Monday, August 27, 2007

Pump Up Your Sales

This week I’m going to pull excerpts from NOW GO SELL SOMEBODY SOMETHING, Inspiration for Sales People by Bryan Flanagan,

2 Great topics for a sales meeting

1. Sales Objections – create a list of common objections you receive from customers or prospects. Categorize into topics: financial, features, functions, competitive concerns, or contractual issues. Assign one category to a team of reps and instruct them to discuss effective answers for their assigned objection. Each group then reports to the entire team on specific ways to answer those objections. Ask each team to submit written answers so that you can distribute these to each sales person at the conclusion of the meeting.

2. Referral Practice – prior to meeting, assign each salesperson the task of creating five ways to ask for referrals. Each person will then share thopse ideas with the rest of the team. You may want to give an award for the sales rep with the most creative method of securing referrals.

I recognize some of you don’t have a sales team. You can do these exercises on your own or better yet find a group of contemporaries either in your industry or another to brainstorm sales objections rebuttal and snagging referrals. Network within and without your industry at chamber of commerce meetings, breakfast clubs, etc. so when you hit a dry spot in your sales you can recharge by talking with others who have fresh ideas for you. Tomorrow: sales call role play…

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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