Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's OK to Fail

I have to admit that my children have heard me say these exact words, hundreds of times. I have also asked this question in training and in business meetings: "Am I a negative person?" 

Of course not. I contend that if your not failing at something in your life, then you're not trying enough new stuff.

Recently, I have been working with a company that lives and dies by how the report card looks.  If the expenses are not in line with the revenue, they fix it. The other thing they do is make it known that they are always looking for add on businesses to buy and add on services to increase the profits for the investors. Do all of these deals work exactly as planned? Of course not. Does that stop them from doing more deals? No way! Seldom does a plan look exactly like the finished result. If you have ever built a home, you understand. The key is to build a solid foundation and when it comes to adapt and change, you can be fluid and make the changes less painful

In business and in life, we are the only ones that can use our God given abilities. We all have them, but we must choose faith over fear and work to achieve our goals. Failing is a part of business and life. We adapt and we set a new path to our destination. Now don't get me wrong folks, you must have goals, you must have a road map on how to reach those goals and you have to work hard.

Remember, a win does not make you and a loss does not break you. Giving up breaks you. Fear of not trying to do your best breaks you.

Failure is not only an option, it is a given if your are trying to achieve lofty goals. The only true failures in life are when we allow someone else to determine our self worth. We are all worthy.  We are all capable of amazing things. Be your own best friend and be proud of yourself. Work hard for you. Don't be afraid to deal with adversity. Embrace it.

They told my five foot tall 14 year old daughter in the ninth grade that they could teach a tall girl how to play volleyball, but could not teach a short girl how to be tall. They underestimated her tenacity. With a lot of hard work and the tenaciousness that only a true champion has, she's still five feet tall at 17 years old yet was awarded the national MVP and captain of her volleyball team this last year.

The freedom to fail allowed her to ignor those negative words. She did not worry about what people thought. She just got back at it and made it happen. She never even thought about giving up. She  was told NO more times than she was told YES throughout her sports career. Most likely, if you're a salesman like me, you will be told NO more often than YES as well. Don't worry about.

I was told a hundred times that I could NOT put the very first and only online freight broker course in all the major colleges and universities.  Check it out, you will find my course offered in all major colleges and universities.

We are all built to achieve. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You may have to adapt and adjust your path along the way, but the goal remains the same. If you fall down, get back up. All major athletes and most world leaders have had to overcome adversity. When you set those lofty goals, you too will fall. Life is too short not to give it all you have. Everybody says it can't be done until someone does it. We have all seen this played out in our lives.

Being on the mountain top is great, but I contend that the journey is where the true joy comes from. The relationships you make on your journey are so critical. Treat people the way you want to be treated and choose grace over being self-centered. Be other-people-centered. I have never met a happy selfish person.

Always try and be better today than you were yesterday. Enjoy your time with those you love and those who love you. One day you will wish you did. I promise you that!

Keep trying new things. Work hard and remember failure is an event, not a person. As Mr. Ziglar says, "Yesterday really did end last night and today really is a brand new day." You're never too old or too young to start failing. Think about it.

Moving forward,

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Jennifer Davies said...

This is a really well-written article, and I completely agree. For me, and many others, failure is a success-inducing phenomenon because it means you work harder and do more. With your volleyball-playing daughter, I'm sure the taller girls were naturally more talented, which means they were also lazier. Her hard work pays off when their natural success plateaus. Thanks for the post!

Jenn |