Friday, June 29, 2007

Closing Attitude

Do you have a favorite closing technique? You can be a great salesman but if you don't come up with a closer, it does you no good. Bryan Flanagan, guest speaker for Brooke training, has found that your closing attitude is more important than your closing skill. A closing attitude . Now that is powerful.

The way you feel about closing the order is often more important than the technique you use to close the sale. You probably have a number of strong closes. However; if you lack a strong closing attitude you may never use those closes. What is your attitude about closing the sale? Remember; closing is wht you do WITH the prospect, not something you do TO the prospect. Closing should be the logical conslusion to your selling activities. It should not be the stage of the sales process that is adversarial between the seller and the buyer. The buyer should be as eager for this stage of the process as the seller is.

(excerpt from Now God Sell Somebody Something by Bryan Flanagan,

Moving Forward,

Jeff Roach

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