidation or a threat of anger.  They might not ever get angry, you just feel like if you don't go along with what they want, they won't be happy with you.  They are happy to take agreeable people with them in their pursuits but if people get in their way they don't mind running over the people.  Pleasing people is not their motivation, keeping the control is what they need.   The power personality is very forward charging.  They power through to the end, staying ahead of the crowd.  Two power people can but heads often trying to gain control. 

The popular needs some fun in their day and will turn mundane tasks into a game.  If you have a fun motivated client don't make your conversations all serious but add a joke in now and then.  Be interested in them.

The power needs control in order to feel they are at peace.  They are very confidant so undermining their authority is dangerous.  When working with a power motivated person let them drive the conversation as much as possible.  Give them control and watch them go.  Ask how they think this business deal should play out. 

By understanding personalities we gain a greater insight into what motivates our clients.  We can better address their needs based on how they function.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, December 2, 2016

Big On Personality

We are each born with a God given personality.  All personalities have good qualities as well as challenging attributes.  Often we wish we were born with a little less of what we have and a little more or what someone has.  But letting those comparisons roll around in your head too much and you live your life wishing you were someone else.  That is just not productive.  Appreciate and understand who you are, how you were made and what motivates you best.  Recognize those things in your spouse and children if you have them and you will better able to understand and communicate with them.

In the next few blogs I will discuss the four main personality styles, their blends and what motivates each type.  I will also discuss how each controls a situation.

The best team is a blend of all personalities.  Each personality views situations with different lenses.  So when your team has all the personalities you will get a broader perspective and make decisions based on a greater variety of input.

The four main personalities are named differently in various assessments but I like to use "P" words because those are just easier for me to understand.

The four personalities are Popular, Power, Perfect and Peace. 

Your clients will of course fit into these personality categories.  By understanding the personality you will be able to communicate more effectively to them. 

I do not like stereotyping.  That is not what I intend to do in describing personality styles.  The characteristics are generalities.  We are all unique but most of us  roughly function within a blend of two main personality styles.

I will discuss these blends in next weeks blogs.

Enjoy your weekend.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It is the time of the year to reflect on all that we are thankful for.  I am thankful to live in a country with so much freedom.  I am thankful for the pilgrims who braved the seas to come to this new world.  I am thankful for the Indians who welcomed the pilgrims.

Our country is an amazing place with so much opportunity.  This year we have had the opportunity to meet so many students who came to our class to better themselves by learning new skills.

I am so thankful for every student that chooses to spend time and money at our school.  I am humbled by our teachers who give of their time to invest in others.

I am so thankful for my family and their patience with me.  I have an amazing wife, three beautiful daughters, each with a nice young man, three granddaughters and three granddogs.  Now life could not be any sweeter than that.

I am thankful that I get to go fishing every now and then.  I am thankful to live in a home with a beautiful view of the lake.  I look out onto that lake as I work and am amazed by God's creation.

Every day brings challenges that can be frustrating or motivating.  I choose to be thankful for the rough patches along the way because they build up my perseverance.

Take some time to reflect on the blessings in your life.  Focus on the good and try to let go of the bad.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Prepared for the World"

We had another incredible group of students this October in Jacksonville, Florida.  As always, our expert instructor, Susie Moore, went above and beyond to prepare these students to enter the transportation “world” and start their career as successful freight brokers and agents. Here’s what they said:

“Learned lots. Well prepared for the world. Best teacher ever - Susie Moore.” 
Brittany Doss

“Very informative course. Well worth the investment.”
Yurri R.

With all the chaos that’s happening in our world, it’s uplifting to have the opportunity to help individuals grow in their careers, and their personal lives, as they embark on the journey to success. If you’re thinking about a change, here’s my advice: Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it. 

Considering starting a career as a freight broker or freight broker agent? Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our course online anytime.  Have any questions about what it is really like to be a freight broker or freight broker agent? Give me a call today (214) 206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach, president 

Freight Brokers Work Ethic

Freight Brokering is a fast-paced business.  When you locate a load that needs to be moved then you gotta get a move on, to find the right truck for the transport.  You also need to try to find a load going the other way so the trucker (and you) can make money both ways. 

