Thursday, July 25, 2019

The American Dream

Recent Brooke Training Graduating Class
Krish Dhanam was our honored guest speaker at a recent Freight Broker Training course.  Krish is a transplant from India.  He came to America with nothing. He now is a highly successful and popular motivational speaker, trained by Zig Ziglar.  He values his family over work yet he has been a very successful businessman. He's living the American dream. He is very thankful for the opportunity he found to put in the work and find success.  He tells of his challenging move to America and finding his way to success in, An American Dream with an Indian Heart. 

I am thankful that I met Krish years ago and we became friends. We at Brooke are honored when he comes and shares with our class. We have many transplants from other countries in America.  I find their stories amazing and inspirational.  They leave the known for the unknown in their journey to this land, unsure of their future yet they take that bold step. We live in a great county, not perfect, but great.  A great key to finding success and enjoying life, is thankfulness for what you have and for your capacity to improve.

At our school we teach a proven process for success as a freight broker, but the lessons our instructors impart have relevance in all of life.  Come join us for life lessons and learn the hows of freight brokering in the process.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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