Thursday, August 30, 2007

Honored for Doing My Job

One of my long time customers, Navarro Pecans is celebrating their 30-year anniversary. They have asked me to come join in the festivities because they want me to be one of the honorees – go figure. Like Brooke Training, Navarro Pecans premiered with humble beginnings. They first sold pecans in 1977 out of a trailer. Brooke began in my garage. As their pecan sales grew, the trailer became a plant. Now that plant has been replaced by one double in size, with a huge retail store on site. Now they ship around 1 and a half million pounds of pecans a month both to individuals and to other food manufacturers who use pecans in their products.

Over the years we have both experienced ups and downs, having to adjust our way of doing business along the way. My contact Helen Jordan thanked me for always coming through and getting the pecans delivered on time. She says she never missed a wink of sleep worrying about a shipment.

George Martin, owner of Navarro Pecan felt that 30 years of staying afloat was reason for a time of reflection and appreciation. They will be honoring those who have remained loyal even through the hard times. Employees like Helen who has been there 25 years will be recognized. They say I performed trucking miracles with on time deliveries, so they want me to join the fun. I was simply doing what I was hired to do. It is a great honor to be recognized by such an outstanding company with an excellent product.

Is it just me or are you hungry for a pecan pie about now?

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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