One of the most important characteristics of a freight broker is a strong work ethic.  If you like to get by doing the least amount of work as possible, then you won't make it as a freight broker.  A freight broker needs to work hard and then work harder.  I love the industry because I'm a hard worker.  I have found quite a lot of success because the business fit my work ethic and my ADD personality. 

I've never quite understood someone who didn't want to work or volunteer for most of the hours of their day.  I love fishing but I need to "earn" the time off to go fishing by working hard first. 

I've read many stories of guys who worked hard their whole career then retired with nothing to do.  Then they died.  We need purpose in our lives...A reason for getting out of bed in the morning...a sense of accomplishment. 

Hard work will give you the ability to write your own ticket.  When you are blessed with the ability to make good money then you can easily be generous in giving away to causes you support, friends in need and Kingdom work.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Crush the Competition!?

Is it really a good idea to crush the competition?  I'm not a fan of the run-away score.  Even if it is my team that is leading...well usually.  It is a little like watching the Varsity play the Elementary school team.  At first the scoring is exciting, then it feels unfair, then a bit like bullying.  I am especially uneasy when I know folks cheering for the other side. 

Competition is healthy.  In sports as in business if we don't have some true competition the victory if shallow.  Competition helps us work harder to get up to speed or so they don't catch us.  Competition makes us think about how we can improve our product, our process or our customer service. 

Competition can even cooperate with each other in a way that makes both sides the winner.  I went in to rent a room in a hotel one weekend.  The hotel did not have any vacancies.  But they asked us to wait a minute.  The front desk clerk called the competitive hotel across the street and made a reservation for us.  Now that was unexpected, very nice and as I left the full hotel I had only nice thoughts about them and their customer service.  I then went across the street to find my room all ready for me.  I had good thoughts about them as well.

But when I try to totally crush the competition at every turn a bitterness starts to grow inside me.  I don't want to help them in any way.  I have no ability to cooperate with them.  We remain distant and in a stalemate.  There are many instances where competing businesses can cooperate for the greater good.  Sometimes a job may be too big for you and you need the competition to help in order to satisfy the client.  Competitors need to work together for a much needed community project.  Competitors need to work together to help lawmakers when they are writing legislation for the industry. 

The competition in this political season has been brutal.  Now when all the legislators get back to work will they be able to draft legislation together or will every thing be us against them? 

I believe as Zig Ziglar said, "You can get everything you want if you help enough people get what they want."  That includes our competitors. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Friday, October 28, 2016

"Real Life Experience"

We had another great group of freight broker/agent students.  Our graduates agreed that our expert instructor, Susie Moore, did an outstanding job of delivering valuable and informative training. These graduates are now prepared and excited to start their new careers! Read through their entire testimonials:

"I really enjoyed the course!! The instructor was awesome! Real life experience, personality, and very knowledgeable. I found the course very informative. It provided me with all the tools to start my broker business. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that would like to join the freight broker business. P.S. The course is worth the money I have paid."
Wafaa Laroui

"I had an excellent experience! Susie Moore is an excellent instructor. Her knowledge and background (in this line of experience) makes the training incredibly informative and well worth my time and money! I am leaving this class informed, prepared and excited!" 
Prabhdeep K. Chahal

Are you interested in a career that’s fast-paced, fulfilling, and has great earnings potential? Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our course online anytime.  Have any questions about what it is really like to be a freight broker or freight broker agent?  Give me a call 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach, president 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Freight Industry Info

Truckload freight availability climbed 12 percent last month, compared to September 2015, as the number of loads on the spot market surpassed same-month levels from the previous year for the second consecutive month. In August, the spot market enjoyed the first year-over-year increase since December 2014, according to the DAT North American Freight Index.

