Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Sky's the Limit

Would you like a career where the potential for growth is in your hands?  Our mantra at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is "The Sky is the Limit with Freight Broker Training".  We chose that tagline because that is what we have seen happen in the lives of many of our freight broker training school graduates.  A freight broker with the right training and support can achieve a great income and a great lifestyle working from home or anywhere with a computer, internet and a phone.  The sky is the limit.

That is what happened in my life.  If you knew me as a child you would not peg me as one most likely to succeed in life.  I had a lazy eye, so I was not perceived to be able to succeed in school.  I was put in the "special" class because I was a cross eyed kid.  But I was also a hard worker and a natural salesman. (and I had surgery on my crazy looking eye)

I worked hard to graduate from college with the help of my beautiful bride. I have worked in just about every position in the freight transportation industry.  I learned the business working my way up.  I have found great success and have been able to provide a great life for those I love along the way.  

I didn't look the part of a successful entrepreneur but that is what I became.  I started a freight broker training school to share what I learned the hard way.  I also wanted to teach others that you can succeed in this industry with integrity.  Choose to always work with honesty.  You will not regret it.  

If you are thinking about jumping into the transportation industry.  Give me a call.  I talk with many professionals about this career.  I will ask you a few questions to determine if I think you have the right skills to succeed as a freight broker.  If freight brokering is not for you I can suggest some other career training opportunities, many with job offers at the end, through our online courses.--click the online career center tab on our site.

Give me a call.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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