Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Friends and New Skills

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions has an advanced freight broker training course the week after every basic course.  So in two info packed weeks, students gain invaluable skills towards becoming successful freight brokers or freight broker agents.  Some students from our most recent Dallas advanced class told us about their experience:

"The most positive part of this experience was the new friends I made and the self-improvement I’ve made on a personal level.  We attended the devotion at the Ziglar Corp. and found it very refreshing and positive.  Again, words cannot express all the good things I’ve taken away from Brooke.

Vinny was such a blessing and goes way beyond the scope of his duty.  I feel like I made a lifetime friend with him & his family.  Tish was also very helpful and I learned a lot from her about the “day to day” operations of a brokerage.  There is not enough space here to tell all of the help and instructions I got here."

Curtis Leslie

"I had several positive experiences over the week.  Vinny was accommodating and thorough when it came to teaching me cold calls.  Tish was kind and full of knowledge as she gave me hands on training booking freight.  Graham was so easy to follow.  He brought IT to life for me.  I am grateful for the opportunity, and I wish the best to all."

Erika Rougeaux

"The advanced course was great!  The schedule was flexible to allow for additional training in areas where we needed.  We were also allotted the time to attend a morning devotion session at the Ziglar Corp. which was great.  Tish spent a very fast paced real world day with us (in the life of a broker/agent)."


Curtis Morrison

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Jeff Roach

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