Thursday, September 11, 2014

Advance as a Freight Broker

Here's a testimonial we just got from a student in our advanced freight brokering course.   We are so honored to have our instructor Vinny.  He not only teaches freight brokering excellence he also encourages all his students to higher goals.  My vision for my freight brokering school was just that.  Not only teach students how to be great freight brokers, but also teach them how to have integrity in every business dealing. 

At the end of the day if you do all your work with honesty and diligence you have success even when you don't close the deal.

" Vinny is an outstanding instructor.  I believe he can help anybody gain clarity and move toward even more success in life with his training.  I was able to move forward on several issues I’ve been stuck on for years.  From the very first session I saw results and felt very comfortable with his warm, open, and caring approach.  With his training I was able to determine what was truly important in life and translate that into specific actions.  He was able to hold me to the goals we established and keep me moving forward.  I know he can do the same for you as well.  He has that uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter in an amazing way.  Through his training I was able to facilitate change very quickly and positively.  I know that working with Vinny will provide you with an amazing growth experience and lead to a positive change in your life.  If you are ready for growth and a positive change, than I highly recommend my trainer, but most of all, my friend, Vinny."

Thank you.
A. Gonzalez

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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Paul Herman said...

Thanks for posting this information! My brother has thought about becoming a freight broker for a long time. He doesn't really know where to start though. It would really help him to know what he needs to do to start training.