Friday, March 26, 2010

Tapping into Grant Money

In an effort to get people back to work a lot of new government programs have been developed. There is grant money available for career training. Many of our students are able to take advantage of such programs to pay for their freight broker training. We do not get the grants for our students but we have been paid with grant money. So if you are thinking about training to become a freight broker or another career option available through do a little research on the availability of grant money for education. Do an online search. Many churches now have jobs ministries like H.O.P. E. (helping others procure employment) that help individuals find the money for training as well as give help with interviewing skills, resume writing and more.

As you work to prepare for work consider a combination of online as well as live learning. In our school students often take our live courses for two weeks then take the online course for 6 months. The combo gives you a very solid education in the transportation industry and freight brokering.
Being a freight broker is similar to being in real estate or insurance. You are your own boss. You can choose to go it alone or you can work as an agent for an established freight broker. Just like an insurance agent might be independent or work under State Farm. Owning a brokerage and bringing on agents makes a lot of sense and is how brokers are seeing explosive growth. These agents create AR. Your fixed cost as a broker are minimal. And the pay is 100% commission.

Entrepreneurs do great as freight brokers agent. The costs to start up are a lot less than a franchise but as an agent you have the support of a freight broker.

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Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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