Dry van and refrigerated ("reefer") van freight increased by 33 percent and 27 percent, respectively, but flatbed freight volume slipped 13 percent compared to September 2015. Flatbed volume has declined on a year-over-year basis for the past 15 months, due to a downturn in economic sectors, such as oil and gas, that produce flatbed freight.
Month-over-month, spot market freight volume edged up 0.6 percent to the second-highest level this year. This is an atypical seasonal pattern; September volume declined month over month in eight of the previous ten years. A 2.7 percent increase in van freight volume was responsible for the month-over-month growth, as reefer volume dipped 1.1 percent, and flatbeds lost 1.9 percent in September, compared to August.
Van Rates Rise from August to September
The increase in van freight volume boosted spot market rates by 1.4 percent, and reefer rates added 0.6 percent, month over month. September flatbed rates declined 1.2 percent compared to August, however, in a common seasonal pattern.
On a year-over-year basis, the average line haul rate fell 6.0 percent for vans,  4.5 percent for reefers, and 7.8 percent for flatbeds, compared to September 2015. The average fuel surcharge, a component of the total rate paid to carriers, fell 9.1 percent year over year, deepening the decline in carriers' total revenue per mile. The surcharge is pegged to the retail price of diesel fuel.
Established in 1978, DAT operates a network of load boards serving intermediaries and carriers across North America. For more than a decade DAT has published its Freight Index, which is representative of the dynamic spot market. 
Reference rates are the averages, by equipment type, based on $28 billion of actual transactions between freight brokers and carriers, as recorded in DAT RateView. Rates are cited for line haul only, except where noted. Beginning in January 2015, the DAT Freight Index was rebased so that 100 on the Index represents the average monthly volume in the year 2000. Additional trends and analysis are available at DAT Trendlines.
About DAT Solutions
DAT operates the largest spot freight marketplace in North America. Transportation brokers, carriers, news organizations and industry analysts rely on DAT for market trends and data insights derived from 100 million annual freight matches and a database of $28 billion of market transactions. Related services include a comprehensive directory of companies with business history, credit, safety, insurance and company reviews; broker transportation management software; authority, fuel tax, mileage, vehicle licensing, and registration services; and carrier onboarding.
Founded in 1978, DAT Solutions, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies (NYSE: ROP), a diversified technology company and constituent of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000 and Russell 1000 indices.

Good report from DAT I thought I'd share.  Want to learn to be a freight broker?  It is a good time.  Give me a call.  214-206-1169.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Should a Trucker Be a Freight Broker?

Microsoft bundles products that complement each other. Similarly, a trucking company and a brokerage are complementary products easily bundled.  But the timing must be right.

Only when a trucking company has more freight than capacity should they open a brokerage. If a trucking company wants loads for their trucks they could simply use the Gold Book of brokers to get loads or go find some shippers.

The brokerage has to be set up as a separate business all together with a broker MC number. (MC-B will be at the top of the authority to indicate you’re a broker not a carrier). You will have economies of scale, however, brokers and carriers have completely different regulations and laws and liabilities. One is ops driven and the other is sales driven.

You can go to the FMCSA web site and do everything on your own or work through a company that specializes in getting a broker all set up.  Look up “property broker”.  You will pay a fee and need to take out a bond.

When you’re ready to either open a brokerage or be an agent for a broker you should get training.

Tell your shippers that you also have a brokerage.  Explain that you have an asset based transportation company and a non-asset based company to better serve them. In the old days a broker was a dirty word for carriers,  to shippers, now, it is no big deal. All the big trucking companies have brokerages - they call them 3pl’s, brokers. The legal term is property brokers.

I have been fortunate to meet drivers who attend my career school for freight brokers and agents.  I can honestly say the driver does most the work and gets the least amount of respect. I want every carrier out there considering this business to know the truth.

A brokerage is a service business where you put the carriers' and shippers' needs together.  Plan on working hard every day all day for  3-6 months before you start making real money.  It is not magic.  It is a strategic business process. The process takes pressure off the employee. The Freight broker business is not a get rich quick deal. It requires you to continue to prospect for both shippers and carriers and requires a great attitude and a sense of urgency.

Realize you will have your ups and downs. Focus on progress not perfection. Keep your fixed cost as low as possible and serve your shipper and carrier as an extension of their office. Keep doing that and you can build a real career that you can work anywhere you have Internet. Being a freight broker agent is just like being a Real Estate or Insurance agent with a different product.

If your cash flow is not working with your trucking company, then do not open a freight brokerage because it requires major cash flow. You have to pay the carrier first and on time and then bill the shipper. Turn around time on your money is at least 45 days.

If cash flow is an issue, then it makes more sense to be an agent for an established broker that has cash and the right infrastructure to help you get your business going..

Being a Freight Broker or Freight Broker agent is a great career. Our economy and the role of the broker are continually evolving. It is important to stay ahead of the curve. In this industry time is money. Again, do everything with a sense of urgency.  Have a plan. That is where the training comes in.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and they leave is not training them and they stay” ….Zig Ziglar.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Are You Listening?

