Monday, December 10, 2007

Advanced Training

By popular demand…and because I love doing it, BTTS is bringing back our advanced course. The advanced course is for any graduate of the basic course, either live or on line. I have been working in this business for decades and certainly can’t pass on all my knowledge in the regular course so I have developed an advanced course. The course is always the week following a basic course in Dallas. You can take the courses back to back or work a bit with the knowledge you learn in the basic course then schedule an advanced course. It's a four day course - strictly hands on with me working with me making calls - prospecting - rating - booking loads - No frills - all work.

Course details:

Monday through Thursday the week following the basic course (see website course schedule)

Instructor: Jeff Roach
Ratio: 4 to one.

Price: $3999.00 per person

You can only take this course if you have taken the basic course.

Come hang out with me and learn lots more through working the business. Call me with any questions 214-206-1169.

In addition to adding new locations in 2008 we will add new learning opportunities with our illustrious instructors, highlighting their uniques wealth of knowledge.

Moving forward

Jeff Roach

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