Monday, March 11, 2013

New Freight Brokers


Thank you Vinny for teaching another group of students  how to be a freight broker with integrity and the skills to succeed.  Here’s what some of the graduates said about this class:

I learned so much this last week.  With all the knowledge I gained I will be able to apply this to further my career and in my daily life.

Vinny was so much fun. 
He is a very good speaker.  --Willie Hughes

What a blessing you have been…You gave me a huge tool box of tool’s to use…I feel that your school was the exact thing I was needing to make a life changing decision. 
I look forward to the future and will be attending the next class…Will suggest this school to everyone… --Jacquelyn Rains

I am very satisfied with my overall experience. 
All of the information was well instructed and received.  I shall accomplish my goals and reach all of my standards that I have set myself to surpass.  I thank you for the knowledge that has been given to me and you will hear from me very soon, on how successful I have become!!! “Vinny” you are awesome and thanks for all of the inspiration!!! --Venisa J. Garcia

If you are thinking about changing careers or adding to your business skills call us and we can talk with you about freight brokering. 

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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