I read that the average conversation in America is interrupted every 17 seconds.  Wow.  That means we listen for 17 seconds then think, it's our turn to talk. How many times a day does someone ask you are you listening?  or did you hear what I said?.  If you hear that often it is probably time to work on your listening skills.

Listening is one of the greatest gifts you can give to another person. By improving your listening skills, you will be a better friend, colleague, or supervisor. People will naturally gravitate towards you, and appreciate you. It is your responsibility to continuously work on improving your listening skills. It may take time and effort, but the rewards will be worth it.

As freight brokers, we can only provide what a customer needs after we truly understand what they need.  Understanding comes through listening intently.  After listening we need to verify that what we thought we heard is what they meant.  They get this at fast food restaurants.  They ask you what you want, then repeat what they thought they heard you say, then ask if there is anything else they can get you.

Our tendency is to half listen while we are thinking of what we will say next.  Or we stop listening when we assume we know the end their story.  We may choose to only pretend like we are listening because we are not interested in whatever they are talking about.

We have a lot of things competing for our listening in this major age of information overload.  I believe in trying to be interested in however is talking to me.  As we listen to others we gain some of their knowledge base.  And we gain respect from the speaker because of our courteous listening.

Today analyze your listening and purpose to improve.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Powerful Imagination

“ Let your imagination, the key to learning and memory, unleash that brain power and propel you along at ever-increasing speeds.”
~ Dominic O’Brien: World Memory Champion.

Do you feel like your imagination got lost somewhere along the way to becoming an adult?  I do sometimes.  My granddaughters are very imaginative in their play, their art and their creations.   When I need an imagination boost to unleash my brain power I spend sometime with children. 

In my childhood, I was definitely convinced that I had some major learning issues and so thought my path was limited. I had a “lazy eye” when I was a child so my school plunked me in special ed. My eye didn’t really affect my brain (well maybe) but the “professionals” must have thought it did thus the alternative learning group for me. I overcame, graduated college with help and continue to learn and teach others. Even still I need to be reminded of the incredible potential God put in my little brain. The brain is powerful.

Our brains are unique, so my learning interests may vary from yours but we all have a world of new lessons to learn.

I am challenged by all there is to learn in the virtual world as well as the real world. I love that so many books are available on tape so I can challenge my brain even while driving. I talked with a bank auditor friend who is learning a new language…for fun. I asked what language. She said Mandarin. I thought that was a fruit. Anyway, she chose a language that doesn’t even have the same characters as English – you go girl.

What new can you learn today? Who else can you take along with you on a new learning adventure?

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Best Experience

We had another great group of freight broker/agent students.  Our graduates thought the class was the best experience, had very knowledgeable instructors, and was very informative.  Read through their entire testimonials:

I had the best experience with Brooke Training ever.  The instructors are knowledgeable and practical. These were the best 5 days of my career history; I would recommend
everyone to Brooke.                       - Sam M

I loved the class. I learned alot and really got a full understanding of the materials. (The) instructors were very knowledgeable and took time to answer every question.
                                                        - Joshua W.

Brooke Training was very educational for me, providing the most informative measures of teaching for learning.  The staff was well educated within the field of brokering and eager to pass on the knowledge to us as students.
                                                       - Gwenlyn C.

Very informative. Instructors were great, and enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks!          - Rogel R.

This class was very informational....Looking forward toward future business.                           - Gus G.
Are you interested in a career where the sky is the limit?  Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our course online anytime.  Have any questions about what it is really like to be a freight broker or freight broker agent?  Give me a call 214-206-1169
Moving forward,

 Jeff Roach, president

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dream BIG

"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings." – Unknown

Are you conjuring up some big dreams?  Have you ever dreamed of having a career that is fast paced, fulfilling and has great earning potential?  You may say, well who hasn’t?  We all hope to find a career or build up a career that gives us satisfaction and does more that just pays the bills.  I started working in the transportation industry after I completed my college degree.  I have worked in just about every sector of the industry for many different transportation companies.  I found my life work in the industry as a freight broker.  I enjoy bantering with truckers as much as I enjoy fishing with shippers so being a freight broker came very naturally to me.  I developed relationships with professionals on both sides of the aisle. 

