Monday, February 22, 2010

Freight Broker Class in Session

Drake Silver is the main instructor for our live freight broker training class this week in Dallas. We are privileged to have him. Here’s a bit of his resume:

Drake Sliver, instructor of the Freight Broker Training course in Dallas, has had trucking and transportation in his sights since the age of 3 years old when his family first moved to Dayton, Ohio. The moving truck, with all of the gear shifts, gauges and sounds, held a great deal of intrigue. Eighteen years later, it would be Drake, with chauffeur’s license in hand who would pilot tractor-trailers locally and coast to coast. Some 35 years later, his transportation experience would encompass driving, dispatching, freight brokerage, VP of Fleet Maintenance, Logistics Manager, fleet owner, President/CEO and head of several brokerage start-ups and agent programs.

He has always used means and methods to reduce cost, increase efficiency while increasing revenues. Motivation, mentoring and teaching others sales and business development are a natural fit for him, As a manager and recruiter of agent prospects, he has taken fledgling companies to prosperity using his skills to develop agents networks producing over $20 million in revenues annually.

He openly shares information and processes with those individuals and companies who need guidance in developing their business, and also believes that coaching people in their personal lives that tie so closely with their business lives. Individuals who work in the transportation field know that work and personal life are a delicate balance because of the 24/7 nature of the business.
Drake believes in encouraging people to be the best that they can be bother personally and professionally.

An avid photographer and film preservationist, Drake also spends free time golfing, mountain biking and hiking.

Students enjoy learning from a pro. Be sure to ask him lots of questions and make the most of this opportunity to gleen from the best.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach