Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Gained Confidence to Work from Home

We just finished another wonderful class of basic freight brokering.  In these testimonials our students gained confidence, tools, great instruction, motivation...well, you read for yourself:  

When I got to class I had no idea where to start.  With the help of Brooke Transportation School I now know where to start, what to look for, and what is expected of me by a shipper or carrier.  Brooke connects real world experience with the actual freight broker business.  Helping me get the confidence and reassurance to branch out and work from home. Being the first from the family to do my own thing and getting all the necessary tools  and ideas for me and my future as a broker. --Saul  G. Torres

 They had a wealth of info.   Brooke instructors are  THEE BEST!  I learned more  than I  have learned from some instructors in college.  Each person makes sure that you’re getting the most out of attending  Brooke Transportation School!! They really care! --Kellie  Gaston

I did  the research on Brooke Transportation School.  I can say my research came out to be everything I expected.  When I arrived to the school, some things were unclear about agents and  brokers.  But by the end of the fifth day.  I was well motivated and overly excited to get started with working as an agent with Brooke Training and knowledge. --Terry  Ketchaver

Brooke  Training course was very informative.  Being in this industry for a few years, I really respect the info I was given throughout the  course.  From a carrier standpoint, this course changed my view of the industry…for the better!  Really opened my eyes to the possibilities and amazing  opportunities of the transportation “world”.  A plus from Ohio--Antonio Underwood

 When I  first started the class I was very skeptical… wasn’t sure what to expect.  Spending $2.500.00 wasn’t easy especially when all my friends who were in the business told me it takes more than five days, more  like years to learn this business.  Still I came and guess what I would do it again.  Love Brooke Transportation, Thank you for the Great Training.

Making a live sales call was a rewarding experience, the coaching and instruction is  vital to success.  Although earning revenue is necessary, I like the importance put on other components of their  lives. --Paul  Hill

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I attended the class.  I  knew I would be taught Freight Brokering but I got a lot more out of it  than that.  They taught life lessons that you can use in  all aspects of life.  Fantastic  instructor!!!!! --Jerry  Lorton

Great  class.  Met my expectations.  Wonderful instruction.  The instructors make the program  great… think outside the box.   I’m looking forward to the advanced class. --Seth  Ochoa

As a  small part of the transportation business I was looking forward to learning  more information.  This has been a very important and resourceful step in what I want to accomplish.  Everyone  that I met and spoke to has been very influential.  The Brooke presenter has been a very good instructor and friend.  He taught me a lot of what I needed to know for my start as a broker.   In my experience with Brooke Transportation, it’s been an eye opener and blessing just to be here.  Looking forward to moving on to be the best that I can in the present, and the future of my  career.  Again thanks for all the info. --Jose  Ruiz, Jr.

We enjoy every month getting to know a new group of students who want to learn our proven process in becoming a successful freight broker or freight broker agent.  This month's graduates were amazing.  We appreciate their encouraging words.  I know I'm doing exactly what I should be doing as a freight broker trainer.  

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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