After decades as a freight broker I had a new dream.  I had a dream to build a freight broker training school to teach others the process that helped me succeed.  I wanted to teach brokers to work with integrity and determination.  I know that those two elements will get a broker far in this industry.   I have had to clean up the mess left behind by shady broker deals.  That motivated me to teach new brokers to be successful and honest. 

After teaching our live training class for a while I had another dream.  I wanted to expand that training by developing an online course.  Now anyone can take the course in their pajamas with a laptop.  

All along the way I’ve had various dreams with my wife, with my daughters and with my clients.  I have found much fulfillment in my life by following by dreams and letting some dreams go.  But without a dream I wouldn’t move forward.

Freight Brokering is not a get rich quick proposition.  It is a true career that has practically unlimited potential for earning.  Landing the first client can be tough but once you get the first load successfully delivered, the road gets easier.  Successful brokers build a book of business and faithfully service those clients.  A well-served client becomes a repeat client and helps establish the credibility and reliability of the broker.  Why not make that your dream?

Call me and tell me about your dream.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cash Calls

Wouldn’t it be great if we got paid for every prospect call made.  So you make a call to a potential client, they say they don’t need your services but at the end of the call your phone spits out a $10.00 bill.  That would certainly motivate me to stay on the phone making calls.  Well of course, you don’t actually get cash for all the calls you make, but every call is one step closer to finding a new customer, a source of potential income.

I recommend making 50 calls a day the goal for all new brokers.  You will be successful as a freight broker if you make 50 calls a day…to good prospects…with the right attitude. 

Before you make a call prepare your mind.  I believe if I am engaging and interested in the person on the other end of the line, my phone call is a success, a cash call.  What kind of phone calls do you like to get and what kind you dread?  Make your call a good one.  Are you pleasant?  Are you funny?  Are you encouraging?  Are you a problem solver?  Do you put the other persons needs in front of your own?

Look at each phone call as a chance to get to know someone’s story, or at least a piece of the story.  Be considerate of their time while learning a bit about their needs.  Tell them how you think you could be of value to them when they have a load they need covered.  Tell them of your success stories in humility.   Keep notes on your call so when you call them again you remember what you learned and address that need. 

I think our world is short of good listeners.  Everyone is just waiting for their turn to talk.  Be a good, attentive listener.  Have good genuine questions ready to keep your prospect talking.  Try different approaches to keep your phone calling fresh.  And notice which approaches get good results and which ones fall flat. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Is It a Job or a Career?

Everybody needs money in order to eat and sleep and go to the movies.  So in order to earn the needed cash you can either go snag a job or step into a career building opportunity.  Becoming a freight broker or freight broker agent is a career move, not just a dead end job.  There is a job to be done as a freight broker, but each job a broker completes with excellence builds a career.  Each load a broker successfully manages puts another trust notch in their belt. 

This is not a get rich quick business.  It's a trust business.   Trust can only be built over time.  Yet trust can be broken in an instant.  To build trust you must act with integrity, tell the truth, do what you say you will do and own up to your mistakes. 

Only when shippers and carriers trust you will a new broker make it.  It's a long hornet but well worth it.     

A short  cut to finding success as a freight broker or freight broker agent is training. 
Valuable training is a short cut because you hit the ground running as a freight broker or freight broker agent.   The instructors at Brooke Training have all been in and around the transportation industry for decades.  There is no better way to get a leg up than spend time with those who have already found success in the industry.  It still takes time to build up the trust but with training you will be more equipped to start the process.

If you are interested in a career with amazing potential, give us a call.  I will answer your questions and together we can figure out if you are ready for this exciting, fast-paced career.  We have live and online classes ready to teach you how to build trust and thus build your customer base. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Ins and Outs of Freight Broker Surety Bonds

As a freight broker, you have enough on your mind without worrying about the particulars of your licensing requirements. The $75,000 surety bond required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is just one aspect of the licensing process, but can raise many questions. This quick guide to freight broker bonds will help you navigate the bonding process and answer those questions. 

The Freight Broker Surety Bond

First, you should know the purpose of the surety bond. Bonds are a form of financial security that guarantee performance and compliance. If a broker violates the terms of their surety bond and a claim is filed and proven, the surety company pays the claim up to the bond’s full amount. The bondholder must reimburse the surety company for any claims paid.

