Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Amazing Work from Home Career

Most people would love to work from home if they could find the right opportunity.  Freight Brokering or being a freight broker agent is just such an opportunity.  It is a great career with great earning potential for those who are willing to work hard. 

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions has the best training for freight brokering.  We teach our students how to be a success in freight brokering.  We work with them on how to work from home.  This is really the best work from home occupation as far as the cost of education relative to how much you can really earn.

As a freight broker you are the middle man between those who have goods and those who need goods.  A freight broker negotiates with truckers/carriers and with the manufacturers to pick up goods, move the goods and deliver the goods.  A freight broker agent works under the authority of a parent company similar to the way an insurance agent or a real estate agent works under an umbrella company.

A freight broker is his or her own boss.  You are in charge of your own future.  The opportunity is incredible.

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