Friday, April 21, 2017

Slow and Steady

Last night I watched my daughter win her intramural volleyball game.  We were the only audience at the game.  Luckily she's fine with that.  She is an unlikely volleyball player because she is not tall.  Yet she played competitively all through high school and was a star player both on and off the court. She now plays on a non-competitive team at A&M.  She loves the game. 

I have been amazingly proud of how she kept playing the game even though she doesn't look the part.  If you asked me what makes her a good player.  Slow and steady would be my words to describe her.  When you think no one would get the ball, she'd get under it. 
When she served it seemed she didn't hit the ball hard enough, but sure enough it would clear the net, time and time again.

That is the way you win as a freight broker as well.  Slow and steady.  You have to take time to build your book of customers and your book of carriers.  Slowly you will build up a great reputation if you take care of your business with the highest level of integrity every time.

You WILL have to scramble to get loads and carriers going very often.  But consistency in how you handle the work is critical.  Build a reputation of dependability.   Of course sometimes things go hay wire but that is the time you truly build your credibility.  Handle the issues with confidence. Don't try to shift the blame to someone else.  Be honest.  We all fail.  Failures show that you are trying new things. 

Have a great weekend.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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