You should be familiar with the terms of the bond you’re purchasing to ensure you are in compliance with it at all times. It’s easy to avoid claims if you know exactly what laws you need to follow as a freight broker.

Know Your Financial History

Brokers don’t pay the full $75,000 bond amount—bond premiums are determined via underwriting, which is a thorough examination of the applicant’s financial history. Applicants typically pay anywhere from 1-10% of the bond amount.

You should be aware of your financial history and your credit score—stronger financial credentials means a lower bond premium. However, many surety companies offer financing options for applicants with imperfect credit. Regardless of your credit, you should be ready to provide financial information to the surety company you contact.

Find a Surety Company

Your next step is to find a surety company to work with. Your best bet is to go through a national agency that works with several insurance companies—they can compare rates and make sure you get the lowest bond premium possible.

Purchase Your Bond

You’ve found a surety company that you trust and got a competitive premium quote—the only thing left to do is make a purchase! After purchasing the bond, you’ll continue with the broker registration process. Once you’ve registered, you’re in business!

Contact the FMCSA if you have questions about the registration process and to make sure your freight brokerage is in compliance with federal law. Contact a reputable surety bond agency to purchase your bond. 

(this is a guest post, thank you Melanie)

Melanie Baravik is part of the educational outreach team at, helping educate consumers about the particulars of surety bonds. 

Any questions on bonds or on becoming the best freight broker ever, give me a call:  214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, August 15, 2016

Difficult People

We all have to deal with difficult people from time to time.  We may be the difficult person from time to time.  So before you start pointing fingers, take some time for self reflection.  Notice how people are reacting to you.  If they are taken aback by your comments, perhaps you are being difficult.  If people don't trust you, perhaps you are difficult.  Difficult people are untrustworthy.  You can't be sure that they will live up to their word.  Do you manipulate?  Difficult people may be manipulative.  When you are interacting with them do they question whether you are being straight forward or trying to pull a fast one. 

Difficult people may be difficult because of something outside of their control.  Perhaps they have a difficult boss, spouse or wayward child.  Perhaps they are battling a health issue.  They could be in chronic pain physically or mentally or both.  Perhaps they just found out someone they love is hurting in some way. 

Remember we all will be difficult to deal with at times.  Your job is to try to figure out if and when you are being difficult.  As you recognize what triggers you to be difficult, try to change those triggers.  If you can't change the triggers, figure out a better way to react to the triggers so they no longer have control of you.  Have empathy for others.  When you put yourself in their place perhaps you can overlook some of their difficult ways. 

Some people are difficult because they are in the wrong career.  If you'd like a change of careers come join us at our next freight broker training course either live or online.  You will learn how to be a freight broker and get some inspiration for life.

Any questions?  Call me 214-206-1169

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is the laison between one who has something that needs to be shipped and the carrier who will move the load.  The three parties: the freight broker, the shipper and the carrier will work closely to accomplish the task of getting a load from one location to another.  The freight broker builds a relationship with both shippers and carriers.  Many freight brokers specialize in specific types of loads that require specific modes of transportation.  For instance a freight broker who specializes in moving vehicles will also specialize in carriers with car transporters.  A freight broker who moves groceries will also get to know carriers who own refrigerated trucks (reefers).   A new freight broker will benefit immensely from freight broker training because transportation is a complicated business with regulations and unique technologies. 

I have been in the transportation career for close to 30 years and have spent most of that time as a freight broker.  The industry can be challenging and fast paced but very rewarding.  I enjoy negotiating the deals and following through on the cargo transportation.

I spend my days talking with aspiring freight brokers.  Some know a lot about the industry, others know nothing.  But everyone learns much in the process.  If you'd like to be in a career where the sky is the limit and be your own boss come join us in one of our freight broker training courses. 

Have any questions?  Give me a call.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sales Pitch

Why do they call it a sales pitch?  I'm not a fan of that term.  A sales pitch sounds like something is being thrown at me.  What do you do when something is thrown at you, especially when it is thrown at you fast?  You duck, of course.  If it is a slow pitch you might catch it, but a fast pitch unless you are in the big leagues, you dodge the ball coming at your head. 

So I like to think of my sales approach more like a climb up a tall mountain.  You climb a tall mountain one step at a time.  Slow and steady.  The more you learn about the mountain path just like the more you learn about your client's needs, the easier the climb.  You can anticipate the sharp curves and the holes in the trail if you have learned a bit about the trail.  As you know your client's needs you can address them with confidence.  You can learn about your client by reading their website, talking with others who know them and through interaction with the potential client. 

