Friday, June 28, 2013

Brokers: Make More Money in a Tough Economy

Brooke Transportation Training is proud to partner with  DAT Load Boards to offer 15 days free on DAT’s 3sixty® Express service to new DAT subscribers! This is the biggest, best load board out there. Check it out:
While the economic slump over the last several years has driven many transportation companies out of business, others have seen surprising success in their business – simply by using all the features in their load boards.

A load board is a web-based search engine where brokers and shippers post freight and find trucks. Like an internet dating service, brokers and shippers meet carriers online. Some companies use a load board to book every load and others use it in addition to contracted partnerships they have. They keep loads moving quickly and safely. Because load boards present the opportunity for business partnerships, it’s important to use a load board that checks the credentials of participating companies before they post loads.

Load boards are used by all kinds of transportation professionals, from owner-operators to the largest brokers and shippers, as a reliable source for trucks and loads.  Some load boards provide other business-critical tools such as lane rates, compliance, and mileage and routing information.

DAT Express®, is built for smaller broker and carrier companies that want to find trucks quickly. It’s easy to use, fast and reliable. It provides:

·       Unlimited truck/load searching and posting Canadian loads – including the North American database
·       Hot States – Access load-to-truck ratios and posting volumes
·       CarrierWatch® – Check carriers’ authority, insurance and safety
·       Instant alarm match notification for your searches
·       Rate Index –  Get rates for the lanes you run
·       Reliable partnerships – We check the credentials of every subscriber in our network.

When you need to be certain that your freight is handled properly, put your trust in the largest and most reliable marketplace. With DAT Express, you’ll have your choice of more than 20 million trucks posted annually from the most reliable carriers in the industry. Get your first 15 days of DAT Express free here!

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Take advantage of this great offer to try out the DAT express load board for free.

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