Thursday, January 21, 2016

What's a Freight Broker??

A freight broker is the guy in the transportation world who matches loads with transporters, goods with carriers, stuff with truckers...  A freight broker is a very important job in the transportation industry.  He/she is a middle man, but in a good way.  I think conventional wisdom thinks if we cut out the middle man we can earn more money.  That may be true in some industries but in the transportation industry the freight broker actually helps a lot with efficiency in the industry.

For example say there is a truck full of lettuce bound across the country to deliver the veggies to an area of the country who can't produce their own lettuce.  The carrier may not have a load to take back across the country.  If he rides empty that's a wasted trip.  That trucking company will often use a freight broker to find a load for the return trip. 

Freight brokers become very familiar with the lanes (or route) their carriers take regularly.  They are  very knowledgeable about the specific kinds of merchandise they move, the paperwork needed and the type of truck needed for that particular load.  Their knowledge is very helpful to them and their clients.

Individual freight brokers can work independently or as an agent of a larger freight brokerage.  The relationship is similar to that of a insurance agent or a realtor and the larger company they work under.

I have been in the transportation industry since I graduated college 30 or so years ago.  In that time I've worked in most all capacities in the industry, but mostly I've been a freight broker.  I started my own freight brokerage out of my garage.  I found great success, great customers and great business associates.  I started my freight broker training school to pass along some of the things I have learned along the way.  I now am privileged to meet some amazing professionals destined to do great things as freight brokers and freight broker agents.  

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Jeff Roach

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