Freight brokers offer a great service to their clients.  Some clients recognize that value others have to be shown the value through education and great service.  I truly enjoy getting to know people.  I think that is one of the keys to my success as a freight broker and as a freight broker trainer.  People enjoy working with those who know them and respect them for who they are. 

I train my freight broker students to make lots of phone calls.  So when they need a break from the phone calls I recommend doing  a little internet research on a potential customer. 

I suggest potential students of mine read everything I have on my website, facebook and blog before they sign up for my course.  I want them to know me, know my values and read testimonials of what others have said about the course.  I want them to know that I want them to succeed.  I want them to learn what they need.  And I want them to have confidence in the process we teach at our freight broker training courses.

Have a successful Monday.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Days Are Numbered

I don't know how may days I have.  But we all know that we only have a certain amount of time to live.  The time I have to spend with my family is limited.  The time I have to work, to play and to be lazy are all limited.  I have to figure out the balance every day to make the most of that day.  I like to look at limited time, as a motivator.  I am motivated to make the most of the time I have.

One of the best things I do for my business and to make the most of each day, is staying positive. In freight brokering as in any sales job, you have to make a lot of calls that don’t lead to a sale. This can be frustrating if you focus on those negatives. Instead, realize each “no” is one step closer to a “yes”. Each “no” may one day lead to a “yes” if I don’t burn bridges. I learned today that our days are measured. So make the most of each day by focusing on the great in the day. Being my own boss is great. Having 3 granddaughters is great. Enjoying a beautiful wife and three daughters is super great.

Remember not to worry - you are not in control anyway. I have learned that God is in control from start to finish. He even knows how much time we have on this earth. Zig Ziglar says you’re going to be dead a lot longer than your going to be alive...LOL. Zig also often said: You really can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.  Peace! God is with you. He has plans to bless you. I didn't make this stuff up to make you feel better. It's all in the Good book.

It does make me feel better to appreciate what I have and whom I have in my life. I feel comfort knowing that. I hope you do too.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Great, Informative, Amazing

 Those were some of the words our last class of freight broker graduates used to describe the basic course they just completed.  We get a kick out of meeting and training a new group of freight brokers every month.  

Here are the parting comments made by our most recent group. 

J. Mauridi

This was one of the BEST EXPERIENCES this year.  The instructors were GREAT, FULL OF A LOT OF EXPERIENCE, with a great sense of humor. I WILL RECOMMEND this course to anyone who wishes to JOIN THE FREIGHT BROKER BUSINESS.

T. Thompson

The first week of class has been very informative about transportation brokering.
The instructors have been very helpful with clearing up knowledge and making me feel
comfortable with all of the information and the program that goes along with this career.

J. Gray

This course was very informative - the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. It has prepared me so well on becoming a successful agent!

B. Johnson

All of the instructors were good - I learned so much from this training class...they were amazing. I will refer this class to people in the future.

Summer is a great time to get out of the heat and learn a new skill or hone your current skill.  Come join us for one of our next classes of Freight Broker Training Basics or Advanced.  Take our course online or let me come and do a customized training at your freight brokerage.  Give me a call with questions or to sign up today.  You will be glad you did.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Freight Broker Grads

Jacksonville Freight Broker Training Graduates with Instructor Susie Moore

A few of our most recent Freight Broker Training Graduates graciously told us about their experience in class.  They thought the course was wonderful, great, and informative.  Here is a bit of what they had to say:

"I had a wonderful experience during the class.  Susie (instructor) explained everything so it was easy to understand.  I learned a lot of great tips.  I’m truly grateful my husband and I were able to attend this class.  Thank you Susie and Brooke transportation for this learning experience.– S. Mosley

"Love this class.  A lot of information.  Amazing teacher.  Thank you Susie Moore . You are amazing.  Thank you Brooke Training."  –Yulia Aminov

"I was overly impressed with what I learned in this class.  It was very informative compared to the online course.  I was able to understand more.  Loved the class.–A. Mosley

Every month we have live classes in various locations.  The classes are intimate so each participant has the opportunity to ask questions, get clarification and enjoy one on one time with the instructors.  Check our online calendar for a course near you.