Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Freight Brokers Work Ethic

Freight Brokering is a fast-paced business.  When you locate a load that needs to be moved then you gotta get a move on, to find the right truck for the transport.  You also need to try to find a load going the other way so the trucker (and you) can make money both ways. 

One of the most important characteristics of a freight broker is a strong work ethic.  If you like to get by doing the least amount of work as possible, then you won't make it as a freight broker.  A freight broker needs to work hard and then work harder.  I love the industry because I'm a hard worker.  I have found quite a lot of success because the business fit my work ethic and my ADD personality. 

I've never quite understood someone who didn't want to work or volunteer for most of the hours of their day.  I love fishing but I need to "earn" the time off to go fishing by working hard first. 

I've read many stories of guys who worked hard their whole career then retired with nothing to do.  Then they died.  We need purpose in our lives...A reason for getting out of bed in the morning...a sense of accomplishment. 

Hard work will give you the ability to write your own ticket.  When you are blessed with the ability to make good money then you can easily be generous in giving away to causes you support, friends in need and Kingdom work.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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