Thursday, August 29, 2013

Freight Broker Experts

I enjoy teaching sections of our course, but when I can’t I’m incredibly happy to step aside because we have the absolute best instructors.  Having been in the business for decades I have made many contacts along the way.  I’ve met few who match the dedication and integrity of Ron and Susie Moore (father and daughter) who teach our Florida classes. 

Here are their biographies.  To read more on Moore and our other instuctors, click on over to our website.

Ron Moore,
School Director (Jacksonville, FL)
Ron Moore director of the Freight Broker Training course in Florida has a resume a mile long of experience in Transportation. He knows how to do everything in the field, because he’s done it. In his 40+ years he has earned the nickname: O Wise One. “It was always my desire to help other people become successful.” He began his career as a union dock worker/yard jockey/driver. Within a decade he was supervising a fleet of union drivers as the Operations Manager. His journey took him through large and small trucking operations expanding his understanding of the entire industry. He is expert at bettering any operation he touches. For example, he became president of a struggling 62 truck flat bed and specialized operation. 17 of the trucks were unmanned. He filled all those trucks, acquired 20 additional trucks thus turning the company into a very profitable venture. As a recruiter of agents and owner/operators at Pacer the business grew 78%. At Landstar he earned numerous awards for top revenue producer including the Jeffry Crowe/Bob Zonnville Lifetime Achievement award.
He is anxious to guide others into becoming top revenue producers. He remembers how it was just starting out, and the exhilaration of the rewards of hard work. He is a great encourager and is greatly anticipating being a part of this new beginning of the Florida division of Brooke Training.

Susie Moore,
Instructor (Jacksonville, FL)
Susie is imminently qualified to teach freight brokering.  She’s the daughter of one of the most highly respected 40-year veterans of the freight industry and a highly skilled communicator. 
Susie’s whole career has revolved around leadership development, teaching and encouraging students to achieve all they can.  She’s worked as a training specialist, a  human resources professional, as an instructor, recruiter and consultant.  Her enthusiasm, creativity, and high-energy professionalism make her a natural and captivating trainer. 
To continually improve her abilities, Susie has received a variety of certifications in personality, communication and leadership training.   Her style is motivational, instructional and inspirational.  She will keep your interest as you learn how to change your future by training for a bright new career.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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