Friday, July 27, 2018

Hot Time to be A Freight Broker

Americans are experiencing some of the best of times in our economic history.    When the economy is hopping freight brokers stay very busy helping to transport goods across the nation.  Now is a great time to train to be a freight broker or freight broker agent.

A freight broker negotiates between a manufacturer of goods and the shippers who transport those goods. A broker often specializes in a certain niche of the business.  For instance a broker may decide to transport vehicles.  As such they get to know all the shippers who have trucks capable of transporting whatever kind of vehicle that needs transporting.

A freight broker who likes food could choose to specialize in the niche of produce transportation.  That broker would need to find truckers who had are quick...produce has to get to market on a timely basis or it will no longer be marketable, except maybe as pig food.

There are an abundance of niche areas for a freight broker to choose.  A niche gives the broker a focused area to understand and grow.

Have you ever thought about launching out into a new career.  Freight brokering is a field that rewards those who work hard.  Have questions?  Give me a call, I love talking to people interested in this fast paced and exciting field.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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